Pray for Others

Please pray for our grandaughter Lauren.
Thanks, Ann

I would like to request prayer for a beautiful lady named Kathy so that her heart will be open and receptive to me writing to her about things I had done wrong to her that were hurtful and evil.

Precious, tiny baby Maeve was taken to hospital in M. with breathing problems. Tests are coming back negative. I ask for your prayers that the doctors find what is wrong and are able to resolve it. I also ask for prayers for her parents, her grandparents and all those who are so worried right now. Thank you.

My younger sister, Cindy - has a bone marrow disease that I can't remember what it is. Right now or real soon, she has to have chemo for 1 week, and then be in isolation for 3 weeks. After that, when we get a donor that matches my sister, then she'll have the bone marrow transplant. I am praying that I am a match. Please pray for my sister to know that God is taking care of everything and that He is right there with her. Also, please be with her companion, Kermit -, as he is so scare too. Please ask God that he would provide contentment and peace for my sister. I love her so much!! Thank you and may God bless you!!

pray for me to get my cable bill lowered and that this loud noise next door stops

Dear Saints of God,
Please pray for my healing. Pray that the lord will touch my body and heal me from my heart palpitations and my overactive thyroid.

A prayer of thanks for the recuperation of my mother from hip surgery.

Thank you for your earlier prayers for my niece, Lee, who is, right now, in surgery for a double mastectomy. The surgery is going well but we just heard from the surgeon that he took many lymph nodes because they appeared to be positive for cancer. I know there is nothing definite until the pathology report comes back, so I am asking your prayers for good news with that. Lee and her family of three small children and loving husband need all your prayers as they go through this trying time. She is only 39 years old. Please send all your prayers and positive thoughts for her full recovery, and for her strength and courage to fight this battle. Thank you so much!

my wife and I get jobs,kids behavior,sins, finances thank you

Please pray for me and my family that the problems at my work will stop and that I will keep my job until I can retire in 2014.