Pray for Others

please pray for my family,especialy my dad,nt forgeting my mum...and for peace in our family,
and also for me to pass my exam which will determine my future

I need all the prayers I can get sent to God for relief from my pinched sciatic nerve. I am getting close to not being able to walk I am begging God to relieve this pain without medication just prayers. Thank you God for this lifeline of guideposts....

Bob health and stressed.

Bobs case be dismissed in Jesus name.No evidence been presented because there is none.

Michael- going on a weekend trip to G. S. P. with his friends. Please pray protection since they will sleep in tents that no harm will come to them. In Jesus Name.

I have severe PTSD, can you please pray for me. Ronald -

Dear Lord, Please help my broken hearth. Please heal my poor husband who is fighting the bad lukemia. Please have a mercy in our small boy who is waiting the return of his father from the hospital at home. please i beg you please heal my husband. you are the one who can heal him. please dear Lord help us and have a mercy on us. In Jesus name. Amen

I am requesting prayer fo my son and his wife, who 2 years ago their daughter died in a freak jet ski accident. The mother does not believe in God consequentley she is lost with no hope. Pray she will seek God and find peace and joy. They have 2 other two teenagers, son and daughter.

Daniel my son grew up in the Lord bringing young people to the Lord sadly our worst fear. Daniel is involve with a woman that does not exhibit the christian walk or godly character and exhibits a Jezebel Spirit. Can you all stand with my husband and I as we fight to win Daniel back to Christ and the church. God bless you.

Please pray for Ken. He was diagnosed today with acute Leukemia. Pray for healing in his body and that he might come to a personal relationship with Christ.