Pray for Others

Lord I pray for the financial wisdom to pay off my debt and create no more debt. Lord I pray John Riley and myself have a lifetime of peace and happiness together. Lord I pray our relationship is based in love respect honesty trust and open communication. Lord I pray I am able to purchase this house in September 2012. Amen

Good morning God. Thank you for a good night rest last night. It is good, can't complain. Lord, I will start a new prayer that goes like this. Lord, my life is in your hands. Lord, take good care of my problems and situations. Lord, solve all my problems for me for you are in control and the most high God. Lord, I give you my son, Leonard Aquino. He is yours to take care and guide, bless, enlightenment, show him the way that he will turn his life around for good. Oh, and Lord, I don't know what took place, but thank you very much that Leonard Aquino cut part of the grass yesterday. That was a surprise and it is something that he will not do, but he did. Thank you Lord for that. Lord, please take good care of our dogs too, Krystal and Baby. Lord, take good care of my husband too, Leonardo Aquino, wherever he may be and bless and protect his truck too that it will bring him safe and sound wherever they are going because that is is livelihood and his house too. Lord, take good care of us and hope and pray that my husband will come home soon in our house because he haven't seen his house due to our problem/situation with our son Leonard Aquino. Lord, take good care and cure the mental illness of Leonard Aquino and his anger issues. Oh, Lord, please take good care of my MOM too, hopefully she is being taken care of really good. Lord, thank you for my job. Lord, please give me the wisdom to do the reconciliation on my own. I will work on it later on and give me the knowledge to know where to get the information from so it will balance. Lord, take good care of the Aquino family that we will be reunited, restored and have peace in our life soon, in Jesus name amen...thy will b e done....

Please pray that God will answer my prayer and repair my broken marriage soon. I can't do this without Him. Please ask Him to work in the heart and mind of my husband and family, to remember what we were blessed with by God. I want to put the wrongs in my life right again. My marriage was a gift from God....Please pray for me,
God Bless you,

I ask for prayer for God to continue to guide me through my financial crisis and to be able to pay my bills and keep my home. I pray to mend relationships with friends, keep my marriage/family together, and to find a permanent job. I praise God for filling my heart with the Holy Spirit. Thank you

hello , i am Christian man from Egypt , my name is mina , and the situation for the christians here is very bad , i applied for immigration to Canada , and i had to pass a french exam at 27 February which is important for the immigration process , i studied well for this exam but things out of my control happened before and while the exam and made me to not do that well , so my request is to pray for me to make the results be good , i know that nothing is impossible to God , thank you and God bless you

Pray that Dan will get his sight back. God has saved his life, but he still has no sight. He has a family, is a Christian and needs to get back to work. Regaining his sight would be another miracle from all the prayers being said for him. Thank you.

Dear Lord I trust u 2day tht after this 40 days of lent prayer i will find a solution to my problems, i may find a way to care for my self n kids plz Lord bring the right ppl in my life send me one of yr Angels to help n heal me n if its yr will tht my husband is not comming back to us show me a sign n help me to c a way forward In Jesus Name Amen..

kevin and lynn

Please pray for my friend Theresa's brother. They just found out he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. We know faith, prayer, and trust in God can turn this around. We are praying for a miracle. Please agree with us. Thank you and may God Bless you!

We just got a message from our real estate agent and two different clients are interested in buying our home, could you please pray that we get a good offer!!! We are so anxious to sell after 8 months of waiting. Thank you, Mary