Pray for Others

Heavenly Father – Thank you for being in my life. I love You, I worship You and I praise You. Amen

Heavenly Father - Please grant me a financial blessing that will allow me to pay off my credit card, buy back my years of retirement service, and quit my second job so that I can spend time with my children and grandchildren. I miss them so much and I am so tired. Thank you. Amen.

Thank You for the gift of Your son, Jesus, and for all the blessings in my life. I pray for my family and friends, especially Linda, and for the sick especially Aunt Anna, Aggie, Beth, Christina, Cousin Bill, Uncle Bill, Kimmie, and Patrick. Amen

My God, My God - Thank you. Thank you for the work you are doing in my life! To You goes the glory! Amen.

Please pray for my sister, Kathleen who has several different medical problems that cause her pain. I pray that God may help her with this.
Thank you.

Please pray for miracles of guidance and intervention, for my autistic son Steven to get all the accommodations he needs in housing and dining, a clear focus for studies, receive the scholarships and awards he applied for, healing of food reactions, and more, according to God's Will.

My wife and I are on the brink of divorce; pray for good counsel, rebirth of our love for one another

Plz Listen to my prayers n soften my husband heart n guide him back home, i need him d most now my mother died n i have no one else to turn to, Lord plz help mee i ask in yr name sake. Amen,,

Please pray that my son, tom gets this job he told me about. May he get an interview there and do well. In jesus name we pray amen thank you angels and saints in advance

For Steven to do well on his tests today, able to focus and show his understanding, not get burned out or distracted.