Pray for Others

Please pray that my husband doesnot react to me in a harsh way for everylittle thing, and he doesnot say dumb/mean things to/about me and my family. also pray that i am attracted to him and to forgive and forget his previous relationships and move on with my life
He also can be nice one minute and next second he can snap and be really angry and filled with rage, i have to be very careful what i say or do and sometimes i am fearful of what he might do or say and i do things out of fear. Please pray for this situation to be healed
A lot of things that have happened is causing anger within me also hatred and I feel like we are just surviving, I want to be attracted to him, happy, in love with him and laugh together and have a great life together and be a blessing to others. I want my marriage to be heaven on earth and a great marriage that others can see and emulate.
I want God to take away all his selfishness, immaturity, lack of respect, hatred, and all the bad habits that are hindering this marriage. Also my bad habits as well. My husband sometimes drives in a reckless manner and if anyone tells him what he is doing he gets so defensive and angry. He thinks he is always right so not to cause any fight nobody says anything. It is very stressfull, he is also very tight with money and is blaming others of being cheap. I just want him to see is own mistakes. Also if I don't agree with him on something, he constantly badgers me till I agree with him and if I say my own viewpoint he sometimes get irrational and filled with rage and starts insulting me and my family.

Please pray for my daughter, Breanne, who is 20 years old and involved in an unhealthy relationship. She has drifted so far from the God that she seemed to hold dear in high school.

I am writing to again request prayers for Nathan -. Nathan fell 34 feet last Tuesday, March 13 and has gone through more than half dozen surgeries since to repair his injuries. The prayers you have already said are helping, he is healing and his faith is still strong, he is a determined young man but continued prayers will help he and his fiance so much in completing the healing process. Thank you for all you've already done, please continue to pray for his healing and his comfort in this difficult time.

My daughter just received news she may have Lupus and needs additional testing. Please pray that these tests come back negative

Thank you for praying 4me.I have MS and it has been really hard lately cause my hamstrings are really getting hard and stiff lately. Ask the Father to help me endure this pain. I take muscle relaxers but I get up at night because the pain keeps me awake. I believe in Isa. 53:4-5 and "By His Stripes I am Healed" I continue to Thank God for my healing but there seems to be a link in the chain that He sees I need to obey to appropriate me healing and receive. Peace & Love Jorge A. -, Indiana...

Please pray for my Mom, Carole -. She's developed a chest cold and is running on little-to-no sleep. She insists on being with my dad who is currently in the hospital with congestive heart failure related issues, even though we said we can be with him as soon as we can get there from work. She gets pneumonia very easily and almost died from it last year as well as two other times in the past. We're worried this chest cold will develop into pneumonia due to her being in the hospital around a lot of germs and her lack of sleep. Please pray that God watches over her and protects her from getting sick. She's also a breast cancer survivor (2year mark), and her system is somewhat compromised, especially since she's in her mid 70's.
Thank you, all, for your much needed and much appreciated prayers.

Lord Jesus, please protect and bless me in good ways. Please put Your hand on the situations with K and C and bless everything to be taken care of by You and that they will both be filled with integrity and be convicted to do the right thing in all of their dealings with me. In Jesus Name I ask and pray Thank You Amen B

Please pray for my dad, Preston -. He has congestive heart failure and is currently in the hospital. The doctor's best guess is that he could possibly live anywhere from a month to 2 years at best. Please pray that God gives him the strength to get better and to feel better for whatever time he has left.
Thank you for your prayers,

Pray for love and light-heartedness to come in to my life, pray for ease in the financial worries that I carry with me on a daily basis, please bless me, my son, all of my brothers and sisters with all of my wishes for them.
Please pray that I will find a mate that we can enhance each other.

A praise and a request. My son is in excruciating pain after 2 botched amputations on his right leg. He saw a surgeon at the S- Center 3 weeks ago who said he could operate and make things right for him. We haven't from the surgeon and my son's calls were not returned from the doctors office. He got through this morning and heard a message to say he should call the S- Center. He called the number and was told he would receive a call back today. Please pray he will receive a call back from the person who makes the surgery schedule saying his surgery will be scheduled immediately. My son has withstood so much adversity since his accident that brought this amputation on. He has been extremely brave and expecting the best. He has become downhearted and needs to be uplifted. Pray for perfect surgery that will allow him to walk with a prostheses without pain and have a life again. Praise God for hearing our prayers.