Pray for Others

please pray our financial situation... we are in desperate need of a large amount of money to pay our past taxes from the last few years. I am really concerned that the government might get impatient with us and go after our home which is the only real asset we have. We are self employed individuals doing the best we can, yet we are continually behind in our utility bills and taxes. Please pray for enough work to get caught up and to stay caught up. We don't need to be rich, we just need to be able to meet all our needs. Thank you - your prayers give me great peace.

i will be strong in my faith and not keep doubting in what the Lord prophecied for me and my husband and twin sister to return to our family in the U.K as i am missing them very much he said he has a buyer for our two bungalows and he has a place for us in England because it has not happened as yet I keep thinking will it ever happen so am getting aggitated in it in wanting it to happen soon as i just want to be back with our family the lord brought us over here and i was given a word of knowledge from a lady in a prophectic ministry who said that we have accomplised all that the Lord sent us to Ireland for and that i would be returning home and had other confirmations on this but i seem to want to give up on this so often and keep saying when and if I love Jesus so much and want to serve him in anyway possible i seem to be drying up and dying spiritually so please pray for me I just want to home with my family

am a young man married with kids. Am having a hard time coping with life as my wages cannot meet my expenses ...this has led me to go into unwanted debts. I want God to get me out of this debts i have inflicted on myself and also to give me a good job witin the next 4months.He did it for people av seen...i believ he can do it for me.
please pray with me.

Dear God, 
Thank you for my home where I find happiness and contentment. In recent times it's been a challenge but I've learned a lot about myself - what I want and need - and I accept that others have different wants and needs than me. And now it's time to move on to a more nurturing and peaceful place. 
I'm enthusiastic about a new beginning and I trust in your guidance to show me the way. 
Please show me new loving, kind and supportive people who love and accept me as I am in a way that easily allows your love to be expressed through me. I ask for a gentle reminder throughout the day to watch for clues sent by you to gently nudge me in the direction where a miracle can unfold. 
I surrender to Divine intelligence and wisdom and know that I am always taken care of. 
For this and all my blessing, I am grateful.

Lord you see how I always have tried to honor you and to do your will . God send me customers from the north south east and west I need you to show up and show out you told me to try you and to tithe will I have every time I get increase so Lord keep your word and help your Son give me supernatural Favor peace mercy and provision help me I ask all these things in Jesus holy name Amen

I have back issues and recently my hip and heel of one foot on the right side of my body has me in excruciating pain and it's difficult for me to walk at times. I hate to complain because I know that so many others are in worse shape than I am...please pray for me!

my boyfriend Keith has schizophrenia and he is passive recently he has been getting voices and yesterday I noticed he rocked while sitting on his bed he didn't rock for long but i was concerned i've known him for at least 10 years he always struggle with his love for God he gets angry with God and why he lets the world have all the problems for people all over the world he doesn't believe in prayer because he has been in - for years since he was 21 and he is 55 he and I don't drink we both went to AA i've been sober and clean for 16 years and i think the same amount of time for him he has a heart of gold and is very caring when I have a hard time we help each other and i fell in love with him after two years of knowing him he can't have sex he too emotional about it but that is fine with me we aren't married so that makes it good in God's eyes we live next door to each other and that was a godsend because he was there before me they are beautiful apartments so i hope there is a prayer for him

Pray that my family has safe travels to and from our destinations. Wrap you protective arms around us.

Pray that my Mom’s pulse rate stay up & her BP stays down. Pray that she feels better.

Pray that my husband & I get financially stable again so we can help our parents & kids. Please lead us in the right direction for us. Wrap your loving arms around us.