Pray for Others

My son does not know the Lord. He is a fine young man who is almost 40. Please pray that God opens the eyes of his heart and he can accept Jesus as is personal Savior and find a church home so he can grow in God's word.
Bless you for all you do!

My daughter Ashley and I recently applied for a job titled "Senior Library Assistant" at a public library in Oregon. We are both just finishing our bachelors degree online. Please ask God to favor and promote our applications for this well paying position. Please ask that we may be trusting and obedient to HIS plan for our employment and job needs. Please pray that we will not become discouraged or de-railed.

I would like prayer for healing, body and spiritual for my brother Rick -in FL. He has metastatic prostate cancer which has invaded the lymph nodes in his abdomen. He is going to begin an experimental treatment next week. I pray mostly for his salvation as he has been meeting with Jehovah's Witnesses for over a year. He has not committed to them. I pray that he is sure in his beliefs about Jesus Christ and that he is assured of salvation. Thank you for your prayers. Suzanne -

Please pray for my grandson Dylan. He is in desperate need for wisdom, knowledge and direction in his life. He struggles in life with making the right choices. He needs good people to come into his life that will support and encourage him to live a better life. He suffers with Dyslexia and cannot read. He needs doors to open for him in finding a job that he can handle. Thank you for your prayers!

please pray for my son an his family pray for peace an financial peace. Help my grandsons to stop doing what they no is wrong please take the badness out of then help then to grow up to be good men also pray for the rest of my family for peace an happiness an myself. Amen

Please pray for the following who are fighting life threatening illnesses. They know the Lord and their faith is strong but they are weak: Barb -, Robyn - Brian -, Ronnie-, and Roger -.
Bless you for all you do!

Please ask God to command satan not to touch me just as HE once commanded satan not to touch Job. Thanks be to God for His protection, favor and forgiveness.

Good Morning,May Your Bountiful blessings continue thru out this Given Day,thank your for your prayer support for those who need it,
I'd like a prayer request for my uncle Paul Joe,he's been battling cancer for quite some time,I pray that all the family members will be reassured that Gods Presence will be with them and comfort them for this day given and the future.
I'd like to continue the prayer request also for my mother Mary for her breathing to continue to improve,and also for My Dearest Friend who is dear to me,Darlene,for breathing to become normal,like we are breathing now, Quyana-"Thank You,In our yupik language.
May this day continues it's blessing to you and your family and for those who need help in prayer

I am 17 and in a long distance relationship. He tells me he is in love with me and that he wants a future with me and other things like that, but I'm constantly living in fear of the fact that it could end at any moment. I've been letting God lead the relationship but im so afraid that he could be cheating on me. He is a very attractive man, and always has girls all over him. He tells me that he only has eyes for me and that he denies any girl that tries to get with him, but because he lives further away from me, it's hard to be sure. I need prayers, please! I need strength that our relationship can survive and that his heart will soften and he will become serious about our relationship. Thank you, and God bless.

Heavenly Father, Please watch over our grandson during the struggles happening in his house. Help his Dad to be closer to you