Pray for Others

Being a single mom with 3 kids sometimes life gets more than I am, so please pray that I can find strength to get through it all and that I can remember that God is with me on this journey.
Thanks - ginger

please pray continued victory in my home, purging, organizing etc. we've had alot come against us this month, pray our focus be on Jesus, and protection around our family, and a shield also, pray a shield around my son Chris and fruitfulness in all of us, pray financial continued blessing, thanks, cj

i am writing to ask for prayer with my problem of not being able to forgive this lady for lying to me and hurting my son.i know we are suppose to forgive and i need help with this.please pray that god remove the hurt and angry from my heart

Please pray for my daughter Valerie and her family she has a hard time adjusting with living with her husband's side of the family, her husband is on drugs and I'm afraid she'll go back on prescription drugs to cope with life situations also for my son he doesn't have a job, my two daughters are living with there boyfriend's. Thank you and may God richly bless you.

Please continue to pray to heal the rift in our marriage that will reach 10 years this week. We're making progress, but mostly it shows how far we still have to go to be on the same path again. We need God's help to again be looking forward at a future together ... happy with each other and ourselves.

lord, i pray that you will provide me with a large financial blessing today. lord, i pray that you will help me find a way to pay off my credit card debt, my daughter christina - college loans, my son alex - college loans, and help me be able to purchase a house in hermitage for my son alex -, my daughter christina - and i to live in. thank you for helping me with this large financial blessing today.

For our son to get a job soon and for it to be the right one for him. For God to watch over us all in our travels the coming weeks. For good health for my husband and I and our family. Thank you. For Mary's health.

Please pray for my husband, Ron. He has a re-occurrence of prostate cancer that is now stage-4. Last week he was also diagnosed with diabetes. He is very discouraged right now! Pray that if it is God's will that he be healed physically. Please also pray that he finds the courage and grace to accept the difficulties ahead; that he finds God's healing emotionally and spiritually.

My husband passed away a year ago and I can't seem to find any joy in my life anymore.
I am 80 years old,have a slipped disc inmy back which makes me unable to do the only things left that I do enjoy-my gardening. I will have surgery to fix it but it can't be scheduled until the end of June. I just feel like there is nothing left for me in this life.

Please pray for my friend's mother, who was recently diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer. She has had partial large intestine removed as well as appendix -- and was re-hospitalized on Friday. Please say prayers for her, as well as my girlfriend and her family. Her mother is her very best friend. Devastating.