Pray for Others

Please pray for John M- he is suffering with the last stage of Alzheimers disease, his time is near.

Dear Savior,
Please make a way where there is no way for my brother Mario to continue to live with me or find a better place so he does not become homeless. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.

Today is the day like no other.I pray for myself and everyone else that they take some time and give thanks for what are lord has done for all of us.

Thank You God for everything!! God knows I was meant to be a singer to fulfill His gift within me. I haven't been singing lately because I need some dental work and I need prayer to give me the courage to sing again. I would like to get dental work done but I don't have the funds or insurance. Please help me God to do Your will in Jesus' name, AMEN!!

We are upsidedown on income and outgo. We need 160 more a month to pay bills. We buy food and gas with husband's tips..what ever they are each day. We need added income and i need some sort of employment, been looking for 4 years, am disabled and close to retirement, is difficult to find anything. Father said he will provide and I stand firm on that promise need some help waiting on his blessings.
Love in Christ
Becky W

Please continuous to pray for my loving husband who has cml lukemia cancer. We trust God and Jesus. They are the only healer. Please pray that God and Jesus have a mercy on our kid who is waiting the return of his father at home. Please Lord heal my husband Please Jesus we trust you please give my husband life and heal him. Please. In Jesus Name, Amen

Thank you Dear Heavenly Father and Blessed Virgin Mary for all of your graces and blessings that you have given me and my family. Thank you for keeping my Chad and his girlfriend Amanda safe in your loving arms. Thank you so much for guiding Chad and Amanda in their first year teaching in a challenging school. For giving them patience, strength, courage, and stamina to deal with teenage students who are so needy and that need such guidance in their lives. Thank you for blessing each and every student in Chad and Amanda's they walk thru their classroom doors with peace and grace...knowing that Chad and Amanda want to help these students and that they are on their side. Please help these two new young inexperienced teachers not to take things personally and to finish our this school year in a positive way.
In this I pray!

Please Pray for my Boyfriend Robbie -. He was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder when he was 15 due to years of physical and mental abuse as a child. He has been living on anti-depressants since then. The one that he has been on has enlarged his heart...Dr.s took him off the medication and had to place him on another one that will take months to work with his brain. Meanwhile he has lost his job,has pushed everyone who cares and loves hjim completely out of his life so he can go it alone. He is in the deepest darkest pit of depression. He only has me and strangers I tell his tory to praying for him...I want to show him God's love so bad. I pray for healing mentally and physically. Thank you so much for praying!! Casey Row

Pray for me for financial and business break through as well as protection over my family.

God will open doors for me and my boaz soon to married and be together.He.currently out of country waiting to hear from God instructions of clarity.He also a Prophet that travel international and is pastor over church