Pray for Others

Please pray my husband finds his love for me and returns to our family in time for Easter and/or my son's birthday. I love him so much. Waiting is so painful

my son is suffering from health problems that have been persisting since long.... need powerful prayers to heal him.

My husband Sam will be losing his job by summer, can you lift us up and all the employees of the Mazda plant who will also be left without a job.

Please pray that a matter with the house will be settled,where I can have peace in my life. Also pray that Richard will accept God back in his life. Will confess his sins and ask for forgiveness.
Thank you,Ann

Please pray for our son James, he is 18 years old. Please pray for salvation. He grew up in a christian home and has read the Bible all his life. He went off to college and decided christianity was not for him. Pray that God would keep his heart soft and open to him. Thank you.

For Patricia, that doctors will be able to relieve her brain swelling, that she will be restored to perfect health. For your glory Lord God, in Jesus name we praise You and thank You that we can ask, believing, and be assured that You will have your perfect will be done. amen.

That the business venture with Davison will be a success. I have a lot of debt, a widow and 76 years old. I am asking God to be with Davison and I every step of the way in this project so that it will be successful and profitable for us both.
Thank you. Pauline C-

Today, You set Yourself beneath Your apostles and knelt to wash their feet knowing Your fate was at hand. Lord forgive me of my sins. Please bless me with peace and prosperity and thank you for all the ways you love me.

ive just had knee surgery a month ago, and just when its healing going to pt ruins it, i would like to quit pt but i heard that if youre on medicaid or any type of ins they might not pay for surgery and im not working right now, had two hip surgeries this summer and i think the exercises hurt my hips and knees and i hurt for days after, pray that god gives me the wisdom on what to do, some people dont realize pt is not for everyone, and i get hurt doing it. also, pray i get the right job, i lost my job cause of my knee too. and that god heals my knee

Please pray for relief from back pain caused by a stay in the hospital over this past weekend for a heart arrhythmia. I don't want to miss Easter, and Good Friday, and tonight's Maundy Thursday service.
Thank you so very much!