Pray for Others

Dear Team,
I am going to the Good Friday service.I pray that I am not shaky or nervous and that the blessings from going to the service will abide in me.I pray that the ride my friend gives me will be a safe one and the ride back.I pray that I won't be rattled in going to lunch soon after the service as I usually am.I pray for all those who can't get to a service.I pray that the pain on the left side of my chest will go away and that it's not a sign of a heart problem.Please pray for my family that they believe in the risen Jesus and that He brings them peace and well-being.Thank you for all your on-going prayers for me and my family.Marion

Please, please pray for my Brother Kenny that he does not loose his job at Nexteer. Please pray for my Brother Kenny and his job.

Please pray for me to work well at my new job in -
-Peace at work
- Total healing for me and my sons named Kuda and Simba
-To get Compansation early not later than 3months
- Simba to get the job he was trained for

I may lose my job due to not being able to learn everything that I hae to do. I am a nurse and the charting is what is the hardest, and right now I am being told my charting is not "good enough." I am also going through a very painful divorce. I pray my boss have mercy on me. I am the sole bread winner and can't afford like most people to not have a job. I am very scared and sad. My name is Karen.

Dear Lord-Please bless & protect my husband John S-he is trying so hard-Please help-Amen
Thank you -May God bless you all-Amen

i need a divine appointment or connection in my life for a job,lovemate and home.

Strength ,healing ,sobriety & guidance for Ross. Please bless our businesses and send us the means to pay all our debts. Please send us relief from this finincial anxiety. Thank-you for everything dear Lord especially on this day.

Please pray for GOD to have MERCY on my sons named Kuda and Simba
- Its not their fault to be in this messy
- Its my fault
Please send this message all over to praying people to pray for and my sons to be totally healed

Pray for my little grandson Rhys, that God may stretch his healing hands over him, as he has a slight eye infection, pray that he grow up healthy and that his parents get responsible babysitter or daycare when the time is due. Pray for all other children in the world today, especially those who are suffering with one disease or the other, those who are homeless and orphaned. Pray for my sponsored child Guerlanda in H-.

My prayer request is that my husband can get better with handling money. He has his own business and does not do well with putting away money to pay taxes. Every year at this time, we owe thousands of dollars to the IRS and I cannot get him to release this to me as I am a better handler of money. He refuses to give me the "Power", however, I fret and worry every year at this time how we are going to pay this enormous bill and continue to be able to pay our estimated taxes. I know he is supposed to be the head of the household, but he is killing us financially, and I don't know how to fix this. I also have a wayward son that needs a lot of prayer to help him grow up and be a productive member of society and for him to go back to God. I would like prayers for my youngest son who is about to embark on his last years of college at GA Tech a notoriously difficult engineering school. I pray he has the knowledge and self-discipline to finish college and do well in life and he also needs to come back to God. For my family and friends that God my bless and keep them, and for myself, to be a better, wife, mother, friend, daughter and grace to overcome being overweight. I thank you for your prayers and thank you for praying for me and my family.