Pray for Others

please keep Linda P- a christian woman and mother. she is going to have a stint placed on the front side of her heart a very dangerous procedure. please guide the doctors hand an bless this wonderful woman and bring them comfort. thank you

Asking for prayer for my niece, Holly. She is expecting a baby soon, and her little boy is very ill. Please ask God to especially bless & help this young mother. She has many problems and issues. Thanks

I was just in the hospital and medical facility for seven weeks due to having part of my left foot amputated. Now the surgeon tells me stay off my feet for 5 to 8 weeks for total healing. Due to this I am now afraid I'll lose my whole foot. Please pray I'm not afraid and for total healing of my foot, David L. T-

Requesting prayer for so many who are ill, including Jim, James, Mike,K, Billy, Bill, claudia, Claudette,Barbara, Barbara W., Ralph, Virginia,Neil,Carol, and others that I may have missed. God knows all.. Thanks

Asking for prayer for my friend, A., who has taken her granddaughter to raise after the death of her daughter. There are many problems and issues. Please ask for God's guidance and assistance. Thanks

Asking for prayer for K & L., both taking care of children not their own due to family illness. Many problems and issues. Please ask for God's guidance and help. Thanks

Asking for prayer for my two sons, both have health problems, employment problems, and personal relationship issues. GOD knows all...thanks

SO very tired tonight, Lord.... Asking for healing for Mr.H., and for strength for me...Please, Lord, send relief. Thank you for always listening.

My husband and I own a small copier repair business in WV that has been hit very hard by current economics. We have been living on savings for two years but they will be gone before Easter. Please pray that we can find outside jobs or customers or something to pay the bills. We have an 11 yr old boy to take care of. We are blessed in owning our car and work van free and clear, as well as our home. I always thought it'd be easy to get along financially without car payments or a mortgage. I was wrong.
I also am having a spiritual faith crisis. Are we failing because I'm not trusting God enough? I'm trying to learn and grow but am consumed by worry no matter how much I try to release my fears to Christ. I'm stuck between thinking I'm turning my fears over and waiting for God, then I begin to wonder if I'm hiding my head in the sand-hiding from/burying my fears and calling that faith. I don't know if I'm waiting for Gods timing or ignoring what I need to be doing.
My husband is a newly rededicated Christian after decades of straying. I have been saved for 30 years and I feel like I'm stuck with the burden of spiritual head of our home too. We've been married 2 yrs.
Thank you for your prayers. I have no one to talk to for advice-our church is pastorless too.

Please pray for 3 yr. old Calista, who is undergoing open heart surgery Tuesday, March 13th.