Pray for Others

Karen an Tabitha,Karen is Tabbys bf mom an Tabby thinks Karen dosent like her,this is tuff on her bf Jamie so I need you in this Jesus pl. show what a good girl in Christ my baby is to this lady an help Karen to show Tabitha she likes her an i ask for blessing for them in this in Jesus name.

please pray that kayli,adam,donna,clara,ron,bobbie,me and all our family will do GOD'S will today and from now on,with HIS help.thank you

Please pray so that my brother in law and comply with his duty as the executor of the will and sell the house so that the estate will be settled

Pray for my son Michael as he returns from Washington State to Texas on his motorcycle. Prayers for a safe journey home.

Johnny for a new an better paying job an a friend he will make with there an a saved one at that,his job shuts down on the 26 this mo.Be in agreement good things an all this i ask in Jesus name,Amen.

Mitch will finish ,school this year im asking in Jesus name favor on Mitchell a new an better paying job an someone to come in his life that an help him get closer to you,Jesus.

You all will be glad to know we ,groomed our!! But an yes theres a but in it ,i hurt like unreall feeling better but after washing this dog,im sore an in pain really got ta have our grooming tub an table we are usein mine an its not fit for such,Pl. be in agreement we have the things we need an help word of mouth to get out that we groom,We live in a small town,an heal my body Lord Amen.Thank you all for your prayers.

Dearest Lord Jesus I ask that Your Loving embrace be felt so strongly today by everyone, that those healing make calm confident progress surrounded in God's Love, that all needing jobs are blessed financially, find jobs soon, that the U.S. & all countries leaders hear the calls of their people, FOR PEACE, for decent work, protected safe housing, medical care, healthy food & water & much much sustaining FAITH

Thank You Lord Jesus for Your blessed healing solutions for all seeking, for perfect client-practitioner willingness & following of Your guidance, for perfect solutions in appointment for C, especially supporting inner healing & Your healing, tightening, lifting circulation vessels & raising blood pressure as needed. Thank You for perfect obtaining of health products needed (including supp hose for C), head/neck adjustment to custom pillows & modification where necessary. Amen.

I pray for "Thank you" that God asked me to say...for peace...for love in my life for a solution to my anxiety and fears....thank you for praying for me.