Pray for Others

Please pray for my son, ERIC. He is bound by addiction. Please pray for SALVATION, deliverence, abstinence, safety and recovery. Please ask God to work in his life, convict his soul, tear down all strongholds and open his mind to the truth of the gospel and the evil of addiction. Eric has been struggling with addiction for over twenty years and it has taken a great toll on him and our family. My heart is broken and I grieve over the way my son is living. I fear for his soul and life. We have done all we can to help him. God is our only hope. We really need a miracle. God is mighty, merciful and has perform miracles since the beginning of time. PLEASE PRAY FOR MERCY AND A MIRACLE IN ERIC. Please pray for me as I stand in the gap and intercede for my son. Please ask God to show me exactly how to pray for Eric and to reveal to me anything that I should do. Pray that God will grant me Godly wisdom, discernment, increase my faith and belief and give me HOPE. I desperately need hope. I realise God has given Eric free will and he should choose to do what is right. I also know Eric is struggling, depressed and sees no way out. The Bible says God can work things out in ways we cannot even imagine. Thank you for praying for us. Your prayers are deeply appreciated and greatly needed. May God abundantly bless you and work good in the lives of all those that request prayer on OurPrayer. I will be praying. I humbly ask, with faith, belief and thanksgiving in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST! Eric's Mom (Linda)

My name is Kaleb I struggling to understand pretty much everything my heart is hardened, because of sexual sin.I so resist to the sorrow that causes me to beat myself and promise I'll never do it again.When I well know I never been able to go without sinning.I need to know God's kindness so I can truly repent.

I pray my daughter will fined a good job closer to home.

Dearest Heavenly Father, I come to you in the name of Jesus to thank you for everything that you do for us. Thank you for this
day, most precious and loving Father. Thank you for hearing my prayers and answering them so soon. Amen.

Pray that C and G do not give up on each other. Amen

Please pray that God will help me to hear and recognize his purpose for my life. I want to be happy and blessed with what I already have. Also for my family and myself to be filled with the holy ghost and become whole and legal. For my 14 year old daughter to get better and live up to her potential.

Yes I need pray I am diagnosis with prostate cancer

Pray Tiffany and Chris lose all interest in contacting Gena, let them have no influance over her. Pray Gena lose all desire to be their friend. Speak Jesus Christ to her . Send angels to help her . Protect her from all evil doers. I ask this in Jesus name , Amen

Please pray that I get better physically. I had Chronic Fatigue syndrome for over a year and then viral pnuemonia. I am 57 years if age and have always had tremendous energy and strength before all this happened. I need mt strength back and my health to accomplish more in this life. Thank you for your prayers.
Denise U

I have asked you God and now I thank You for prayers answered.
I pray for all who come humbly with their requests. may all. A hearts be healed comforted and renewed