Pray for Others

Please pray for God favor and protection for my housing situation. Please pray my son and I are able to stay in our home. In Jesus name.

That God sends me the clarification to know that the job offer I have is what I am supposed to do.

Please pray for my brother craig and his wife Yvette. The are both sick and I don't know who is going to take of them. She has been misdiagnosed for ms and now they think she might have a strange virus. She needs to work to support them. I do not know what is to become of them emotionally and financially. May the doctors find what is causing her not to see or walk. May The Lord send the Holy Spirit to help in this time of need. He is to have knee surgery and may The Lord watch over the doctors taking care of him.

This prayer is an urgent request. I want to ask for Prayer for my job. I had an opportunity yesterday to be interviewed by a couple who would like to sell their beautiful home in an upscale neighborhood. I am up against two other agents who have been in the business for many years. They sell more exclusive type homes. I have desired to move to another level in my job as a Realtor but where I live is almost impossible because there are so many seasoned Agents who own the market. The competition is stiff. The only thing I have on my side, is God. I have been praying for an opportunity like this for so long. The opportunity has presented itself and there are challenges. I have already been interviewed and I hope the impression I left, was a lasting one. I ask God to open this door for me. To pave the way for me so that I can grow my business through this opportunity of a lifetime. Tomorrow the Sellers will make their decision of which Realtor they will go with. Your prayers are much appreciated. Thank you

God, I love u with all my heart, soul, mind & strength, Thanks for all my blessings, please keep me & my family safe . God, PLEASE RESTORE MY HEARING IN MY EARS IN JESUS NAME. AMEN

Please pray for complete healing of Ken's body, that he would remain cancer free, that his faith and mind would be strengthened, and that he would go back home to his family and loved ones.

Dear Friends in Christ,
Please join me in praying for my 19 year old daughter, Melissa, as she begins to question which college she should transfer to for her sophomore year. Melissa is in school in NC and we live in MA. Although she loves the south, she is not enjoying her present college experience. I am asking for you to ask God for direction for Melissa as she thinks about colleges closer to home that have a Christian foundation and some fun social activities that she enjoys along with her program of study. She is interested in mathematics, science, CJ and psychology.
Today, when she asked to look at other colleges during the summer, it was music to my ears! I would love for her to be closer to home. We need the good Lord's divine intervention to guide her, and me, so she is comfortable and can learn!
Thank you,

I am struggling for every breath again today and am in great pain! Please ask God to free me from all congestion and let me breathe easily and give me relief from the pain. Pray, too, for God to take the swelling from my feet and heal the cause once and for all. Thank you and God bless you all. In the name of Christ, I pray. mom

Thank You Father God for restoring relationships in my family..praying more relationships restored In Jesus Name,Amen.

Father God I ask In Jesus Name for opportunities,abilities,creative abilities for job favor for Dustin,D.J. EJr.,Thank You Father,Amen.