Pray for Others

Please pray for my healing of inner ear trouble, and my heart. Please pray that God will guide me and show me if I should have knee replacement surgery.

Please continue to pray with me for my son who is living a very dysfunctional life.....his associates are equally dysfunctional. Praying for Gods guidance and direction in his life and family.

protect me then and family when were in travel flight s aboard something like that then. and watch over us.I d like to hear eventually from Cheryl praying for her daughter to and all the grandkids on the Borek side of the family then and all the Boehm grandkids hope to hear from my aunt s aunt pat and aunt judy to then sandy Sullivan and monica stark then at that . something like that then and daughter. all is good then if the husband lays low keyed . thanks.

Please pray that a certain person in my life is no longer able to diminish me and that I won't diminish myself for this person, all by the Lord's grace and all to the Lord's glory!

Please pray my husband gets some of this stronger faith in him and my sister in laws friend that s lacking it right now. they need some of it see the ices thing is solve the killings stopped of there people just anywhere. and letting people travel aboard for there colleges something like that with the daughter now I am praying for however I am good. I pray to here from my sister and brother and family during this time of healing and of my skin rash stuff like that praying for our health here and safety in the groups we join up with and in.even my daughter praying for immeditate family extended family my sister in law Cheryl and all of them Anita -Tom B and Debbie and all them something like that then here.praying for anita s mother.and praying for daughter in college wonderful grades good job on getting the ra job then. I am up early I guess a little hungry then here for a snack and the husband hacks away at me cannot help it whats his problem of sleep anyways. I am only writing his sister she stirred me up the other day

Heavenly Father,
You are a loving and graceful God, all knowing and providing our needs. We thankyou for all we have been given by your hands and all you will provide in the future. Your never ending love will see us through. Lord, I lift Heodi in your presence, Heodi is feeling frustrated and anxious and is seeking your blessing. Bless Heodi for coming to you in prayer and strengthen her faith to come to you with all her needs. Bless Heodi's financial situation that she receive what she is due and what is necessary for her everyday life. Bless the x to come through with what ever is needed. Bless the whole family with your loving arms and presence that all will work out according to your will Lord. We ask all this in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Please pray for my husband Cecil . He is a good man with Jesus in his heart . We pray together daily. Please pray for his health. He has COPD.

Pray for the restoration of the marriage of Tony and Susie.

For my work to get into the right hands, be well-received and successful and spread a positive message. For me to be able to contribute and help my family. for love, health for me and my family. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Dear God thank you for all you do for us. please help our Logan to succeed in school help him to realize how important his education is. please help Betty,Gene,Sonny,baby Bryson,Mandy,Tina,Matthew to get healthy. help our Justin to come and believe in our country to come back to you to end the violence. help us financially to get secure to buy a home to help our children we love and need you always Abba