Pray for Others

Please pray that Jimmy, Mary, Carl, Jill and Mark get jobs. They are all good people who need and want jobs so that they can support themselves and their families. Please say a prayer of thanks for Dave, Ashley and Rene having jobs and that they like them and do well. Thank you.

Please pray that the Tinnitis (ringing) in my ears goes away and I am able to once again have quiet. I ask this in Jesus Name Amen

Please pray for health for my family. Thank you.

Please say a prayer of thanks that my husband, Joe, was vindicated of charges concerning his work. Please pray that he gets along well with his staff until his retirement in July. Thank you.

please bring Michael home safe and sound

Pray for our business that we will succeed and prosper. Pray that we will get jobs and work will continue and prosper.

Please help my friends heal. Please release me from my pain and let me forgive those that need forgiveness so I can heal. Amen.

Lynn P- - battling pancreatic cancer

PLEASE pray for my son Jeremy and daughter in law jenifer's marriage.
They have trust issues
They have control issues
They have insecurity issues
My son has employer issues
They both are under lots of stress
I know they Love ea other and I want a happy home for them and my grandchildren
Thank u

Dear Team,
I am going to the Good Friday service.I pray that I am not shaky or nervous and that the blessings from going to the service will abide in me.I pray that the ride my friend gives me will be a safe one and the ride back.I pray that I won't be rattled in going to lunch soon after the service as I usually am.I pray for all those who can't get to a service.I pray that the pain on the left side of my chest will go away and that it's not a sign of a heart problem.Please pray for my family that they believe in the risen Jesus and that He brings them peace and well-being.Thank you for all your on-going prayers for me and my family.Marion