Pray for Others

Dear Representative,
Lula - is ill. She has cancer in her esophagus.
So please pray for the following for Lula-:
1. God will completely heal her esophagus and whole body.
2. God will restore her health.
2. God will deliver her spiritually, physically and financially from the attacks of the devil.
3. God will bless her spiritually, physically and financially.

Please pray for the people who are in the midst of wars, battles, abuse, illness, strife of any kind. Also for the hungry, the homeless. Please pray we all find a way to bring peace to this world through God's hands. Thank you

Please pray for me to have the strength to not disown my daughter today. She has been a severe disappointment to us for many years now but we have always excused her and loved her. The latest blow has just made me want to cut all ties in order to spare myself the heartache she causes. My husband feels the same way. This is a crucial time and she doesn't even know it. That is how uncareing she is.

Please pray for my children and grandchildren to heed God's guidance. Please pray that I continue to heal from loss of spouse, and that I can make a difference in peoples' lives. Also, that I find my purpose. Thank you

Please pray for me to continue to eat healthier and exercise in order to reduce my weight, bp, and blood sugar. Also, please pray that all of my tests come back negative and the pain on my right side subsides and means nothing. Thank you

Dear God, Please help my Mom with her walking that she may get up and start moving on her own with Dad. She can do it I know she can. Its been 3 years now. She is in a wheel chair and we wish for her independence back on her feet. I realize all in Gods timing. Wish she can walk again.
Kathy, NJ

Please pray for me (Sarah).

Please pray my DR will sign disability papers tomorrow so I can receive benefits

I am praying that God leads me into the right path as for my job situation. I would love to get into my writing more and need to focus. Asking for God guidance on my situation. Kathy, NJ. Although I would love to see my brothers job passion come true. He works very hard with it. He needs it.

I pray that God helps my little brother Bernie get that job as a Programmer that he is currently interviewing for. He has a few more people to meet with within the Company. First meeting went well. Please pray with me that God grants him this opportunity! He deserves it very much. Kathy, NJ