Pray for Others

for it all to work out.

I applied for a Specialist, Senior Student Success position with B. C. C.and asking that you pray with me that God will show me favor in becomming employed with this college. I also would like to pray for God to guide my prayer jorurney... Amen!

heavenly father jesus/yahshua i am not sure how long i lasted to not masturbate for but please forgive me for masturbating/porn please empower me with your will please stop who ever it is that is causing chaotic sexual interests

Would you please say prayers for my sister Marilyn, she has to have some tests run, later on this month to see if her cancer is back. She is to ill to go through the chemo again, so please pray that it has not returned.
Thank you.

Please pray for me a retiree who is struggling to make ends meet. I pray for abundant financial prosperity.

I'm so sad, afraid, along, and stressed. I'm treating my child horribly. I'm scared I won't find a new job in 4 weeks which I need. I'm working a project which has me at my wits end and my child has been ill for a month. As a single parent, I can't take it any more. I just can't. I'm hurting. Please pray for me.

God please hear and guide my prayer I'm hurting so bad for so long I long for my children my love ones I am so very lonely and scared. My finances I'm struggling to live mentally almost physically and deep emotionally my kids and my family don't call or come to see me at all and I've done nothing all of this because my daughter please GOD hear my prayer!! AMEN!

Dear Lord please remember me today. You know my needs and I do not know how I will resolve this situation. Please show me whaler I need to do. In your holy name Amen!

Please pray for my dear friend who is burying her dear mother today. Dear Lord keep this family in your hands today.

Please pray for my friends who are struggling with serious health issues. May Our Lord bless them with hope and patience as He heals them. They are: Grant, Linda D., Bob, William, Walter, Burdine, Bette-jo, Helen, Kathy, Roberta, Mary, Pat, Bobby, Ben, Loren, Carter, Larry, Linda E., Phil, Jamie Ann, Austin, Paula, Betty, Kelli & Michael. Thank you for your prayers. May Our Lord bless you in special ways today.