Pray for Others

My husband and I are divorcing after a long struggle. Three deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan left him with physical disabilities and PTSD, and left me with a lot of anger and sadness. We could not overcome it.
Please pray that we can get through this last act as a couple smoothly. He wants to be alone and work on the house we were remodeling. I am ready to move on to a small home of my own and hope and pray that Chuck can find the things that will make him happy.
It was going smoothly until he had a bout of the PTSD induced paranoia, which has made him angry and afraid I am trying to trick him even though the split was his request.
Please pray for Chuck to get better. I hate seeing him this way and want nothing but happiness for him. Please pray for me to be strong.
Thank you,

My special prayer request
every body please be merciful to me and ask god to please guide me down the right path please ask god to show me the light I need Jesus to help me , bless me guide me ,heal me ,& protect me
Please forgive me Jesus for all of my sins past and present!
Please don’t rebuke me or punish me in anger and please don’t banish me for your presence
*Jesus please don’t let my brother move out before me leaving me there with my drug and alcohol mother please keep him home with us and let him move out the right way but not before me*
Please don’t let my brother Travis move out in April please keep him home with us and with me
Please ask god not to let my brother Travis move out before me please keep him home God I’m begging you!
I can’t be left there with my drug attic mother and all of her money hungry ways so please keep him home please
I’m begging everybody to please pray for me

I come to you asking you and begging you to ask Jesus to bless me with keeping my wonderful car running good and ask Jesus to bless me with NOT GETTING INTO ANY KIND OF CAR ACCIDENTS please ask Jesus to keep me safe when I’m driving my car that’s the only transportation I have to get me where I need to go so please ask Jesus not to take any of my blessing away from me such as my car my job or my faith from me please ask Jesus to bless me with sending his powerful angels down to surround me and protect me when I’m driving my car and please ask Jesus to keep my car running good and not to breakdown on me please keep my engine and my transmission running good
Please pray that Jesus will destroyed any kind of evil , evil spirits ,evil people and the devil keeping away from me and all my blessing Jesus has bless me with
Please pray that Jesus will forgive me for all of my sins past and present! And not to rebuke me or punish me let Jesus forgive meEverybody please pray for me I love you Love Darrick

Please pray for my sister-in-law Gerilyn who is reaching the bottom of her codependency. Please pray that she realizes that our lord has given her the strenght that she needs.

Lord, please help me to refinance my home so I can afford to keep it. Thank you for providing for my every need according to your riches in glory, Amen.

my sister and I have had a misunderstanding, as I felt she had told me a story about something. She did tell me something that was not true and I thought she should ask an appology, but instead just got real mad. That was two weeks ago and I have tried to call her to either set sa time to talk or just to say maybe I was wrong. I feel that I am the one that always has to apologize, but that is ok if it gets worked out. I thank my
God that I am able to feel the need to take the blame even if its not mine if things can get worked out. Pray that she will get in touch with me today.

I need the strength to endure a job, and a boss, that I dislike intensely and that doesn't pay what I need and doesn't use the skills I have. I know many people would be to just have a job and I'm grateful for it, but I'm praying for the right position withthe right compensation and I ask you to join in this prayer. I've always enjoyed and thrived in my jobs and this is debilitating and depressing. I find myself arriving at the last minute and leaving as soon as the work day is done. My boss is good person but a cheap, technophobe who doesn't understand or care to change for the 21st century. Please pray for him and for me. I feel as desperate as some addicts must feel who are tied to their addictions. I know this is not what God made me for nor gave me talents for. Thank you.

Please keep me in your thoughts & prayers as I can't seem to move forward after moving cross country with my family. Leaving my son, family, friends and my life.m I am stuck God and I am lost. Please guide me, please walk with me as I feel so alone. Love, Eileen

I really need prayer for myself to give me the strength in my job to maintain my temper with a boss who retaliates when you don't agree with him. Pray that God gives me the strength to forgive this young man's naivity and pray that God helps him to see his errors, that we all have been given the gift to think. Pray for my co-workers as they also endure the same retaliation, one of whom is pregnant and he drives and rides her harder than the rest of us, her condition with her pregnancy is not good, pray that the Lord watches over her and her child.
Please dear God help this young man to be more forgiving, open his eyes to the world.
Give me the strength to overcome my anxiety attacks and to be more forgiving of those who I consider my enemy.
In Jesus' name

To be strong enough to stop my addictions and find the path I should be taking and to help people in some way. I am blessed in so many ways and so weak in so many ways. I pray for strength.
thank you for your prayers