Pray for Others

God please bless those that I have know with rest in peace Amen

Thank You Lord Jesus & those who pray, God Bless You!! for C's healed tight strong circulation, slightly higher blood pressure in R lower leg foot knee (also L foot all of head neck, R side of head pain free). Thank You for healed strong tissues bones those areas & teeth especially rear & jaws. For only healthy organisms in body sinus brain digestive & enough Rest & SLEEP for C & M Carrie- all who need & freedom & protection from negative emotions/energies. Amen.

Today the enemy did everything to undermine me, however, I did not let him win. I feel like my boss who is my on site supervisor and not my boss through the tmep agency has something against me,I feel like his custodian worker lady is plotting against me, my so called boyfriend is getting arrogant and prideful now that the government has approved him for housing and I am still homeless, I have given him all of my money to help him and he has been nothing but disrespectful to me and he likes to show off in front of people and make me look bad, another guy has my black uniform and he will not give it back and I am going to have to put the police on him for verbally abusing me on the phone, he is another individual that I helped out financially. the students at school play pranks and laugh. this is an all black college and the people are black too. Ido not know how long i will endure. if i tell administration, I will lose my job because I am not allowed to get into any altercation with students.

Oh Lord Jesus Thank You for Your love, for Your guidance to MA & C for whatever needs to happen with this acupuncture work. Thank You for speaking to MA's heart about any concerns that can be resolved, Thank You for MA's forgiveness of C. I think it can still be done, blessings that MA thinks so too. Amen.

Please pray for my families financial security. our home is in foreclosure and it is putting a financial, mental and emotional strain on our family. Please pray for my family...

Please pray for my Church Pastor is Steping down as pastor for personly resons and pray for our church members sick and shut in and there have been a few deaths . also pray for me that I will be safe Vounteer tomorrow on tues.

Pray for dolfins as well as may they inprove on not killing them when they catch tuna

please prayer for my constant nausea and stomach pain to subide it has been going on for two weeks. The MD is going to do an abdominal ultrasound on Wednesday please pray this is clear and that the pain will be healed in Jesus name. Thank you!

Karen,Arlene, and Jean are facing
very difficult times.

pray for franciscan - in prison ministries as well as all they ministered to this lent and Easter