Pray for Others

Please heavenly Father , Jesus and the Holy spirit and my Angels .. help to remove my stress and anxity , help me to act normal and find and complete paper work for agencies in the rightful manner that will still help sabrina and I have hud still and be taken care of still after my hud appointment. and I answer all the questions for our sake correctly, amen. also help for me to get more jobs under t the table a to make more money to pay of the bills I have... and help for gerry muncy to drop his pride and send me a note that he misses me and wil help me like he promissed me long ago and actually do it and help paty my bills off and that he starts by putting some money like 200. he owes me already into the envelope with the note he sorry and wants to talk and he will pay my bills... and help heal our relationship and he stop being mean and drop his ego and we can begin on a new foot in our relationship together again.. and he will compermise with my request of him and I as I have let him know and will tell him again... he has to prove to me by doing all of everything I asked of him and he promised he would help me with. and be good about it. help me and Sabrina my daughter lose weight and be healthy.
also, have Kristina see that her brother and dad that tried to kill her on his vistation rights and came back and told me and said he could not do it... and see that she acually finds soon that they are not the good people that they are protraying to be. and help for her and I to mend our relationship again without them in it. amen. and she will find out and know that I and the family been telling her that they are not good to be around or in contact with. Keep her safe and give her the eyes to see and the hears to hear and the rightful judgment to see whats wrong with them. protect her lord... amen

please pray for myself as I have meney illnesses at this time. my name Geraldine. Ialso have request for my cusien Palma who is in the hospitel at this time.

For my grandson, Connor. He is struggling so at school to control his emotions. Please pray for him and for his Dad. In Jesus name. Amen

Please pray for "spiritual, emotional, social, and physical healing" for my 28 yr old son. He broke his lower rt leg and ankle 3 months ago and today the doctor said it's only about 80% healed. He is a pilot in the military and this could present crucial problems in next duty assignment. Even though he has received the highest possible evaluations for his work, he is very depressed over so many things in his life right now and has tried to know "God has a reason" for these valleys. He is shy, single and lonely. He is teased and mocked because of his morals. I ask prayers for him to meet and make Christian friends. He wants to find and marry a solid Christian but feels hopeless in this area too. He has developed a common habit among pilots to use smokeless tobacco for long flights and is now trying to quit. I ask you to lift him in prayer for healing in all these areas. God Bless you and thank you for praying.

Please pray that my 15 year old girl sabrina B- will be alright and healthy and have NO problems with her heart. If there is a problem, please help the doctor say something and find it out. to be able to fix it. amen help for her to live a long healthy life amen Father God , Jesus and the Holy Spirit and her angels amen

please pray for cristy , for good health and to gain wieght. for her to have a easier life and that a mechanic will fix her car for payments. and she will not abuse me and my car / friendship by asking me to do excess things for her ... help her to come into money and get well and that we can help each other out with the right decissions on things we have to do with agencies ect... and be faithful and good to one another. amen


I am not feeling well and fear that I have a life threatening illness. I have young children and they need me. Please pray that I will bw well do that I can care for my children and also my elderly parents..

Pray for for Marion & Harley P- please, both of us on Cortisone. Thank you. I know the Angels are with us always.

Please prepare my heart and help me to receive instruction from Your Holy Spirit. Grant understanding and memorization of the Word without distraction. Please send your holy angels to fill my place of study and minister to me as I pray and study. In JESUS' Name, we bind all interaction and communication of evil spirits during this time. We claim the protection of the shed blood of Jesus Christ over my heart, soul, mind, will, emotions, physical strength, finances, friends and family. Thank you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.