Pray for Others

Please pray for Dominick, he just had bowel surgery. For Louise who is going to have Cataract surgery. For Lenore , Healing and Judy who is going on a personnal misson. Thank you.

That God gives me guidance and the wisdom to address the severe dysfunction in my family. We need love, healing and harmony.

My son Michael has cancer again inoperable. I pray for a miracle to take away the cancer. I would rather take over the cancer if God wills. He is my baby 52 years old and has a family to care for.

pray for my daughter tiffany to let go of a ungodly relationship.that causeing her to be depression.

That God place his healing and loving hands on Pete's (33 year old that recently passed) family, especially his 2 young boys.

God please help me. I have so many problems and I need a job.

Please pray for all those in poverty who dont have access to food and healthcare. Thank you.

Please pray for Brian .

My heavenly father I Pray for my home today that it pass the no lead test and everything go well with the inspectors and I get a good bill of health on my home also protect me and mago and the dogs our home and may my roof and plumbing be done soon and right and may it all be according to your will I Pray in Jesus Name Amen,

That my daughter and my son and me loose the weight we need to be healthy as fast and healthy as possible.