Pray for Others

Need some help getting through some major financial hurdles & prayers for strength to get through it. Thanks.

Please pray for Alice -. She will be having Rotator Cuff surgery on Tuesday. It will be outpatient surgery; however, she will probably be in overnight and then will probably go to a rehab facility for rehab. She would appreciate your prayers.

please pray for our husband and i recently split up. we have a four month old daughter. i just pray that he comes to his senses and realises his family needs and misses him. also i need prayer for my health. that my dr apt goes great on the 28th. i need to be healed for my daughter. she needs me for a long time. please pray for us. thank you.

Dear Jesus Christ please speak to Gina's right now loud and clear . Let her know Jesus that she is risking everything if she continues comunication with Chris, please don't let her respond to him anymore. Send her a crystal clear message to stop. The hurt and pain she will cause herself and others is wrong. Please make Tiffany leave her alone. .Jesus I beg of you to please open her eyes to what she has at stake and who she will hurt. Amen

Praying heavily for my daughter Tarah and her children as she makes tough decisions. Right now she is letting Satan get into her thoughts and decisions. Please Lord , surround her and these babies with thousands of angels to guide and protect. Take over her heart and lead her back to those who love her dearly. Great is thy Faithfulness! In Your Name I Pray! Amen ... Wendy

Lord, where there seems to be no way for BA to find a good job, please make a way for him. In Jesus name, I humbly pray. Amen

Please pray for my family and our finances. We are struggling a bit right now. Also, please pray for my 2 daughters who are away at college. I am in need of prayer for my husband and I as we don't get to spend much time together due to our work. I am seeking guidance about my job and furthering my education. Thank you and God Bless all of you who pray for others in need.

i am writing to make a praise report and to say thanku 4 all of ur prayers thru-out the years as well as to ask that u pls,pls keep praying for my family and myself!!! i am a kidney dialysis patient who suffered 'stroke like activity this past august and i am now in what i feel/believe is a healing process..i am writing and sketching again!!! altho the work is a little slow and rudimentary---things r coming along quite nicely!!! soooo, thank u all ever so much and pls keep praying for me every chance that u get because these prayers are definitely working in both large and small i just need a successful kidney transplant which my daughter has offered to give me...just pray that everything will go well cause she really doesn't like drs so this is an ordeal for her...thanku again and much love and prayers for u all as well.....

My daughter Angelica, will be having delicate surgery on March 28,and I ask all of you to be in prayer with me that Our Heavenly Father, Who is our Great Physician, to perform the surgery and Heal her completly. In the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazerth Amen.
May God Bless You

Please ask Jesus to open Roy's heart to Him and His gift of eternal life. Pray that Roy will see the error of his ways in being abusive and neglectful to his father and a sister. Thank you in Jesus' Name.