Pray for Others

My dog was hit and kileed by a car last night. Please pray for his soul in Heaven and that I might have strength to get through this lonely day.

Please pray for Katy B. who has not been feeling well and is dealing with female health issues. She is having surgery on April 17. May she find comfort trusting God will take away her symptoms and heal her. Thank you for your prayers, God Bless.

Heavenly Father – Thank you for being in my life. I love You, I worship You and I praise You. Amen

please pray for my son that he get acceptance for his masters program and that he finds a job.
Please pray for me and my family that we may grow in faith as we face trials.

Heavenly Father - Please grant me a financial blessing that will allow me to pay off my credit card, buy back my years of retirement service, and quit my second job so that I can spend time with my children and grandchildren. I miss them so much and I am so tired. Thank you. Amen.

Please pray for Ida and her family. May God grant them peace, good health, safety and joy in their lives. Thank you for your prayers for Ida and her family, God Bless.
Please pray for Chase and Michelle H. May God guide them to where He wants them to be in their lives. May their baby be born safely and may mother and child be healthy. Thank you for your prayers.

Jesus am between death and life if my finances are not restored, i lost my job three months a go and having no else to look on to but so that through the Father, Alpha and Omega can grant me his mercy, that God who dropped quails and manna, can drop me money enough to pay my debts, that God who promised rain in dry lands and springs in deserts has the ability to save me, that God who saved Daniel from the lions, Meshack,sHADRACK and Abdnego from the fire can save from the debts, hear me Lord when i pray, may i see your at the hardest of my situation like Hagar and Ismael did in dersert when you opened her eyes and he saw water at the time when he she needed it most may i see you in my finances that i may als testify in JESUS' mighty name, i pray Amen and Amen

lord, i pray that you will help me to be the best l- advisor i can be. lord, i pray that you will help everyone that i ask to host a l- jewelry party for me will say yes. lord, i pray that heather h-, serena w-, betty ann o-, heather s-, and stephanie s- will all say yes to hosting a l- jewelry party for me. lord, i pray that you will bring people into my life today who are excited about hosting l- jewelry parties for me. thank you for helping me to be the best l- advisor i can be.

Please pray for Gary H. who had surgery last August for a brain tumor, this past Fall for lung cancer, and in January for the cancer that has now spread to his stomach, intestine and colon. He is now recovering at home with his family. Please pray that God will surround Gary and his family with His love, protection, hope and healing during this time. Also please pray for Gary's wife Debbie H. to be strong, protected, and may she find peace from God's love and protection for her and her family. God Bless and thank you.

Please pray for Nathan and Elisa B. a young married couple with a young daughter. Both have been diagnosed with cancer. Nathan's cancer is stage 3, Elisa's has spread throughout her body.
Please pray for Courtney C. a young married mother of 2 children who has a reoccurrence of ovarian cancer.
Please pray for Msgr. Bill H. who is being treated for stage 4 esophagus cancer.
Please pray for Scott R. who had a stem cell transplant after a reoccurrence of lymphoma.
Please pray for Artie E. being treated pancreatic for cancer.
Please pray for Philomena C. recovering from cancer treatments and who is currently in remission.
Please pray for Ruth B. being treated for cancer.
Please pray for Rebecca P. recovering from breast cancer treatments.
Please pray for Linda K. just diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer and who has had surgery. May she heal quickly and be healed.
Please pray for Karen F. fighting breast cancer.
Please pray for God to give them and their families strength during this time and may all experience God's healing miracle.