Pray for Others

Father, my heart is broken. It feels like life is playing a cruel joke on me, that you're playing a cruel joke on me. I don't understand why you allowed this to happen to me. Father, I believe you for everyone else but it never seems to work out for me. I prayed and I've prayed. What now Lord? Is your will lonliness, brokenness and heart break for me? That's impossible sinse you're a loving God, isn't it? Your will be done in the name of Jesus. Amen

Please pray for my nephew Ryan. He had an accident and had to have brain surgery. He is now in a coma waiting for the swelling in his brain to go down. Please keep him in your prayers and thank you.

I have so many debts! that only grow bigger,I have been unemployed for over a year now. Please God May a job open up for me so that I can pay all my depts, I know it is a sin to be in debt, It will take a miracle for me to pay all that I owe in my lifetime. But only God can can help me! I only need to work ,he can give me the strength I need to work hard ,while I am still alive, I pray for a job ,any job, Please God help me.

please pray for salvation for my grandson Prestin. And please pray for my grandaughter Brennan and her group from B. R. leaving for the D. R. on their mission trip.

Prayer for resources to pay off my bills and start a Christian transitions center for women with children and teens who are trying to get back on their feet and do not have a good support system in County.

I would pray for the wisdom to recognize the positive blessings in situations first and foremost. I would also pray for my co-workers, companions, brothers and friends that are facing some challenging experiences this afternoon.
I would ask that the Lord's will be done and that we can come to see and appreciate that. Please help us to remain in a positive and united place, with your hand to guide us beyond the emotions that may arise. I pray this in His Name.

my 7 month old son has an unknown mass growing in his upper right lobe of his right lung. the doctors can not figure out what it is. they want to go in and biopsy it with a needle from the outside wall with a ct scan. he is my only boy and he is the baby of the family. his name is ernest. thank you for your help and prayers.

please help my family to be kind and compassionate with one another. May they forgive one another and have fun with each other. May they feel God's love in one another.

prya for dave and his total emotional healing in his life. pray this for sylvia as well. pray her borderline personality will be healed in Jesus name. speak to this issue. the Lord will break all attachments between them and dave can move on. dave as been praying this for over 1 year. most recently the last 4 days. pray by tuesday it will be broken and the Lord will go to the Father and call in the one for dave to develop a dating relationship that is long term and will develop into endearment. speak to this mountain in jesus name. pray jennifer will understand her identity in Christ and the Christ -life.

Diagnosis and treatment for my sister's health problems, for a cure. Resolution and help for my financial problems. Guidance.