Pray for Others

God will intercede in my son's life now as he is a victume fo identity fraud. He si on the road with Gods help in turning his life around. Let none of devils weapons forge against him.

i have to many prayer needs to list..i just ask God hears our prayers and fullfills our needs..I ask it in Jesus name..

Dear Guideposts:
I want a special prayer for my relatives. Right now my relatives/ family are in shambles. There is so much controversy going on. I love my family but I hate how they act. There is no love among them just animosity. I know that God created the family so that they can build a great community and society. Right now my mom and one of my aunts are not on speaking terms, the same aunt who doesn't speak to my mother is not currently speaking to the other sister. I believe this is a horrible way for families to live. Please sent me a prayer and I know that through the grace of God things will work out.

Please pray for peace&love with my kids as they don't talk to us .
Thank You Dee

thank you for pray for me still keep on praying for my family and for GOD to help with my doubts and faith also pray for GOD to still keep luna heart and life open also her salvation and have GOD to put luna on the right path. i still love GOD to bring me and luna together. i have a hard time going to sleep at night and i love GOD to help with that also luna have a hard time sleeping to i do like you to pray for the ones that lost there homes and there jobs also pray for GOD to keep satan out of my life and luna to and help me go back to church.i love my dream of bring with luna come true

Please send me a financial miracle so I can pay all my debts.
Angela G.

Need a financial blessing. Tax refund suppose to come and address got messed up and money got sent back. Need gas to go to work and food.

Please help me pray for my healing. Please pray that my neurologic symptoms are of benign origin and that I will heal and be able to take care of my four children and for their healing as three of them have been diagnosed with a rare lung disease. P,lease pray for God to have mercy on us. Please pray for my sins to be forgiven. Marisa, Finland

I will be having surgery on March 22 2012 to remove a large kidney stone in my right kidney. The stone is so large they may need to do another surgery after this one to get it all out. Last month I had surgery on my left kidney. I ask for prayers that the surgery will be successful, with no complications and a speedy recovery. Thanks for your prayers, and God Bless You!

My brother Ray had surgery today and they removed a tumor larger then a golfball from his chest. Pray that he has a speedy recovery. We lost our Mom 8 months ago so we are still healing from that and this is just one more set back. Thank you and God Bless you all.