Pray for Others

I am in desperate need of prayer after a month of stomach troubles I found out I have gastritis. I'm taking care of my 90yr old mother my symptoms are getting worse the nausea and lack of appetite are to much for me to handle and I have no energy to take care of her. The medicine they gave me doesn't seem to help. I am scared and alone and I don't think God is hearing my plea to be healed. I can't help anyone if I'm sick and I'm scared I'm going to die from this of I don't get better. I will try to believe with you for God's healing.Thank you, Sue

Dear G-d I never had a relationship before and have problems finding a job. Please pray that I find love for my first time and obtain a descent job. give me a sign a higher power exist for the glory of Jesus Christ Amen.

Please continue to pray for my wife and I as we work through difficulties in our marriage, family and ministry. Pray that God will make his will clear to us, and that we will see it and obey.

my request is to sell our home in the perfect way for the best price

Want my lecture on Tuesday April 10th to be a success!

Prayers for financial blessing and prosperity,enough money to pay the remaining bills I have this month. Prayers for restoration and healing between Joe and myself(Toni). Prayers Joe will desire to call me and work things out between the two of us. Prayers for God's favor and blessings in my Social Security Disability Appeal I am now going through. Prayers I will soon hear from my Attorney concerning this matter,and that it will go to Court sooner than expected. Thank you sweet Jesus.for hearing and answering my prayers.

I have been alone for 111/2 years,my husband passed away September 7th,2000.
Would like to meet a financially secure gentleman,who wants a committed relationship,who is capable of traveling,and has a nice family.
Thank you!

Can u please pray for a tenant tht i hav give a 30 day notice to vacate my studio apt due to intrest of conflict.He is not a christian and my son is my handi man ,and sat my son was spraying for insects, He was very rude and belligerant,so i went and spoke to him and explained tht i m the owner and the right to step on the area by the rental yo sray or sweep the leaves.We hav been having problems with for quite sometime,He thinks tht he owns the property and he is rudeo

Thank you for your prayers:
I need a financial miracle, an apartment that needs to be sold before April 15th,
the first lawyer botched the deal, I need the buyers to offer a check before April 15th, I need to get out of debt. Thank you!

That we can make it through the financial issues that have been on our shoulders.