Pray for Others

For years my husbanc has been the one supporting our family. He was laid off from the union 2 and a half years ago. He hasnt been able to find steady work since then. Ive been carriing our family since, but I dont make as much as he did and it seems however i can get ahead, im always pushed backwards. He recently received a phone call that hes back on the Union list to go back to work, but we need him to work now. We are in risk of being evicted, because I have not been able to pay our rent and bills. I have given the landlord the full amount of rent, but it takes me that whole month to pay it off. Ive explained to her the situation, but she doesnt want to hear it. I need God to bless us with just that one phone call, so he can go back to work. Weve been homeless before with our children,and I cannot do that again to them. Please God help us.

To find an editor and a full time professional editor and group of writes that respect my work, and also inspire one another while at the same time being grateful that god brought us all together. Thank you Lord in advance all that you have made possible through friends and stranges acqaintances alike
Love and Blessings to you Christ Jesus in grateful hope. Amen

Prayers are needed for Lonika, whose cancer has spread from her spine. We thank God for His mercy. May He bless you.

Please join in Miriam’s prayers, which are known to the Lord. Thank you.

We ask God to heal our daughter of her anxieties and grant her a strong and resilient spirit. May He direct her medical care, guide her use of medication, restore her hearing, release her from pain, bless her with persistence and success in her small business, and guide others’ support. In Jesus’ name. God bless you.

Would you please pray for the Lord’s healing of our church. We ask Him to renew it and the faith of its members, and to guide us away from controversy, into true service of His will.

For grandson,Kevin.24 years old.Very talent, brilliantine,he so addicted to drugs,nothing else matter.Pray for a miracle healing,and his savior.He threat to take his life.

Lord, please heal the white spots in Jim's brain that showed up with the mri. And let the lumbar spinal tap test go well Tuesday at Mayo, plus the neck scan in Jesus name Amen

Please pray for financial needs for myself, I am retired and have many bills that need to be paid off, I need a miracle, thank you and blessings Eleanor

The gift was intended to help Kay’s uncles has been complicated with problems that, after weeks of effort and phone calls, are still not fixed. Please pray.