Pray for Others

My name is Ginny. I have been having tremors on the right side of my body and the doctors and specialists have not been able to determine the cause. Would you please pray for me....and, for my doctors? Thank you so much!

Please pray for my daughter that she makes the right decision about her job situation. She has been out of work for 5 months and not sure which job offer is best for her. God Bless you.

Please pray for my granddaughter who is struggling with being bullied at school and the lose of some friends.

Please pray for my daughter Jen who has a substance abuse problem. She is now using diet pills and not doing well. We had to call the police to make her leave our home 2 days ago. Please pray for her and for our family. God BLess you.

Would you pray for our daughter and son-in-law, and family members they’re staying with, that God guides them in being part of this household, that there is no inconvenience or resentment, and that they all enjoy happy times and deeper friendship. Thank you.

Please pray for salvation, and that God responds with favor to the prayers of Will, Laura, Donald, Lou Ann, Ed B, Chuck, Derk, Allyn, Eileen, Joseph J, Helen, Bob, Charles, Billie, Lester, Dorothy, Louis, Mary L, Pat and Al. God bless you.

Asking prayers for Mary Y, Mary P and Lonika’s cancer treatment to bring complete healing. Thanks to you for your prayers and God for His mercy.

The Lord knows Kathleen’s painful needs and situation. We ask that He guides her, heals her, and blesses her with all He knows is right for her. God bless you in your prayers.

Please pray the Lord guide Sara’s work, routine and relationships. Especially with her father/my husband, who loves her but discourages her. We ask God to protect her and bless her with a calm, collected mind. God bless you.

Please pray for my friend Melda. She has been sick almost two months. Her doctor admitted her to the hospital today and plan to do emergency surgery today. She is a very strong Christian who loves the Lord. Please pray for her to be totally healed.