Pray for Others

Mike - who's wife is in ITU and her illness they say she
IT U might have got Septicemia please Lord get his beloved wife better and hope she pulls through as there is nothing worse then losing your husband or wife to God as I know because I lost mine of 6 weeks of marriage. Love Jennie-

Dear Lord,
I feel desperately and hopelessly lost, trapped and washed up in the work aspect of my life. I'm too old and have no room for any more missteps. I humbly and earnestly ask and pray for Your strong, divine intervention in putting me exactly where I am supposed to be, work-wise. You know my needs and the desires of my heart. I pray for the faith to rest in and trust that Your will be done in my life. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

Iam almost finished moving onto my new home but I still feel like that I left my friend at a time when he really needs me.
My bills are getting paid at a slow pace but they are getting paid off.
I am still looking for another job but with moving and helping my friend it is really hard to do.
I still feel lost and alone but I am trying to do my best to keep going.
Thank You Very Much,

Please pray for Amie in,WA that she does not have cancer or any other serious illness.She is very nervous about her Dr. appointment on April 19.

I lost my husband tragically and traumatically and suddenly. He was missing for a week and found drowned (he had a low blood sugar from diabetes) - I am not getting better. I am sorrowful and lonely and I am going backwards instead of forward. Please pray for me.
Cecelia -

Lord help Jeff and I pat grow strong together communticate better in our marriage we both love each other so please send your angels surround my husbands heart show him what marriage is help him reach out to me he is my world I ask god to bring him into my life please lord help him see how much I love and need him........thank you lord........he is in the navy and works long hours which keeps us apart from each other but both of us want to be with each other soooo much and with fusrtation when finally together we say the wrong things so please help us both

The rental house my daughter and I have been living in for the last 6 months has just been sold and we only have till the end of the month to move out. Would appreciate prayer for a safe house to move into as soon as possible. We have told God our wish list for the perfect house, now we just need prayers to help make it happen. Thank you.

Please pray for my wife Jackie and myself.I have been praying for her on this certain thing for 12 or 13 years. I ask that you all pray that she will be delivered from this horrible past she has lived. She was raised not to be accountable for her actions. This has just about killed me in ALL that she has done. We serve a loving God that is out to love and help us so much. I am hanging in there the best I can. Thanks so much and may God Bless your Ministry.

I am requesting prayers for members of my family, my brothers and sisters who are in mourning now with the loss of our eldest brother Edward A.. He died suddenly on April 1st, 2012 and we buried him on April 10, 2012. We have family travelling back to their homes and ask God to keep them safe in their travels and help and guide them through their mourning. We all loved Edward dearly and it is very hard time for us. I also need prayers for my mourning and I am almost certain that I will be putting forth my divorce proceedings. My husband Larry is in a relationship with another women and it is hurtly my greatly but I think it is time to put an end to that relationship. I need guidance and the strength to move forward. Thank you so much. The power of prayer is what has helped me so far, it is still very hard for me my greiving and also my marital problems.

I am behind 2 months in my rent and overdrawn in my bank account over $350. I need a financial breakthrough so that I wont get evicted. I dont have enough groceries in my home and I just want God to deliver me from this problem. The Word declares that God shall supply ALL of my needs and this is what I am standing on. I am a tither and I pay offerings and sow seeds. I pray that God will open the windows of heaven and pour out a financial blessing. Amen