Pray for Others

Will everyone please pray that my niece will come to the rehab center,where I am at because of the surgery and take home many of the boxes that I don't have room for. Also will everyone please pray that she will do some grocery shopping for me and bring me at least 2/12 packs of coke and 7up.. Thanks and God bless,Ann

Will everyone please pray for me that my body will get on a natural system that I will have a bm everyday with out having to use laxatives. Please pray that by eating alot of fruit that I will have a daily bm. This is terrible getting so constipated that I have to take laxatives and then get sick and end up with diarrhea. Please pray that I will be able to have a bm today with out getting diarrhea. Thanks for your prayers and God bless,Ann

Please pray for my brother Kash, he had a tumor removed from his colon and thank God his bowel remaims within. Please pray for him, he presently has pneumonia. Pray for his salvation & healing.

Will everyone please pray for me right now. I had to take laxatives this morning.Will everyone please pray that I don't get sick and that I don't get diarrhea. Thanks and God bless,Ann

Pray for me I am having health problems

asking that God would send a woman into my life that I can share my life with and that he would send someone that I can love and be loved by. I am currently dealing with kidney failure and my girlfriend left me when I got sick. am asking that God would send me someone to share my life with as I am very lonely dealing with this and that he would send the woman that he has in mind for and that we could build a healthy life together.
thankful for his answers and your prayers.

Want to Thank everyone again who is praying for me. I am doing much better. Please continue that I will be able to walk normally again. Prayers are really helping. Thank You so much again.

That they will come to know the truth about God. Lower the veil from their eyes and soften their hearts and minds. May God grant them repentance leading them to the knowledge and truth of God. Revive the holy spirit in them and give them wisdom and that they will be set free from the world truths and come to know God's truth.

Please pray for Anthony that he may come to know Jesus personally..that God would open his ears and eyes to the Gospel message. Thank you.

Please pray for total healing for wife and myself. Please pray for the Good Lord's blessings upon us, our son and granddaughter, adopted family, extended family, friends, church and our little pets. Bless our employers and coworkers. Thank you Heavenly Father for answered prayer yesterday! You are awesome!
We ask your blessing upon our country and our leader. We ask in Jesus' name, Amen.