Pray for Others

That Jessica and I can work out our problems and get back together

My dear friend Dominic has had some serious health concerns and is in ICU right now after his 2nd heart attack. His family needs him, and the little girl who his sister is adopting could use a decent father figure. No one could do this better than Dom. Hes not a quitter but he's getting tired and could use prayers for healing and his highest good please.

For my son career to take off. Phillip he is a baseball player

My husband has diabetes, high blood pressure and colestatral. He also has early demintia. I believe it is caused my his medication. I need prayers for his health. Sometimes he can't remember things and he gets really angry at time. Any kind of smell, and noise upsets him. He is not saved as well. He is 73 .

Please pray my niece will send me the east of my granddaughters things immediately.. Pray my granddaughter can be sent from p. to b. o. r. immediately it is a Christian place for troubled teens and that she will be back with me by her 16th birthday. August 2. Pray my sister will return my silver dollars I worked and searched and bought them for my grandchild years before she was born not hers. Thanks for being there

I'm depressed. My son won't talk to me and my husband gave my money away to a girl that he called the
police on. They didn't arrest her and my husband didn't tell me how much money she took. He's been abusing
me a lot.

Please pray for our housing situation that we dont get evicted and move to HRGDD Thank You for your prayers!

I have been single for 31 years. Not by choice. I am having problems with loneliness and feel like I dont fit in anywhere. I will no longer attend church by myself and am growing detached.

Please pray for my husband Johnny, the chemo treatments are really hard on him. Please pray that it will shrink the cancer tumors and heal him, and it won't hurt his body. Pray that I can help him in every way possible with patience. God Bless and thank you!

Please pray for my husband, who is being viciously bullied at work. This individual has bullied others at work, as well, but my husband is her current favorite target. My husband and several coworkers have complained previously to management about this woman's abusiveness, but management has done nothing to resolve the situation. Please pray for protection for my husband, and an end to this bullying.