Pray for Others

Please pray for Geraldine a miracle healing in her heart being
Strengthen and body,mind,soul strengthen.

Please pray for healing of the relationship with one of my sons, Steven, and for healing of the relationship with my sister and I. Thank you.

Scott - son - has recently had victory over an alcohol problem. Please pray for his continued sobriety and that he will graduate from college a.s.a.p. with no interruptions in his educational process. Recently his father made a snide comment about church attendance. Please pray hard for that influence to be changed to encourage this son's continued church attendance. Thanks with all my heart for your prayers. God bless!

I need a healing in my feet.
Thank You

Please pray for me that I can get my mind back to my job. I can't concentrate, I'm not liking my job, my boss is so unfriendly and impersonal, a very cold person. My life should be filled with joy but my mind keeps me depressed, envyious, and always wanting more. I just don't understand. I even want to commit suicide or just disappear. I have plenty of people who love me and care about me but I just can't get out of this mood. It has been going on for days. Nothing is good enough and I don't care about anything, I'm not wanting to be around anyone. Please pray for me to get back to my normal self. Have God show me more clearly if he is trying to show me something. I'm just going through the motions and I don't even want to do that anymore.

thanks be tpo god for the positive action toward our college admission. pray that that last interview goes well.

Please pray that I will be less critical, that I will NOT gossip and that I will learn to walk in the love of Christ NO MATTER WHAT.
Thank you,

Abba Father In Yeshua's thank You for Your healing touch yhay restores my sister Estela's sight NOW as Yoy did when You walked our earth. By Your stripes Estela was healed and Your body was broken for us. I love You. Amen Your daughter Marybeth

please pray for my daughter amy, the dr discovered tumors in her uterns and now we are in the slow process of ultrasound, gyn appointmes, surgery and if the Lord is willing, non cancerous tumors.

seems like a very minor thing, but I lost or misplaced a full set of keys at Church on Easter Sunday. All have happily, and almost miraculously been remade or reissued, however, I am a teacher and one key fits all the doors. If I fail to find it - more than 20 buildings have to be re-keyed at great expense. I ask your prayers that I get them back a/s/a/p so that I cause NO HARM, mistrust and such great inconvenience to the great people I work with. Amen, and Blessings to You as well.