Pray for Others

guardian angel please protect mackenzie especially when she is with her mom please guide seth and mackenzie and they be safe dnad do not get hurt

please my daughter is in desperate need of prayers for my daughter she has been out of colledge for nearly two years and 60,000 in debt she cant seem to get a job position in her feild only jobs that pay nothing.she feels like a failture because she must move back with me please pray that this situation does not last long and that she find a good job thank you

I have a few family members that need some comfort right now; with issues going on in their life right now.. thank you so much... Travis - Samantha - Jaclyn

Dear Lord, Please be with me today. Hold, hug and love me all day with Blessed Mother Mary. Do not let me be off on my til today. Protect me from the evil store manager and protect Cori.
Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer.

sue does good mikies eyes and kidneys do not get worse lacey and baby good and healthy corys back better and safe trip back home good health for mom jenny seth mackenzie alecia and baby guardian angels please protect and guide me mike mikie jenny cory lacey seth mackenzie mom linda karen kenny alecia barry keith gerald and rest fo families we find moms ring

Dear GOD in heaven,please make my job interview a good one tomorrow,I need this job so bad as only you know,in Jesus name I pray,AMEN

I ask you to pray for me, I found a spot on my skin two days ago and I am trusting that JESUS will remove it as easily and as quickly as it appeared. Jesus is alive and come Easter, his strength and power is renewed, as is out faith. Jesus conquered the grave and the devil and he is our father, our hope and our God. I trust Jesus to release me from all ailments and potential danger. With Jesus I am secure, he has promised healing and eternal blessings. Jesus said ask, believe and it shall be done. I pray that he hears my prayer through this website and will respond to my plead. That come Easter Sunday I will be clean and health, strong and renewed in his glory. I know that Jesus hears my prayers and he is working to give me all good things, he anoints my head with oil and my cup runneth over, all good things follow me all the days of my life and I will always dwell in the presence of the Lord almighty. Thank you for praying for me.
Amen. LVM

Please prayer for me that my worries about my job and need of financial help and guidance are eased and I find the peace and comfort I need.

Please pray for an end to the bullying at work. The younger ones bully the older workers. This is making every day a struggle. Also pray for job security and financial security. In Jesus name.

God, thanks for your blessings. I pray for patience and guidance. I pray for MIC, CRC, CML, OSC, RCS, HJV, JCS, MEC. May God have mercy on them. May the Holy Spirit covers them with confidence and trust in God's plan. I ask this in the name of your son Jesus. Amen.