Pray for Others

lord heal each of us in my family, as we each have health problems. thank you, amen.

dear lord my daughter is ignoring me , all i asked was could you please tell me what time you are picking me up and she refused to call me back i dont get the kids these days , not like we were and it stresses me out
o Lord please help me to understand . Amen and have her call me

please pray for me to overcome my fears and anxieties that keep me from living a normal and healthy and happy life,
thank you,
I will pray for you also

Dear God I thank you for my life. You saved me from stage III Cancer. I believed you heard my prayers to stay on this earth and continue to do you work. I am greatful to all those who prayed for my recovery. The power of prayer it worked for me I felt it.
Many times in my life I have needed your strength and you walked with me. You filled my heart and soul and I knew that peace I felt could only be from you. I had no plan of knowing how to come out of those things but you did
I am scared of one thing and that is to ask someone to attend church on Easter Sunday with me. He said he was thinking about going to church soon He hasn't gone in many years and he needs to come to church.
What scares me is that he will see this as a turn off and pull further away from me thinking I am looking to change him and I am not. I thought what better a day to return to church on Easter Sunday. However I don't feel comfortable inside to ask him.
He has drifted away and I don't want to put more distance between us Men don't like when a woman invites them to things they see it as pushy or controlling.
If you believe he will go if I ask I would love to feel it in my heart. That feeling of it is ok for me to invite him to your home.
May the prayers of those who pray for me on this be answered so that he will show up with me on Easter Sunday in your home god.
Thank you for hearing my prayer and bless those who pray for me.

Prayers for Brad's job, our finances, health and safe travels.

Lord help me to do better in all I do. Help me be patient and kind.Lord please give the K- the strength they need as Amy overcomes this cancer.Lord openup Annie's eyes so she can see that this realtionship is not a good one,Lord and help me to open up the R- hearts to know and love you again. In Jesus precious name AMEN

Please pray that I have a deeper realtionship with my Christ and Saviour during these holy days.

Pray that the Dr. I work for realize I am doing the best job I can for her. Pray that she quits yelling and degrading her staff. Pray that the staff quits stabbing others in the back. Pray that we unite as a team. AMEN

Heavenly Father – Please cleanse my body of disease and illness and wash it right out of my body leaving me healthy, fit and energized. Please guide the doctor to find out what is going on in my body. I pray that it is not anything serious and that it can be easily treated. Thank you. Amen.

Pray that my family has safe travels to and from our destinations. Wrap you protective arms around us.