Pray for Others

Please pray for my brother Billy -. He is suffering fr. mental illness & mental anguish. He has been abused in the Comunity living where he resides. He needs a safe place to live out his days and peace of mind. Please pray that the Holy Spirit guides me in helping him. God Bless and thank you. Theresa B.

Please pray that my son will not quit the job he just got in January he has one think he doesn't like to do please pray that business will pick up for his other qualification and that the funds for a class he has to take come through for him and that our finances get better they are one better I thank god for their job praise and thank you Monica-

Father I come to you in prayer, regarding my work environment which is with my boss and coworker, Father my administrator needs prayer as well as my coworker. Show your way around this office and please let all the negative and confusion, the meaness stop. It is not a nice place to come to every morning. So I send out and urgent prayer to you. Please we are in desparate need of prayer. Thanks

Lord I am so lost ....please tell me what you want from heart is breaking and I do not know which way to turn...please send me a the Name of Jesus I pray...thank you Lord thank you....

Please pray for me as I have a cyst beside my eyelid. It is growing and probably should be removed. I don't know what doctor to choose, and really I don't feel I have the time to take away from my job as a Christian school principal to have the surgery. I wish God would simply take it away! Thank you for praying for me.

I cosigned a loan for my former husband when we were still married and he defaulted. I am now stuck with paying this loan. I am also stuck paying our past income tax. Please pray and and the IRS will have mercy on me and my appeals will be answered to my benefit. I don't have a lot of money. Thank you for praying for me.

please pray for my grandaughter n great grandaughter they both have so many health problems n they mean the world to me i told her god does not give us what we canot handle

God, please protect us. Guide us. And help me to accomplish things today. I praise You and hope others see Jesus in me. You are in charge.

I have recently been offered a new job, I am delighted as I have been working 2 jobs for a year and a half, I am a single Mom 56 yrs old and am waiting to hear back from them after running a criminal background check and credit report, I have nothing to worry about...yet waiting is making me anxious, like it is to goodto be true, I have tried to be patient while looking for a different job but now I am on needles and pins, please pray for peace and tranquility. Thank you! God is great! Pam

Please pray for my Grandchild, Hailey. I think she is doing drug and her parents have lost control. Pray also for James & Leighanne(parents), Abby and Natalie, her sisters.