Pray for Others

Prayers for all posts here, and that other people in need are guided here.

Abel gets the job he is interviewing for;that Marcia hearth be soft for Stephanie

Please pray for my loved one... a very special family an aunt, a second mom when i was little. She is losing her battle to cancer. She is suffering tremendously. I ask that God takes her in His arms and take her on her journey to be with Him..give her peace. Pray for the family, give them to strength, they have said their good bye's. Thank you..God bless

Please pray for Leo M, Cathy, Dick, Jim, Dave, Melody, Charm, Alan, Lottie, Gen, Edmund, Mary E, Edith, Al, Mary and Jerry. Also Joan, Fred, Kathy, Gertrude, Connie, Joanne, John H, Jess, Jan, Karen, Kate M, Helen P, June, Don and Anna V. God bless them and answer their prayers, and your own.

Please pray for my daughter Leigh: that she find peace, courage, strength, wisdom, direction, guidance, freedom from depression, and a job.
Pray I will be the Mom she needs and pray for my job situation.

Money requests from family members are frequent and large, even as we face the possible need for medically-forced retirement. We ask the Lord’s direction for all concerned. Thank you for praying.

Our son, Brian's lovely girlfriend, Johanna, (pronounced Joanna), 25, is going through chemo for stage 2 ovarian cancer and it is not going well. She has had a bad reaction to the chemo and can't keep food down. So far no medicine has helped. She has lost weight she can't afford to lose and we are all scared. Please pray for her to tolerate the chemo and be cured of the cancer, and for God to comfort her. She is a strong believer. Thank you! Mindy M

Asking prayers for Alison and Dan- that God guide their move, bless him with a new job, replace tensions with lightheartedness, grant wisdom with their children, and lead them to trust Him and return to church. Thank you.

Please pray KL gets health insurance without delay, and before any major medical costs. God bless.

Please pray for 'reconciliation' in our fragmented family unit.