Pray for Others

Please continue to pray for my son. Please pray that he understands that I cannot get him out of jail at this time and he has to trust in God to bring him through this storm.

3 year old Alice with stage 4 Neuroblastoma Cancer will begin her round 3 Chemo tomorrow, Friday April 17th, which is much rougher then the first two ones. They have Harvested the stem cells this week. They took the scans on her today to see if any improvement. They will have a full report tomorrow Friday April 17th, but sounds as if they are shrinking. This will be about a 15 months of treatments and surgeries. They will do a stem cell transplant. And surgery or surgeries will be required to remove rest of tumors. She just turned 3 this past January. Pray also for her parents Kristin and Bill, and her grandparents and family members. Thank you much. Dorothy

Please pray that God will help me lose the weight I cannot seem to lose on my own. I am believing for a 15 lb loss and to keep it off and eat healthy and exercise regularly. Also need prayer for my nails to grow stronger and be an attractive length. Thank you.

Please pray for my grandson Cooper. He was very premie when born 5 1/2 months ago. He spent his first 4 months in the NICU. He was out a month n got very ill and quit breathing. Went back to hospital for 2 weeks. He got out yesterday. He has been through so much and surgeries and even 2 blood transfusions. His whole large intestines was removed. He has a colosty bag, feeding tube and now his heart is going through some troubles. He is 5 1/2 months old and only weighs 9 1/2 pounds. He is a beautiful little boy that I want in my life for many years. Please pray for him and him mommy. Pray the worst is over.

Pray for God's guidance and wisdom in Jacks life; that he will overcome depression and loneliness and find a life partner and new friendships.

pray that our people's to return to GOD to protect our nation and that the pain on the horizon won't be painful for our citizens

Jennifer to be healed physically from the damages of cancer and radiation, healed emotionally and spiritually and to know God is with her and hears her.

please pray for my son, Michael, who is working and has pneumonia... and for favor/blessings and protection over him at work... thank you for your prayers!

My sister's daughter falsely reported her as being abusive because her biological parents (who gave her away and gave up all parental rights) are trying to get her back. The man is a sexual abuser who abused the oldest girl. Now a case worker is at her house again saying she is having my sister arrested on charges of mental, emotional and physical abuse. I am at work and my sister is in dire need of prayer. She has always loved and cared for her daughters, who were grandchildren before being adopted by her and her husband who has passed away from cancer.

I am praying for God's blessing for an opportunity I applied for some months back for a job that would change my life and my children's life for the better. I have struggled to take care of them with little support from their father for a long time. I believe God brought this opportunity my way for a reason I do pray it is his will that this be offered to me. Thank you for your prayers and God bless you.