Pray for Others

First and foremost, on this Good Friday, I want to thank you for the life, death and ressurection of your son so my sins may be forgiven. Thank you for the most precious blood that was shed on my behalf and for the behalf of my brothers and sisters. Lord, I ask and pray for your assistance in leading my heart instead of following my heart. I ask that I become a better me for Kathy, Luke, Jake and Olivia. Restore my relationship with Kathy as you see fit. I ask that I be transformed into the beautiful christian you desire and expect me to be. I thank you for each and every blessing that you have in the past, in the present and in the future provide for me. I love you!

Dear Lord,thank You Father God for caring for all our needs,for healing us,hearing our prayer and answering them.Please save Sherry and send her a wonderful christian husband to love and care for her forever.Bless her,her health,finances,car,job,work,relationships,decisions.Thank You for her.In the most wonderful name Jesus.Amen

Dear Lord,thank You for hearing and answering my prayers.I'm holding up Erin N- in Ireland.She is very sick,and in need of Your healing.She has no insurance and the hospitals are dirty.Please supply the medical attention she needs to be the most wonderful name Jesus.Amen

My Mom is in the last days of her life, I just request prayer for her that she doesn't suffer in her last days on Earth.

Please pray for travel mercie's for us, Steve and Darlene (and pups, Daisy M- & Bella P-). We are headed for the ocean about 100 miles away. God bless and have a blessed Easter.

Dear Lord pls remember us always and thank you so much for everything i cannot thankful enught how you die for me to save us thank you amen

Pls pray for me I am missing my fiance and be glad When we get married
pls pray God soon send him to US and visa get approve and God supernatural bless us also in ministry

Please heal my finanical situation.

Mario M-(Friend)- Addiction and Recovery, Finances, Relationships,God's Guidance, and Health

Please pray for my marriage to survive the problems we are having right now. Pray for my sister in law who just found out she has cancer. Pray for my step daughter who has made some very bad decisions lately hurting my husband and myself. I don't know how to help or fix these problems and the stress is driving my husband and I apart. Please help us Lord