Pray for Others

Please pray that my heart and anxiety problems will be resolved, so that I will be able to live life again. Pray that I will get better so that I can watch my Grandchildren grow, helping to guide them and show them all the love I feel for them. Join me as I pray for others in this forum. And please pray for all the peoples of the world. That they find comfort in the arms of our Heavenly Father. Many blessings. Karen.

Members of my family who are suffering from addictions: tobacco, alcohol, prescription drugs, that they may be freed of their addictions and learn to trust in the Lord. Myself, that I may regain my health and our finances that we my climb out from under our credit card debt. Finally, mercy for those poor souls who have no one to pray for them.

I have reflex sympathetic dystrophy (rsd) it is debilitatating and very pain full like your on fire and it hurts to be touched. i go through many surgerys and treatments. i'm in a wheelchair. my name is elizabeth.
my coucin needs a new kidney his name is randy, he goes through dialisis 3 days a week. his port came out and almost blead to death.

Our granddaughter has to make a many faceted decision with serious consequences by next Friday. Please pray she will have wisdom and that she will recognize that it is from the Lord.

I have been going to church regularly for a number of years now and was certain I have somehow forgiven my father for pains we put upon each other as(when I)was a child and young adult. He passed away last week and I was certain I had forgiven him, but it became aware to me yesterday that perhaps I have not and I need prayer and comfort from the Lord that I have forgiven him and am no longer carrying this burden of disappointment with me...please Lord lift this terrible sense of anger I may have and give me the peace that my faith in you has freed me from..In Jesus name..amen

Pray for my grandchildren, Ava and Cohl for a special healing.

Please pray for my mother Marie that she will have more energy and less pain.

Continued prayer for our son Skyler who is diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor 2 weeks ago. Still waiting for an appointment time at Barrow in -. A mother will first ask for the power of a miracle healing so that her son does not have to endure surgery and following treatments. Next request would be for a timely appt. to be set with information from Barrow as to why waiting to do this surgery is okay in Skyler's case. Then prayers for the most skilled Dr.s to care for Skyler, along with all their staff and nurses. And last - that following these upcoming procedures- that Skyler is returned to normal and can live out his life to a ripe old age with lits of children and a life of love. Thank you.

My name is Brenda. I have prayed thousands of times for a healing of breast cancer in my bones. Please pray for my healing. Also I suffered from an emotional breakdown 30 yrs. ago which left me doubting myself and dealing with guilt, anxiety, confusion, depression and fear. I cope with it daily and I am thankful God gives me boost of joy in between the emotional battles. Please ask God to restore my physical, mental and emotional health in of need healing. God Bless You, Brenda

Dear Lord,Thank you for my many blessings.Let Lisa have a strong and healthy baby.Keep her safe.Let Ruba go away.Keep Matt safe on his motorcycle.Let us have a safe trip to Austin next weekend.Lord,thank you for mending a friendship I thought was over.Let me be kinder and more gentle.Let Mona and me strengthen our marriage.Let me be a better husband.I am struggling with my depression.Please remove my worry,resentment,anger,guilt,negative thoughts and feelings.Teach me forgiveness.Give me patience.Allow me to be the person you want me to be.Let me live one day at a time.Forgive me of my many sins.Your will not mine.Protect me and Mona and our families.Let us live with abundance and keep us in your favor.Lord,let 2012 be a good year for our world.Keep gas prices stable.Help people find jobs.Keep everyone safe this Easter weekend.Thank you for carrying me all these years.I cannot make it without you.Stop the unrest in the Middle East,Iran,Syria,and North Korea.God bless America and its people.God bless those who pray for me and my family.It truly helps.God bless this site.Amen.