Pray for Others

Please pray that my health improves, especially my heart. Pray that I can witness for the Lord to my wife.

Our Lord Jesus Christ please loose upon my entire family&I & all pertaining to us the prayers in my prayer books &the powers of Your shed blood on the cross & Your bodily risiing again & Your Soon return.& Isa 11:2 & Eph 3:19& i Pet 1& Psa 144-150,29 We love & praise You, amen&amen!

Safety in our travels and making the right decisions with the loss of Bob.

For my husband to find a job. He has been unemployed for 2 years. I am working 3 jobs but we can no longer make end meets. We are in dire need of a miracle. We know God has a plan. We have been patient. We have been praying. My husband is very depressed. Never leaves the house. Your prayers will surely help. I will pray for you as well. Thank you and have a meaningful day.

please pray i make the money i need for a good used car and to move in jesus name

- Jesus, to send his saving grace to heal the sickness and suffering of Candace, to uplift her despondent spirits, and to instill hope in her heart. Amen."

I am having difficulty with one lady at our church. It seems no matter what the situation we are at odds and I hate this!!! Please pray to give me the words and actions to be a better Christian...

Please hold my son and his girlfriend up in pray today and their children let them learn from the classes they will have to take and let the judge see they really do love their children...Lord please bless them so they will be able to support his the Name of Jesus I pray...Lord please my miracle so I can get back home and help them...thank you Lord thank you

Dear Believers in Christ, please lift me up in prayer for the right job/career so that I can save my home or find another place to live. I am alone with only a kitty I saved from the shelter for my companion. We are all we have. God please turn things around for me in my finances and if it's your will, please send someone to truly love me and want us to be a family. I'm so tired of suffering. I lost my job after many years and now the bank says my home will be sold on April 23rd. I know that I need many prayers. Please, please pray for me. I thank you.

Thank you so much. If you would/could please pray for my son. He is at college on scholarship and is struggling with one of his major classes. Please pray that he does well enough that he can retain his scholarship. May the Lord bless and keep you for your kindness.