Pray for Others & safty'
2 i should get my resignation soon due to my illness without any question and not of any damage
3 my friend should be back to work on condition
4.protect be from fear and worries and anxieties

My friend Jeff is dying of cancer. This will be his last Easter lest the Lord heals him. Also pray for his wife Jeanette. I remember thi season as my husband died a few short weeks after Easter 17 years ago.

Please pray for my son Cammon, he is
42 years old and an alcoholic and addicted to prescription drugs. He has two daughters that are 3 and 5 and won't admit he has a problem, I know that only God can help him to see but
I pray that my son would become open to listening

Lord thankyou for the ultimate sacrafice. Thankyou for loving us enough to give us your son. Lord be with Amy and her family today as the hear the good news that she is getting better. Lord thanks for forgiving me and loving me and blessing me with the life I have. In Jesus precious name AMEN

Restoration and healing of relationships in our family, Lord..... I pray in the name of Jesus..... The ultimate Forgiver....

I feel so very confused and frightened today, help me to understand why and to get over the feeling,

I need strength to deal withwhat ever is going to happen in my marriage. I feel like it is fixing to come to the end. I want someone to love me and appreciate my goodness, I feel used up.

Please pray for our daughter Lindsey. She is going through a rough time. She has three kids, a full time job and financial problems. A single mom with many issues.Please pray for good decision and good opportunities for her. We pray that she makes good choices with her future. Thank you and may God bless you. PS..our grandchildren are Kaylee, Aubree and Logan.

Thank yo so mch for lifting me p with my money program keep praying for me i need help tosave my home and i nee d yo to keep praying God will send money my way also pray for my son one to stop drinking and one for protection in prisom

Pray for Patti M- and all others with
Alzhimers. in gods name let them find a cure. amen