Pray for Others

Please pray the the woman who lives upstairs from me will not have another person move in with her. She causes me stress and sleepless nights all by herself. She has no care for anyone else. I have had many sleepless nights because of her noise and troublemaking. Please pray that she will not have this person move in which will cause me more pain and stress. And please ask God in his mercy to quickly show me a better place to live. I can't take this anymore. I want to live in peace and serenity.

Please help us pray for good health and to pay for our rent,we have until the 20th,to pay husband lost his income and looking for work now,also my son is looking for work to help out.Thank you

Dear Lord, we lift up our brother Jim to you. We pray for his relocation and opening of his business in the Chicago area. We pray Lord that you guide him and move on his behalf on this new venture. We ask that you bless him and provide him with strength, wisdom and motivation. Let his business be a tool to serve you and your people. We pray all these things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
Thank you and God Bless you!

Please pray for my mom , Vathsala who is suffering from primary peritoneal cancer.The oncologist has decided that the cancer is refractory as the chemotherapy has not stopped the progress of the disease.She is very depressed and physically and emotionally exhausted.

Jesus please heal G and C , their relationship. Speak to their hearts Jesus Christ. Let them talk to each other today.Amen

I need Prayer for peace of mind.I am strugging with depression and addiction.I am a Christian and Love the Lord.I have been blessed with a good job a loving and good family.I am single and just turned 56. God has been good to me.I cant seem to get thru this not being at peace I pray for Peace.I dont really know why I my relationship with God seems not were it should be.I am fearful and God did not give us the spirit of fear.One of my hand is swollen and I pray when I go to doctor it is not bad news .Please pray for me. My name is Olivia

Please say a prayer of thanksgiving for me. Thank God for a good week at school. Thank Him for help with my bloodwork and my doctor's appointment this past week. Thank God for this three day weekend to rest and heal. Pray for help with this coming week and all the stresses it brings. Pray for God to help my students do well on their FCAT tests this month. Pray for God to be with me as the end of this school year draws near. Pray for God to help with my teaching assignment for next school year. Pray for God to be with my grandchildren, Stacy, Danielle, and Matthew. Please pray for God to heal Robert's abdominal pain. Pray for God to help Tom III. Pray for God to be with my husband Tom, who is home alone daily. Pray for Madison, Michael's one week old daughter. Pray for Winnie who has cancer. Pray for God to help us with our neighbors and neighborhood and keep us safe. Pray for God to heal me and help me to sleep at night in peace. May God bless you for your prayers.

Heavenly Father,
Prayer for me..god

God you know the confusion and saddness I've felt, my senses distort my ability to "see" through the haze of emotions. I ask that I may know you. I've replied "yes" I know God that you loved me and that Christ redeemed me, but I don't feel it, help me to let this go. Let me grasp and understand your presence and voice in my heart and spirit. Please let me reconcile with Marina, take care of her and bless her and let her know she is in my thoughts and prayer, please bless and keep in your providence all my family christian brothers and sisters and the prayer partners of Guideposts as they have been a blessing to me during this difficulty of mine.

I have been battling cancer since last September and just found
out last week that the cancer is in my lymph nodes. the doctors
don't give me much of a chance to make it but I know that God is
the ultimate healer and he can perform miracles that doctors can't explain. I am asking for God's will in this situation
whatever it may be. thank you!