Pray for Others

Thank you for praying for me. I really appreciate it. Linda P-

Please pray God helps me. Please pray that God has mercy on my family and saves us from the person who is cheating us. Lord please pray that God puts on the heart of a certain man or men to help us in our time of need. Lord we worked hard but may be not all smart. Please give us grace and provide for us during this difficult time. Lord please direct us to a job for my husband.

Thank you for your prayerful support for my 24 yr old daughter, Maija.She was discharged with a chromic painful deteriorating disease for which there is no cure.But this week, despite being in pain, very weak and sick, she got up, dressed and returned to school. She has gone in every day this week.It is a miracle.Thank you Father! She asks for prayers for her classmate, Hima, a young married woman with 2 small children, who Maija suspects is being abused.And for Lorraine, a young married woman with a son and a loving husband, who is suffering from sickle cell anemia, requires blood transfusions, and may need critical surgery. She is in great pain.Please pray for these people now in Maija's life, for healing, spiritual, physical and emotional support, for peace. I know we have Our Lord Jesus Christ's loving Presence, here, now in our lives.God bless you for your prayers! MaryB

Please pray for my husband Ray. He is in a lot of pain with him back and is having trouble remembering a lot of stuff. He is 76 and is health is not good. Thank you

Please pray that i will get the strength to succeed. Please pray that i can lose more weight and pray that i am heathly. Please pray that the lord will allow my soul mate or my one to be with and to marry will come so i can bare children.

Please pray for healing for Philip - and Robert - who are both very ill.

I got plantar facitis and it hurts to walk. I have problems
walking. pray for me not to have to go to the doctor again about

Please join in Miriam’s prayers, which are known to the Lord. Thank you.

My husband has been very cold to me. I fear he is looking for sexual encounters online and doesn't desire me. He is spinning out of control and hurting me deeply. Please pray for us do that God's wil is done

Please let your spirit go before me and my son and straighten crooked ways Lord! Protect us 24/7. For Your wisdom and guidance to lead us. Please bind any principalities or human vessels, witchcraft, curses, spells or any other evil powers from the devil activated against us. Please bless my son in his efforts with future plans. Please bless me with a partner to share life with soon.