Pray for Others

I COME AS HUMBLE AS I KNOW TO BE..I am sad i cry all the time.I have allowd my huband to get the better of me.he doesnt talk to me.he doesnt make time for our family he is not there for me as a husband.i pray and ask God to gelp me.i suffer fromdepression and i feel lost...please help me.

They say the "POWER OF PRAYER"is so powerful i had a mammo n it showed a abnormal reading now more testing !" ,id like too ask for 2 prayers today ,my 12 yr old g'son TANNER is going too a neurologist for severe headaches , Hes a great kid n loves JESUS too PLEASE! mine can wait say prayers for tanner!!!!& GOD BLESS!!so afraid for him!

I pray that my husband and I go to eagle pass on a mission to take back from satan what he took from us.That it be fri. 7pm.and for god to provide our expenses, gas,food,entertainment.We will be working as soon as we get there, trusting the Lord and being lead of the Holy Ghost to lead us to those that will be paying us our money which there is no limit to paying us.May it be a divinely successful blessed nigh through sat. God knows what I am
talking about and I pray He honors this request.I have been delighting myself in him 24hr/7days and I stand on his promise because He Said it that he would give me the desires of my heart.and that mission outing is it.We loaned some company money to get started and we prayed and decided its time for the company
to start paying us so we will be going biweekly to collect 300-1000.Than you Lord.You taught us and we will be reaping our
seed now.

Please pray for laron...5 children and one on the way. He is a crack addict.

Please pray God guides Diane through her depression and softens Martha's heart that she will accept Him in her life, and that God brings positive change in my life.

Please pray for Misty and her family. That they reunite if that is your will Lord. Please bless Misty. She needs it now especially.


Lord Jesus I beseech You, May Mark A forgive my misspeaking, so he & I may try a treatment plan together! MAY I IN THIS URGENT HOUR SOOOO WELL understand! Your Guidance for me/us?

please continue to pray for my son and his wife. help them remember their love for each other. thank you

Please help me to pray for my co-workers brother-in-law( Keith R-) who lives in C- and has stomach cancer with only 2 weeks to live. I am believing GOD that he will get healed and also that he will do above and exceedingly what we are asking for and that is that his family and friends will see GODSs hand and that he will receive the Glory and honor in Jesus name!!