Pray for Others

Please pray with me. I am unemployed. Please pray that I find a job that is good for me, that benefits others and that takes care of my financial needs and desires now and in the future.
Thank you. Peace be with you.

I need direction for new business venture wisdom, knowledge from the lord

Prayers need for Joyce's good healing from her stroke - especially her left arm and hand

I'm ready to call it quits.

that my husband will not walk away from his faith. that the lawsuit against the medical company that hurt me will be settled by fall and that God will restore peace and love and faith to my husband, to all of us. I love Jesus so and my faith is all I have. I do not think my marriage can take much more. I cant work and it has cause severe hardship to our financial situation. We want to do Gods work and travel to help others out. But right now I feel abandoned by God. Am I cursed? Can God even look at me. Why is trouble the constant companion of us. My husbands job cut hours. I lost a paycheck and have done nothing to deserve this. Please pray that the lawsuit will be settled extremely soon. Please pray that my husband will trust Jesus and his faith will grow Please pray for a miracle for us and that it will come soon. We are desperate. Something must happen soon or my marriage will not last and it will destroy my family

Please pray for my daughter Georgina, she wants to Leave from P-g South Africa because it has become a dead end for jobs and wants to go to C-. Please pray to God for me that she will get decent accommodation in C- and she will also find a job there. Then she can relocate and please keep her stuff safe in P-while she is away. My daughter has also said she may want to come home tomorrow. If it is God's will then she can come. I am worried sick for my daughter, I so wished she had stayed at University in the United States of America, then she would have been better qualified and please pray for my husband, I feel he doesn't want to work. If my husband must stay as a car guard he must stop coming home early. According to him the people don't want to support him, he is supposed to work from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. He needs to hike tomorrow to get to work because he has not taxi money. Please pray he gets a lift.

Pleaes pray that MIchael's GI study comes out normal. Please pray also for Sarah and our family's continued healing. God bless you and thank you for your prayers.

please pray for me and my wife mother and nephew on our flight going to malaysia from the philippines and back. may we have a safe journey to and back our country and that I may share the Gospel effectively and that the church I will be leaving behind will be protected from ravenous wolves

For a financial miracle!! I need a new car, car insurance, health insurance, pay back debts etc. For help from above to bless me and bring people to my business that can and will pay so I can grow and prosper. For part-time immediate employment that pays well. God Bless
Also for my son to open his mind to clear his head of this girlfriend who keeps him from his family. For my sisters who bless me with help. Safe trip for my daughter and her bf on their way south.

Please pray for me to have more energy so I can get more done around the house and yard, and stop getting anxiety when I don't finish everything; also to be more focused and organized. The Lord bless you and keep you