Pray for Others

Prayer request for my daughter's relationship with her guy friend/boyfriend, Justin. Please let this work out ok for her. Please let him call he and remove any doubt in her heart, head and soul on his feelings towards her. Please let him love her and want to protect her heart with the same pain that he would his own. Please let him start to treat her the way he would want a man to treat his own niece or sister.
Please help her find happiness and let their friendship grow stronger. Please protect her heart. Please let any doubt that he has be removed. Please let their families support this bond. Lift Ivy up and bring strong friendships her way.
Please dear lord let him call Ivy tonight. Let them work through this. Protect my daughter's heart oh Lord. Please don't let this end in another heart break for Ivy.

In hospital, severe depression and anxiety. Talking suicide, which is not like her at all. Please pray for peace and restoration of mental health. Thank you.

Please pray for me. I made a mistake and it made my husband very angry with me (I did not cheat or break our vows) It was a stupid mistake. Please pray that the Lord will soften my husbands heart and he will forgive me and that our relationship can be restored and go back to normal. Please pray for me. Its tearing me up. Thank you

Please pray for my boyfriend and I relationship. That our broken relationship will be healed and that the anger, resentment, and grudges we have against each other will vanish and cheating, lying, and disrespecting will not be apart of our relationship anymore. Also that my boyfriend will go back to being close with the Lord.

Please pray for my health and healing. I pray for a long life with good health and a sound mind.

Please pray for me, due to my marriage issue my dad left me and restricted my mom and all my family not to keep any contacts with me, since 8 years due to dad's decision against me I am living far of my parents and family, Lord do miracle now and please change my dad's decision and let my dad accept me my husband and my child now and allow my mom and all my family to keep contacts with me and respect us and allow us to home now, I beg for mercy Lord , I beg you hear my cry now and please start doing miracle now at this moment and please heal all the broken relationships with my parents and family now, dad is very rude and egoistic person tried to reunite but always he disappointed me ,I am totally depressed and broken please Lord need your miracle now please change him soften him dad heart at this moment and please let him realize what he did against me , please Lord reunite us with my parents and home now and bless me and all my family with good health peace and happiness forever amen.

Hello. My friend's brother, Tim is greatly in need of all the prayer possible. About a week ago, this young father of five was driving home but a mile before he arrived, his car was struck by another vehicle and Tim has been in the ICU ever since. We would appreciate prayer for his brain swelling to recede, for brain activity to resume, for comfort for his wife, young children and extended family, for the doctors, and for Tim's overall healing. The family's church is surrounding them with prayer, in 30-minute increments around the clock, but more intercessions would certainly not go unheard. Thank you so very much!

Please pray for healing for Pat who is recovering from cancer surgery and for a miraculous healing of the sites it has spread to. Thank you for your prayers.

Please pray for healing for all those suffering from addiction, especially P, T & N. Thank you.

Please pray for healing of anxiety and worry for Barbara and that she will find a new job soon. Thank you for your prayers.