Pray for Others

pray that our people's to return to GOD to protect our nation and that the pain on the horizon won't be painful for our citizens

Jennifer to be healed physically from the damages of cancer and radiation, healed emotionally and spiritually and to know God is with her and hears her.

please pray for my son, Michael, who is working and has pneumonia... and for favor/blessings and protection over him at work... thank you for your prayers!

I am praying for God's blessing for an opportunity I applied for some months back for a job that would change my life and my children's life for the better. I have struggled to take care of them with little support from their father for a long time. I believe God brought this opportunity my way for a reason I do pray it is his will that this be offered to me. Thank you for your prayers and God bless you.

My sister's daughter falsely reported her as being abusive because her biological parents (who gave her away and gave up all parental rights) are trying to get her back. The man is a sexual abuser who abused the oldest girl. Now a case worker is at her house again saying she is having my sister arrested on charges of mental, emotional and physical abuse. I am at work and my sister is in dire need of prayer. She has always loved and cared for her daughters, who were grandchildren before being adopted by her and her husband who has passed away from cancer.

Prayer for my husband to stop trying to control everything I do, because he doesn't want me to have any friends and just wait at home doing nothing but take care of him. Everytime I make a friend, including other stay at home moms, he wants them to like him better than me, or he does or says something to embarrass me or interrupt my making a friend to stop their relationship with me. That includes my mom and sisters. He is too competitive and controlling with me. And he likes to see me fail.

I read the bible and I teach Sunday school and I love the Lord but I'm not on fire for the Lord. That is what I need. To be on fire for the Lord.

Please pray for my granddaughter's great-grandmother, who at 74, has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia. She has been told that without treatment she may only have a couple of months, and with treatment, if she survives the five week course of chemo, she may have a longer life expectancy. I just ask God for her healing, and for His peace to touch her during this time of stress. We aren't ready to lose this lovely lady, and want nothing more than to have her whole again. God's will be done, but we dare to hope for miracles. Thank you.

Please pray that my wife retires very soon and we are financially stable and physically healthy enough that we can afford our medical insurance and bills, improve our home, yard, keep up with the expected, unexpected bills, share time with family and friends, some of which are elderly or in ill health, enjoy some short trips enjoying the beauty of God’s world at a slower pace and our last years on earth at ease. Please pray that until my wife retires she, gets good reviews and raises, bonuses and income tax returns. Please pray for our investments to prosper or other financial blessings so we can retire. Please pray that we travel safely and accident free. Please pray that we can afford to visit my brother before he passes and can afford for my wife to retire.

Prayer for guidance in trading in my old car breaking down car for a used car. Pray that they will come down in price so I can afford the payments.