Pray for Others

My husband and I are both disabled. Our disability checks barely cover our basic necessities. Now our 20-year old truck has quit, and we have no other vehicle. My husband is going to call his brother-in-law to ask him for a loan so that we can purchase an affordable used vehicle. Please pray for us that his brother-in-law, "Mutt", will lend us the money. Thank you and God bless you.

Please pray for rain to end the drought in Southern California.

I would like to pray that God help me to pay off all of my student loans or somehow clear my student loan debt free and clear, I pray that my credit cards get paid down by the end of this year,I pray my garage gets repaired and I pray for a new roof for my house and garage. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

My son, Parker, has gotten himself into some trouble such as drugs, alcohol, cigarettes etc. He is doing better and is in a boarding school. Please pray that he is able to learn everything he needs to learn, is able to stay away from all the bad things and become the man that God wants him to be. Please also pray that his Dad, Dana, and I are able to become the best parents that he needs in his life. My son also has many mental problems and I would like him to be able to learn to live with them in his life.

Please pray for peace and comfort for our family as we have lost a loving & caring son, father, brother & uncle. Please especially pray for the health of our parents and his daughter and unborn granddaughter. May your love and comfort get us through these troubled times . Amen

Please pray for a sale on my home. I am leaving the state in a month and need to sell my home.

I pray that my stress will be reduced in the coming months and that my allergy symptoms will disappear.

Please pray that God blesses my daughter with many donations today for her college project. Thank you.

Elyse will get the job she is being considered for if this is the right job for her. Asking for my job, prayer that God will bring the right one, close to home.

Help my daughter to be able to sleep when she needs to. Asking for her to be able to do a very good job with her paper due Friday, it will find favor, she will have needed time to complete it. Asking for her test as well on Thursday. It won't be hard. Also for her practicum that she will do very well, finish very strong. May God see her through victoriously. Asking for his hand of protection, love over her in every way. Calm our anxious thoughts about her concerns.