Pray for Others

Pray for the restoration of the marriage of Tony & Susie.

Good morning to my prayer partner
Today in my body my right leg is still really weak and when I sat down and try to get up I am very stiff the stiffness get so bad it make it hard for me to walk, My request for Easter Sunday is that I be able to stand up and keep my balance and walk, I been doing my best thia Lenting season to get my self together, my leg seem so sore and can hurt at time my finger on both hand give me problems and my sinus makes my head hurt and give me problem with my eyes, the stiffness is also in my nick and back the lower back , I have to keep beliveing that by his strip is healed by his strip In the Name of Jesus, my name is Mildred .R. an I live in -, Md and I an standing on his word for a special Healing Miracle in my life and my body I want to be able to help the church that God put in my heart I go to church but I do not have a church home in God I trust and In God do I put all my trust, my request today please pray for me , in this lentin season


lord, i pray that you will help dallas -, teresa - decide today to buy a -24 day challenge from my son alex -. thank you for helping my son alex - sell 2 - 24 day challenges today.

I have an interview tomorrow. Please pray that this job is what I really want (I think it is). Please pray that I'm blessed with it.

Please open my father-in laws eyes to his enabling ways, Jesus. He enables his grown son and daughter, who live with him like overgrown adolescents. He cripples them with kindness, and they are not functional adults. My nephew lives there too, and is a substance abuser, defiant to authority, and failing school. My son tried telling everyone how bad things are, and Grandpa accused him of blowing things out of proportion. Please pray Grandpa takes off the blinders to see the truth. Please pray my nephew gets help, and this whole family heals. Please send the right therapist. Also pray for my son. He did the right thing, and is being shot as the messenger.
In Jesus name AMEN

lord, i pray that you will bring people into tyler - life today who are excited to learn about - and want to sign up as -advisors. lord, i pray that you will bring people into tyler - life today who are excited to learn about - and want to sign up as - distributors. lord, i pray that you will bring people into tyler- life today who want to purchase - products. lord, i pray that you will help tyler - have a teachable personality and listen to what alex - and adam - have to say about the - business and how to promote it. thank you for helping tyler - become an - advisor this month.

Pray for the healing of Bradley.I ask this in Jesus Name. Amen.

lord, i pray that you will provide me with a financial blessing today. lord, i pray that you will help me find a way to pay off my daughter christina -'s college loans, my son alex -college loans, my credit card debt and help me to be able to purchase a house in -, pa. thank you lord for providing me with a large financial blessing today.

Please pray for Jeannie and Joe. We are in need of a FINANCIAL breakthrough MIRACLE and for HEALING in our bodies. Thank you for your prayers and may GOD BLESS YOU and YOUR MINISTRY !!!!!!!!
Jeannie and Joe

Dear Heavenly Father,
I ask that you pray for me(Bill) and Kris as we take the next step in our relationship...I ask this in Jesus Name...
Your Son,