Pray for Others

Thank you Jesus for giving me answer to my Good Friday Prayer. Thank you for giving me the power of Your reseurrection. - Lou


Please pray for those who have been diagnosed with severe "mental illness"... especially those who have been placed on dangerous psychiatric drugs.
Pray that God will lift them up, and show them ways to overcome their life situations, and begin to understand that they can heal, recover, and find joy in life through the gifts of the Holy Spirt.
Yours in Christ Jesus,

That God will show me the path I need to take. That my eyes will be open My ears can hear and my hearts knows the truth.

I believe the you Almighty God have the power to work miracle even when situations seem hopeless. I ask for a miracle of a reconcilliation between SM and B. SM has lost track of the kind, caring, loving peson she knew him to be. His unhappiness and fears within himself has drove him to let unrealistic expectations and deception have the upper hand in his life. Pleae help him find innerpeace, find God's love in his heart and life, and find his way back to the man she fell in love with. I pray that god can help him through this darkness so that he can find truth, innerpeace and be healed from his fears, pain and guilt that control his soul. Help him to remember the love they shared, and believe in that love and in her, and that he find his way back to her. I pray that she can have a forgiving heart, and can open her heart to him with understnding and grace. I know you, Almighty God, have the power to intervene and heal all that is broken between them. You put him into her life for a reason, please give them a chance to honor the promises they made to each other and continue on the journey they started almost 6 years ago. I cry out to you to answer my prayer and the prayers of others who cry out to you in similar situations.

Please bless Steve. He guided me down the right path in my time of need. He didn't not give up on me or tell me what I wanted to hear. He came as a servant of God and my whole future looks brighter because of him. I don't want to know what I might have done if I had listened to myself. Please God bless Steve for what he did for me. I know he is struggling on his own with his personal life and at work. I pray that he is successful in all his endeavors.

Please pray for my just turned 18 year old son Alex who moved out of the house in February refusing to follow house rules. Since leaving home to live and associate with drug addicts, he's failing high school-he'll be short 15 credits in order to graduate. Pray he hits bottom fast and for his so-called friends to turn on him, leaving him helpless, revealing their true colors. Pray the Lord humbles him while putting a hedge of protection around him. Pray the Lord breaks his prideful and rebellious spirit while opening his eyes to the truth about how much he's truly loved despite the lies which continuously pour out of his mouth. Thank you very much.

Please pray for my son and his wife that they can work through the problems in their marriage. that my son can overcome his anxiety and anger and regain his strength and confidence. that they can find the love and respect that they found in the beginning of their relationship. Please help them to find a way to respectfully work out their problems. please let them love again.

Praise The Lord! i am trying to purchase a car that i have been wanting for a long time now. It is a previously owned 2005 Bentley Continental Gt,Dark sapphire blue with Saffron(tan)leaher interior.I am trying to purchase it at a dealership out of Florida. There are several people involved that i need to help purchase this vehicle because i dont have all the money right now.But i will later to pay them back.Please pray tht all people i am asking to help me have a carring heart to help this transaction happen with peace and blessings to all that are involved of helping me purchase the vehicle,Please! I pray that thi vehicle be a Blessing to my life and others that see it meet it and come into contact with my new car.Please,PLease Pray that the blessigs of the Lord Jesus Christ be with Me at all times In every aspect of me and my new car. That no weapons formed agaist me or my car,shall prosper from any person place or thing. Thank You for your prayers i Jesus Holy Name. Donyell

Please pray for our finances. We can't pay the rest of the March rent or this month's, both car payments, and personal loans. Praise God he found me a job which started last week but will not come close to paying the bills (only getting paid for one week). We're in dire straits and need favor with the landlord, creditors, and bill collectors. Thank you! Bea