Pray for Others

Please pray for my friend Mary Ann who has suffered face pain for many years and it has become intolerable again. Nerve blocks help only temporarily and the medications are debilitating so she cannot work. She is a wonderful caring Christian who needs prayer that her pain gets back to tolerable. Thank you.

Hi my name is Maria nd i hope you can pray for my son Gustavo hes 19 years old and hes being having problems hes a drug addictor and i want him too stop and I want him to stop drinking and stop getting drunk i want God to help him make somethin good in his life and i hope God can help my son Gustavo stop having problems with the law because he goes too court alot for several mistakes hes done in his life and i hope God can help him this time he goes to court by closing his case.And as her mom i wish my son alot of good things for him in life and dat he learns good things about all the mistakes hes done.I hope that soon he finds a job because of his records he really cant find a job but right now he really needs one to pay the court and the tickets he got.Thankyou for reading my prayer and for praying for my son God Bless you and everybody wish yuah the best!!!!!!!

Please pray for A. She is in a bad relationship.

i am still having oppression/panic attacks - i want them to stop for good right now please in jesus name amen ! ! !! ! ! !
perry from - indiana

Please pray that things will get better in my life.

pray for me that God will open a way for me. that my life will change for the better both spiritually and finincially. I pray that the Holy Spirit will decend upon me and my entire family so that my children and grand children will surrender their lives to Jesus. And by accepting Jesus they will in turn change their lifestyles and focus more on Jesus and the things that will lead them ti Jesus Amen

am Sarah and Robert pray for us to win diversity rotary 2012 the result will be out 05/01/2012 and finical break through ,peace
be blessed

My family needs prayer for finances.My husband lost his job,our rent was on the 1st.We do not have the money to pay it or any of our bills.Our landlord is adding late charges,since the 4th.We need a miracle,we could be evicted,if something does not change.

My dearest friend Patricia has alzhimers. Please
pray for a cure for all afflicted. Praise God
and bless all at Guideposts.

pray for my son sean that he will stop talking to me like a dog and being disrespectful I am his Mom and he hurt my feeling so bad I just can do nothing but cry out to God he only does this when I know he is on something pray for him that he will let the drugs go and have more respect for me thank you Alice