Pray for Others

Please pray for my wife and I (Rebecca and bill) for god to save and restore our marriage. May god please soften Rebecca's heart and wash away the lies and strongholds of Satan within her. Please effect a deep sense of guilt for her sin, impart a genuine awareness of what it means to be righteous, and a understaning of the reality of judgement to come upon those who do not repent. Please bring her back to you Jesus and to me and our marriage in the process. Thank you!

Would you pray for DC and Alison, that God bless their young family. May He guide their upcoming move, ease financial difficulties with a new job offer, replace tensions and misunderstandings, grant them wisdom with their children, and lead them to trust Him and return to church. Thank you.

Please pray for a former OurPrayer volunteer R.B. who has had a fever for a month. After a week of tests, doctors found a mass on her lung and think it is an infection. However she is having a breathing test today and seeing a pulmonary doctor. Please pray that this is not cancer. Give her peace and comfort and a good diagnosis and effective treatment, Lord. Thank you. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

please lift up my son Shaun and his wife to live in peace and harmony. strengthen their marriage to stay together if possible otherwise help them to be the best parents possible to their 3 children. Amen

Lord I pray for the financial wisdom to pay off my debt and create no more debt. Lord I pray John - and myself have a lifetime of peace and happiness. Lord I pray our relationship is based in love respect trust honesty and open communication. Lord I pray I am able to purchase this house in september. Amen

Please pray for a friend of mine who is going through a stressful situation. He has been struggling with depression and is currently in a treatment facility. He also is homesick. I am unable to visit him because it is four hours away. Please pray that God will heal him, comfort him and lift his spirits. Pray that he will have the strength, confidence, courage and wisdom he needs to make it through another day.

Please pray KATE & AD are able to return home without further delay. Thank you.

Please pray for my friend, Merida, who just got laid off from her job. She is 57 years old and has limited skills. She worked at a mobile home park, and hade a discount on her rent, which she will now also loose. Thank You for your prayers, and may God Bless you. Please pray that God lead Merida to a new job, much better for her. Thank You again.

Please pray for my son Danny as he goes to Ortohpedic Surgeon today. Thanks Carol

Desperately need provision for gas for car and food; gas needed now. Please pray.