Pray for Others

Our friends, son, Aiden -, was born a few months early and only weight 2lbs 9 oz. Please pray for total health and wellness for Aiden, his mother and his father. Thank you. Kim

My dear granddaughter Abbey is in need of help. Something is going on in her life (freshman)that just is not right. She has a big change of attitude anxious, irritable and positively very untruthful. Yes I know what it looks like and I am hoping and praying that it is not drugs. Her dishonesty is outstanding. I am her grandmother (nana) and she always had very good respect for me and lately if I ask her the wrong questions, she goes off on me and that has never happened before. Her school work is left unattended. At this point I really don't thing she minded that as of today she is no longer on the soccer team at school. That always was her ultimate goal. I hurt so badly for her but am not her parent so I really can't do anything but ask you to help me pray for her. Please she is so worth it. I am afraid we are losing her.
her grandmother Debbie

Dear Lord, please bless me with a finacial blessing Lord. I am in need of transportation for my son and I. I need help with bills I have to pay and other personal things for myself and my child. Lord please help me. Lord please bless and help everyone who needs your help and blessings father. Please Lord take the anger,hurt,hatred,and pain I have in my heart for my childs father away from me Lord. Please forgive me for this Lord.Please help me to see better, brighter,greater days Lord. Please father my childs father does nothing for him and he dosen't care for him at all and he has hurt me more than ever. Please Father hear my prayers Lord. Please put mello and I in a place where he could'nt hurt us any more,where we would'nt have to depend on anyone but you Lord. Where we would'nt want or need from anyone for anything, where we can get around on our own and I can give my sone the greastest things in life and raise him a greater man than anyone I know father please bless me Lord. I LOVE YOU JESUS! You are my everything! Amen!

My name Jackie and if they can please pray for me i really need my job and i keep finding my self in problems at work and i just want things to get better for me at work and with my coworkers and managers please thank you very much

Please pray for God to keep Alan safe, spare his life, and guide him to wise choices this afternoon. And, please pray for God to remove all temptations from his path and let him come home safely. Thank you all and may God bless you richly. I ask in the name of Christ, our Saviour. mom

Please pray for my walk with the LORD. Please pray that I gain wisdom, strength, and understanding. Please pray for GOD's perfect will for Adam and myself. Please ask GOD to unite us again. That Adam and I would get back together. And that Adam and I would get married. Please pray asking these things in JESUS HOLY NAME

For Thomas D- who has cancer that has already taken a kidney and is now moving to his lungs. Please pray for his healing. Thank you.

prayers needed that we will be approved for adoption soon and God will lead us to a child who needs a home please pray thanks

Lord show me how to love living so I can have life more abundantly.

My sister hasd a weight problem and has only half a thyroid that works please pray that gOd will give her motivation to stay on a diet thank you