Pray for Others

Please pray for my health. I need to lose weight and it is a matter of life and death. please help me to lose weight so that the doctors can operate on my massive abdominal hernia. I am grateful to you for praying for me

We are very hard workers. However, we are so far behind in past taxes for our home and business, we are at risk of losing both.
Please pray for us that the business starts doing well and we can catch up on our past due taxes and save our home and our business. I am very grateful for your prayers. Thank you

My brother and I lost our grandmother very suddenly. She has had Ahlzeimers for several years now and she had been bed bound for almost three years. She had been hanging on to life until this weekend. She was drinking and urinating, but not eating. Sunday night, we found her breathing really fast. We called 911. She was taken to the hospital where she was eventually declared deceased.
Not only is the family an emotional wreck, we are in a financial wreck. My mother, brother, grandmother, and I had been living together for years. My mother and grandmother's income was supporting us for years, but without her income, we cannot afford to keep our house. We don't even know how we'll pay for the funeral and my brother is 2 1/2 months away from graduating from high school. He has no job yet and I have been nursing my grandmother for years now and have not been able to seek employment. I am comforted by my grandmother being in Heaven, but do pray for a miracle blessing at this time

My names are Dorothy -, I work for an N- in Kenya, I have actually being praying for a promotion as the PA to the New Regional Director of Central Africa but apparently the position was advertised last week, on talking to the HR Manager, she asked me to apply for the position that even if am not given I will already have an idea of what is required. I would like a prayer to be made on my behalf to God that the position should should be given to me in Jesus name. I trust and believe that with God and prayers I have already been given the position.

Prayfor my son who has bone cancerand is taking como. also for another son who is having all kinds of test run .

Please pray for healing my Mother Jessie and my son Michael. Pray for our family. Please pray for healing, Michael jr, Latoya, Sonserya, Melissa, Michael sr.Jasmine. Please pray for Yolanda, Debra B., Bradley, Regina, and Ella that they received the positions that they applied for,That No Weapon formed against they will prosper! LaVounta and Terrence for Employment. Please pray for affordable strife free happy homes, Ruthie,Wanda, and Ella. By his stripes we are Healed. God supplies all our needs according to the riches in Glory in Jesus Christ. By Faith through the Precious Blood of the Lamb Jesus. IN Jesus Name Amen

May dear loving Father, I humbly come unto you to please hear my prayers. Lord, i have questions in my mind why me and my wife has this yet I do realized that I have no right to question Your plans unto us. Lord whatever it is, I need your healing for me and my wife so that we can have children of our own. My Lord Jesus have mercy on us!
I do pray also for the peaceful transition of leadership in our church. May our Pastor understand that through some unstable decisions he has and because he is old he need to retire. Gice us the chance Oh Lord to make changes in our church to grow in spirit and in truth, let the members revives themselves and resubmit their commitment unto You. Lord, I need Your guidance. I need Your revelation in us leaders. lead us and show us ways how we find PAstor who cares for his sheep and souls.
Lord how hard it is for us to have the situation like this. Please strengthen us and lead us. lead us to follow your precepts. make us worthy to lead Your flock on earth. Your church Lord needs caring, loving and growing not in numbers alone but in spirit and in truth. Lord we need You so much. This is Your church and this is your school. Please don't let the devils plan succeed. we believe that IN YOUR SON JESUS THERE IS VICTORY!

please pray for my job to get better
please help me to like my job
pleasse pray for my depression to end
please pray to finish my degree
please pray for my relationship to get better
God Bless You All!

Please pray for my son Mark, he's having a Crohn's Disease attack and has lost weight, is weak and his immune system is low. Pray for his complete healing of this disease and that he not lose his job and that he gets access care to cover the medical bills since he has no insurance.