Pray for Others

Please pray that I pass the required tests and have enough courage to leave my well paying job to follow my passion, teaching. Thank you.

Today I filed an appeal for my immigration waiver case denial. I am putting in this prayer request for God to intercede in my appeal and have the denial decision reconsidered and reversed so that I can be granted a green card. I have faith and believe that God is in control of my case and I am faithful that I will get a favorable response.

Please pray that my daughter Julia will quit drinking and that she will go back to the heart of worship like she use to when she was younger.

My husband Paul B- has been fighting cancer for a year now and was just recently diagnosed with lymphoma of the liver. We are praying that all of his blood counts normalize, that no cancerous cell be left inside of his body and that the chemotherapy he is about to go through just kill all the bad cells left in his body. We want total and complete healing in his liver, brain, spine and any other affected areas.

Janet - speedy recovery from foot surgery

My 24 yr old daughter Gina cut herself accidentally with a scalpel she was using to help perform an autopsy. The deceased woman was hepatitis C positive. Please pray for my daughter that she be spared from this disease or if not, that she be given the strength to be able to deal with the outcome. She is agnostic. Please also pray for the soul of the deceased woman, Gale. thank you.

please pray for my family and friends that those who need Jesus in their lives will seek Him soon. Pray also for all those who have no one else to pray for them and for the children who need someone in their lives who will love and care about them. Pray for all those who need hope for better days ahead and for those who are having trouble making ends meet. Pray also for my old dog he is failing daily. Thank you in Jesus name Amen Margo

Our prayers have been answered in that we finally sold our home. Upon my husband's liver transplant he lost a good income. Now we have found a much cheaper & very nice condo. Please pray that the closing goes through with the will of Jesus Christ & that our financial future will better in time because of this move. Thank you Jesus! You have Risen! Susan

Dear Heavenly Father, please help my Uncle Jim get the good medical care he needs, and give him a few more good years with his family. If it is your will.ALso, I ask that Jerry, Jess, Lisa, Chris,Shane, Linny, Annie, and David experience your love and goodness, and I ask for a complete conversion for them which I will start praying for.They have had a hard life so far.Please help them straighten out their lives, and I thank you for starting to turn them in the right direction. Thank you.Jodi H.

I need prayer for help paying my was due on the 1st of April.One place was suppose to help,however,it fell thru.A church said they would pay 300 dollars,i was to pay the rest with my workman's comp check.However,now they are not returning my calls.Me and my daughter need a miracle!we will be evicted!