Pray for Others

Father, I place Louis into your loving hands. Your will be done. In the Holy name of Jesus. Amen

Health for my mom that has breast cancer & my son that a behavorial disorder.

I ask for prayers of reconciliation for some hurdles that a dearly loved friend and I are facing. I struggle with mental dysfunctions which has caused me some legal trouble in my past. We were growing romantically close enough that I felt the need to tell him. Due to his law enforcement career, he has had to sever all communication with me until he retires next week or risk possibly loosing his pension. I have tried to remain patient and hopeful that once the legal obligations of his job are over that we will be able to talk once again. In the few months that we were together, he was a very positive influence in my life…and I NEED people like him in my life to help make me a better servant of the Lord. Please lift us both up in prayer that God’s will be done between us.

For our daughter, Katie, to be safe and secure as her new roommate tried to force himself on her and she refused and he has told her to leave the residence and she has lost all her belongings and over $500 to him; that she will be safe physically and emotionally as she moves back in with her sister and that she will make better decisions on people and have good people move into her life and that she will save her money. Thanks.

Dear I thank you for all the gifts you have bestowed on my sons and I.. Please reunite them with me so we can once more be a family.Guide their thoughts to not only pray to you for forgiveness but also to realize that I as their dad love them and want to share a christian life with then thru these financially difficult times.May the power of prayer magnify anyone who prays this prayer.God bless . Todd

Help me Lord. You didn't give me the answer I prayed so long and hard for. I don't understand. I'm broken, my heart is broken. Help me now, please. Please deliver me. give me peace and take the pain.

Hi, my name is Gladys-, I am praying for God to bless me with a job, or my business to be profitable in the year 2012. Also, for my son to be released from prison this year as well. Amen. Your sister in christ.

Please pray for a young man who uses drugs. Lord please help him turn his life to You.

Blessings that my lease be extended 1 more yr & give me the opprotunity to buy the house. I have an elderly mom & 2 school age kids. In Jesus name I prayer.

Dearest lord, My God I Pray in THANKS to YOU on behalf of me & Sam & Mom & Einar & Mary & Sandy & George & Byrd & marcia & Bob & each of our Family members,relatives,friends,neighbors,customers,clients,co-workers,bosses and mentors for BLESSING each of us TODAY!! We are Each EXPERIENCING Your UNLIMITED Spiritual GRACE and Guidance and Wisdom and BLESSINGS CONSISTENTLY TODAY!!! I THANK YOU!