Pray for Others

Please pray that all goes well with my neighbors and that they will understand and start quieting down at night. Please also pray that Michelle's court case on Friday gives her some peace.

my name is maria fighting cancer or the fourth time. i have a ct sacn april 17th i pray that the tumors are gone forever. my daughter alexis exboyfriend never came near her or harm her in anyway. my son joseph to grow in thinking of the further for himself and do right decisson in life

Holy Righteous God. For all you have done for me. Trust in You and You alone. praise God from whom All Blessings flow!

Please pray for Karen. She is fighting so hard against the truth about herself and her sin. Pray that God will open her eyes to her childishness and her sin. Pray that God will bring her to repentance and that she will come to him and worship him in Spirit and in truth. Father, please bring Karen to reality!

This is a prayer for financial success and the opportunity for our neighbors to feel safe and secure by gaining employment. Dear Lord, please bless us all and help us to follow your path. Amen

Please pray for me as I am battling additions, depressions, shame,loneliness, demonic and spiritual warfare.I do my best to fast and pray but I keeping stumbling and falling.I really need all your prayers.I lost everything, only thing thats left of me is my health and my job, which I am extremely thankful to God.I had plans of getting married this year and that too also fell apart.Also please pray that God will provide me with a life partner.May God richly and abundantly bless and reward all of you for your time and efforts in prayer for all those in need. Thanking you in advance for your prayers.

My daughter Stephanie will have another MRI to determine if they need to do gammaknife surgery. She is a Christian. Her first tumor was at age 15. She is 36 and has three children. I am praying she will not need surgery. It is on the cerebellum. Thank you for praying for her. It will be May 10.

my friend David is still in GHANA for three months because ove a bad dcesion going over there on a gold contract and every time he turns around it is costing him money and i have been helping he is almost ready to leave but has come against another money situation we are both worried
i need prayers for my self and David's well being. HEALTh, PATIENCE, FINANCES, FAITH IN GOd
sharon N.Y.

Please pray for a friend whose son abused one of their adopted childen and is in jail. This happened in October. Just two weeks ago her husband turned himself in for abusing another one of their adopted children. she has eight special needs children whom she has adopted and has her husband and son in jail. Her mother lives with her and is ill. My friend needs wisdom and grace to get her through this. Pray that she will listen to godly counsel. She is distraught and overwhelmed. My name is Darcy. My husband needs a job or we need more cleaning for our business.

my name is david and i want to get bless by god and get closer to god so i just want god or jesus to reveal themself to me so i know that there for me and i want to make sure that i go to heaven for sure so i dont have fear in dying so please help me and i want to have my sins washed away and have a clean soul