Pray for Others

Please pray with me for my fiance Don to have his heart beat back to normal.Please Dear Lord almighty,heal him with your power.Amen

thank you, Lord, for your lovingkindness. I pray for my brothers in Korea. I see the enemy take over many people there. Let them free in their shackles. Let them look at the cross instead of filth of the world. Lord, I keep praying for my job and finances. Thank you Lord for the breakthrough in my trauma thru Embracing Life Series. Help me with the interview on Thursday. I believe in your protection during church retreat this weekend. Thank You for your lovingkindness and I have no worries in You.

Father, I pray for the miracles of Love & Marriage. I place my desire for love and marriage to the man I love, Louis, into your loving hands. Send my Love, Father. Send my husband. I claim my blessing for an “amazing [Christian] partner”. Bless us with a heart connection. Bless us with a God connection. Strenghten, grow and bless us with a joyous, intimate, Christ centered marriage. Lord, do it. Amazing grace, Father. Amazing grace. Be it unto me as it was with the woman in in Mathew 15:28. Grant my hearts desires, Father. Thank you. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Please pray for a commitent from matthew to meand me to matthew to be faithful to each other.respectfful to each other for the rest of our lives. In jesus name, amen

pls pray for my daughter meg that she will not cough in the morning anymore. pls pray that her coughing will stop especially during the day. pls pray that whatever it is that causes her coughing will be gone and that she will not cough, too during nighttime esp when she is asleep. pls pray for her total healing and well being. thank you and God bless.

I place Karyn & Dee into your hands, Father. Save, protect, open employment and educational opportunities. Grant these them favor, grant them wisdom. Encourage them, guide them and draw them to you. Send angels to protect them. Bless Karyn and Dee with with jobs, give Dee favor in court, bless Dee’s young family. Speak to their parents, L & D’s hearts, save them and help them to guide, support and encourage Karyn & Dee. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

pls pray for my mother fely that all her blood and lab tests will yield normal results. pls pray that whatever is causing her dizziness will be addressed and that her doctor will be able to check her up well and that she will be given the proper medication she needs. pls pray that her dizziness will be gone and pls pray for her total healing and well being. thank you and God bless.

Please pray for the family of Mike,in NE, who died on March 8th after a five month struggle with cancer. He was 55 years old. Him & his wife,Teri,& had been married 35 years. They didn't have any chidren. He will be missed by many. Thank you.

Please pray for Brady. He is an infant that has a cancerous tumor in his throat. Please pray for total healing and a long and healthy life!! God bless you!

I Pray with the Apt I have today will bring me good news about my ankle..that the bone is healed. Thank you Jesus for dying for me and I Love you with all my heart..