Pray for Others

Diane diagnosed with late stage cancer. Hospice has already been ordered for home care.

Please pray for my friend Vicky and her family who are going through some very rough times right now. Her father recently had his third heart attack and we are told he may not survive. Thankyou.

JimD and EulaD need a prayer for a financial blessing soon, please there is so much they could lose. Please pray for them.
Thank you,

God, You are the source of all success and blessing, and You created Your world with mercy. In Your mercy please bless Timothy & Johanna with protection over their marriage, more faith, blessings and favor, please help them to be like Ephraim and Manasseh , please bless them with a baby, and grant them peace, now and always, in the easiest and sweetest way possible, thank you.

im trying get new car trade in my 99 buick been having problems with it ,, its a great deal please God let this happen

I have opened up a wellness studio. I thought for sure God put this on my heart for a reason and that He would make sure it was successful. The funds are about to run out. I am owed some money that will be more than enought to cover all the expenses I have with the studio, however it looks that I will have to file a law suit in oreder to collect. I do not like conflict or the idea of going to court to fight for what I have earned. Please pray for me that I might receive direction and PEACE!
Sincerely, Linda -

Please pray for me JUAN - to get a healing blessing from the lord..i have tried Doctor,Terapist and still do not have strength in my body and specially my LEGS...NEED TO KEEP WORKING FOR THE SUPPORT OF MY FAMILY....ALLELLUYA TO THE MOST HIGH GOD FOR THIS MIRICLE ON MY BEHALF....

My son has been addicted to crack cocaine for 10 years. He only manages to stay sober for about 6 months. He loses everything when he relapses. Please pray for him. thank you so much!

Mike - who's wife is in ITU and her illness they say she
IT U might have got Septicemia please Lord get his beloved wife better and hope she pulls through as there is nothing worse then losing your husband or wife to God as I know because I lost mine of 6 weeks of marriage. Love Jennie-

Dear Lord,
I feel desperately and hopelessly lost, trapped and washed up in the work aspect of my life. I'm too old and have no room for any more missteps. I humbly and earnestly ask and pray for Your strong, divine intervention in putting me exactly where I am supposed to be, work-wise. You know my needs and the desires of my heart. I pray for the faith to rest in and trust that Your will be done in my life. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.