Pray for Others

Praying for my Mom, Susan 79yoa,has only 12% heart ejection fraction (normal is 45-60%)weak heart but just got a bi-fib put in but still that can't strengthen the heart but GOD can...hoping I can have my Mom around until I move closer to her (1800 miles away)...trying to move this summer if my house sells so that is another prayer in itself. But really my prayer request is for my Mom for her not to suffer but enjoy her days here on earth. Thank you, Blessings Lynn~her daughter :)

Please pray for me that I will let go of the anger I have towards my sister.

My husband getting a job so we can buy a home this summer....and not have to live with our children and cause them undue expense.

Please pray for God's guidance for my sister Debra, and for healing.

need God's Guidance.Im living with a step-mother who has Alzheimer Disease. I am her caregiver.She has no one else. She is extremely combative,abusive and obstienent. Dr. feels she is also mentally ill
Won't let me bring in any help.
I need to work since I'm not finan cially stable.Had to give up a teaching career work now in retail earning miminum wage Im on east coast my sons, grandkids are on the west coast. Not able to visit them. I believe God gives us challenges I'm feeling very lost,lonely,exhausted. Please pray for me that God would guide me to some kind of solution. Put me where I need to be and to help me financially In Jesus name Nancy -

Please pray for my son Ryan for God's healing and peace.

Please pray for my friend and her family. Her doctor said she has less than 6 months to live.
Thank You

Please join me in prayer that my children will walk closer with the lord and grant me a strife free home...I also pray that my immediate family will find restoration and divine healing, Amen

I have more bills than my paycheck will cover. I also have a sick pet who is like a child to me, as I cannot have children. Pray for my finances and for me to stop worrying and let God handle them.

please help us close and build our dream home