Pray for Others

pray for financial support!

Prayers for Clement that God's grace will be upon him and prevent him from the evils and temptations out there. That he will seek the forgiveness for the people he has hurt and turn away from the selfishness and regain balance and humility in his life. Most of all that he would apologize to the lady of his life.

Our sis in law Ruth has a very destructive relationship with a woman named Chris whom she met in AA meetings...Ruth exchanged going to church, etc., for MANY dark, destructive behaviors.
Chris is a user and abuser and Ruth can't see it. Go figure. Chris needs to be removed from Ruth's path and we're praying she, Ruth, can open her eyes and SEE what's in front of her and God puts a HUGE distance between them.

Please pray for my future father in law that God can rid his body of the demons in his head. He has a drug and stealing problem. Please prayer for forgivesness and restored mental health upon him. Thanks!

I ask for Prayer for My Disability claim to be approved this time. I have Fibromylgia, severe High Blood Pressure, Sleep apnea, Ptsd which causes Me to be afraid to leave My home or even to leave my room. My pain is so bad I often just want to stay in bed. I am a Diabetic and have an illness called Sarcoidosis which weakens my lungs. So far I have battled to get on Disability or several Years, I have tried to maintain a job but my condition only worsens. Please Pray for Disablity to be approved now. God Bless You.

God to bless my body wth a little miracle:-) My fiance and I have been trying for a baby for 2 years. 6 miscarriages later we are discouraged but staying as positive as possible! I'm not giving up hope to have at least 1 blood child of my own!:-)

I am really hurting my boyfriend of over a year is not being honest to me and it is really breaking my heart. I am a firm believer that it's not over until God says it is and I need prayers! Help!

My sister has had self esteem problems her entire life and is beginning to be friends with me again, her brother, whom she adores but put up walls for all kinds or reasons.
Please pray that the Lord helps her to feel her feelings as we begin to talk about the deep things of our childhood, its scars, etc.
I'm her touchstone and she is faithful but much comes through her mind and brain, vs. her heart. I'm the exact opposite and I am providing insights into points of view she finds important.
Thank you.

Prayer for my husband's work also that they will hire him permanently!!! With increase of pay! Also for our health and safe travels. Prayer for me I am disabled with fear and aniexty...i am scared to be alone in my own home or to drive...its kept me a prisoner for years...

Please pray for my teen grandaugher Alyssia who is left all alone to raise her 3 mo daughter. Her teen boyfriend Alec left her and has gone home to his mommy. Pray for all three of them and that they continue with school and not give up but makes them stronger to achieve their dreams, goals, and may God be their guidance.
Thank you,