Pray for Others

Pray that God will repair my relationship with Denny. That he will guide our paths back together in the future. That the damage can be repaired. Pray for Denny's health and his "heart".

Please pray for Michael..His pain go away and not have it be cyst.Put your healing hands on him so we don't have to go to the doctor. God's blessings to you..Thank you.. A loving Mom, Kathy

Please pray for me That I will feel better and be able to do my work today and tomorrow. Thanks

I am a christian who prays without ceasing. There are times when I feel the need for help with my prayers. Today I carry some heavy things so I'm asking for prayer. The first is for my daughter, Cori. She had an Endoscopy yesterday. Everything went smooth but she told me that they took several biopsies. This has me and her upset. Please pray that she is well and that nothing is found like cancer or any other disease. Give us the peace to hold on to our Fathers' hand while we wait for the results. My 2nd prayer request is for all of my utilities. They are all overdue. My gas was shut off on tuesday (4/3/2012. This we need for home heating, cooking and hot water. I have requested a medical be sent to my doctor so that our service can be restored. This will give me 30 days to get some money for the bill. My dr's fax machine is not working right. I found out this morning that my doctor did receive the medical form from the Gas company. All they have to do is fill it out and have the doctor sign, then they fax it back to the gas company. This expedites the restore process. All I want to know is if the fax is not working again, I can take it to the gas company. I've been waiting for a call back from the doctor's office. Please pray that we'll be able to get our gas back on today. Me and my grandchildren are cold today. My last request is for my 3 month old great grandson. He's very skinny. His mother and her family
are a very "sorry" group of people. We're not even sure if he's ours. My grandson goes for his Paternity test on 4/13/2012. We've all fallen in love with this little guy. He's very bright but he won't be for long if he's not being properly cared for. I'm asking for prayer for Sebree. He is 3 1/2 months old. I thank and ask Our Heavenly Father to bless each and every one of you. Thank you

wife sharon has to go to the hospital on 12th I believe and
dr is going to scope up[ front and check and find out what is
causing problems with liver. Pray that they find not a thing.
we are very sad and hurt over this but know our heavenly will
take cared of this in side her.
percy & shron -

Please pray for my daughter, Kelly -. She is supposed to start grad school in the fall and is having second thoughts as to if this is what she is supposed to do with her life. She had a difficult time securing a loan for $45,000 for her 1st yr and is stressing out if she will be able to focus on her work instead of her mounting debt and fearful she might be making the wrong choice to become a doctor. Presently she is working 50 hrs a wk at a hospital and is wearing herself down with worry about finances/food/gas, etc. and whether she will have enough money to live on while going to medical school. Please ask God to give her peace in her decisions. Thank you for praying with me.

Please pray for my son who has thrown away his college money to grow Marijuana and is in love with an exotic dancer. He has wasted so may blessings and resources. He is 30and need to grow up and be the man that God intends for him to be. Also please pray that my Blind State agency remains seperat from the bigger agency that intends to merge us and reduce services to our population. Thank You

I am in need of a part time job to help with our bills. I have sent out resume`s but have only had a few interviews. I pray that God will open the hearts of the offices I have applied at to give me a chance to show them I can do the job. Thank you Mary -, RN

My son is tormented and feeling so alone. He has taken the wrong path and is facing prison. Please pray that God will bless him and keep him. Ask that the judge is lenient and fair. Give my son the courage and strength that only Jesus can give. Thank you.

Please pray for many new clients in my counseling practice. Please also pray for a loving, healthy Christian man to be my husband.
God bless you,