Pray for Others

Hi, My daughter Lila 22yr.s old needs prayer ,she's having trouble with a co-worker ,girl ,Lila's age , this girl and Lila clash, that there is peace between these two and that Lila treats this girl how she would want to be treated ,golden rule. Lila needs prayer for her health, she runs, eats healthy food ,exercises but her tummy hurts and sometimes lila feels dizzy, thank god and Thank l u 4 your prayers.

Our family owns a family company which has been approached, for the second time, by a company to buy us out, or go into partnership with them. We have been in business for 29 yrs. - we need God's wisdom, guidance and protection against anything that could be the wrong direction. We need clarity. -- And, I am asking for prayer for our 22 yr. old son, Montana, he has walked away from God. He said at 19 he is gay. I'm asking God to do the impossible in man's eyes - change him. Pursue him relentlessly. Cause him to turn to Him. Do what no one can...speak to him, show Montana Himself in everything he see's, thinks, or goes towards. Direct his path. Reveal to us his parents - All is well. ---- Thank you much....

I feel cast adrift. I long for the joy I had when my salvation was new. My church is currently experiencing a falling away of its members: I fear I am among them. My life is good. I am content in all areas except that of my faith. I do love the Lord and I long for a closer walk with Him.

Please, keep me in your prayer. I have to study for the MCAT and I am also doing a research this summer. Please pray for me that I may remain focus and that I may be able to get a good score in the MCAT.

God, I'm not sure what you want me to pray for. So I ask the Holy Spirit to intercede and pray for me. Bring the blessings you have for me into my life and just make everything alright. I want to be safe and happy and at peace. I have a hard time dreaming about the future and what it may hold. I can't imagine even though I try so hard to picture it. Whatever you want for me I hope I don't let you down. Amen. Thank you.

Please be with me with my upcoming 6 month checkup in July for cancer so that I will be cancer free. Also, be with me so I will not lose my job. Thank you so much for your prayers.

need prayers that we will soon hear good news about becoming foster to adopt parents, the waiting is stressful,

please pray that my elderly friend will have a painless death with all of her family around,she only has weeks to live thank you

Please agree with me in prayer for safety and traveling grace for my grandchildren- Mallory, Cassidy & Alexander as they travel to Camp for a week. According to scripture, Pray that the Lord will send Angels in front of them to protect them on their trip and bring them to the place that He has prepared. Pray that they will experience the Lord like they never have before, that they will have a great time as they worship the Lord and fellowship with other believers in the Lord.

Dean needs prayers ,he has a rare form of cancer of the spine and is battling for his life please pray he gets better. Thank you