Pray for Others

Please pray that Wayne will be healed, if it be God's will. If not, please pray that his family will be able to cope with his loss. Particularly, please pray Emily will get through this very difficult time, and her mother as well. Please pray for Liz and Brad to be able to help as much as possible, and continue in their love for each other. Thank you

Thank You Lord Jesus & those who pray, God Bless You!! for C's healed tight strong circulation, slightly higher blood pressure in R lower leg foot knee (also L foot all of head neck). Thank You for healed strong tissues bones those areas & teeth especially rear & jaws. For only healthy organisms in body sinus brain digestive & enough Rest & SLEEP for C & M Carrie, Genelle all who need & freedom & protection from negative emotions/energies. Amen.

Please pray for the unsaved, my daddy's cancer, Mother's Fibromyalgia, and my alcoholism/financial status/cats/health. Thank you.

Barry H. is in urgent need of a liver transplant. Please pray for him and his family as they face this crisis.

Please pray for my son in law Gabe- he is just finishing up a 3 year residency in vetenarian medicine. He takes his boards aug 1st through 5th of 2012. This will certifiy him as an optamology surgeon. He needs to pass his boards. Also he needs to make a decision about a contract he needs to sign with his current employer. Gabe also wants to come back home and open up his own practice as soon as he passes boards, but needs to sign this contract as he is being pressured. I pray for favor over Gabe and also that he will see the light and have wisdom on what direction he needs to take. He is waiting for God to open the door for him and advise him. I pray favor for him to pass this BIG TEST. I pray God's presence in making the right decison for his family. In Jesus name I pray....

I am so overwhelmed! Please pray for my son Alex to find peace. Please help him to get away from bad influnces in his life. And please help him to know that Chuck and I love him very much. Thank you E M-.

pray for healing in my body, my eyes, my prostate.

I pray for my relationship to be fully restored with Robert and that God is the center of it from this day forward. I am in love with him very much and prays that he sees the value and treasure of what God gave us 7 months ago.

Dixie, 76 yrs. young has been having problems with her legs as her veins are clogged with calcium. Her doctor wants to operate on her but it would only help for maybe 2 years, not long enough. Also her husband Chuck, 87 for continued health. Thank you and God bless you for your wonderful service

for Bob to be healed from multiple myeloma