Pray for Others

Lord, please place a hedge of protection around Wayne, Claudia and Bradley to protect them and keep them safe from all harm and evil.
I ask this in JESUS Name. Amen.

Pray for our whole family to reunite and forgive things said and done in the past and remember the love and fun we used to share.c

Pray for Claudia's anemia to be healed. In Jesus name. Amen.

Father, I pray for the miracles of Love & Marriage. I place my desire for love and marriage to the man I love, Louis, into your loving hands. Send my Love, Father. Send my husband. I claim my blessing for an “amazing [Christian] partner”. Bless us with a heart connection. Bless us with a God connection. Strenghten, grow and bless us with a joyous, intimate, Christ centered marriage. Lord, do it. Amazing grace, Father. Amazing grace. Be it unto me as it was with the woman in in Mathew 15:28. Grant my hearts desires, Father. Thank you. Your will be done. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Pray for the healing of Dorri and Linda.

Dear friends at Guidepost,
My best friend Esperanza, needs a liver transplant. She has been accepted for the transplant at a hospital in Alabama.
My prayer is that a liver can be donated for her. She is 63-year-old and is strong enough to go through the process.
Please pray for this cause.

Pray for Leigh and Colton to move forward with marriage plans quickly. Amen

Please pray for my sister Ann who lives in SC. Many healthcare issues.
Please pray that she is free of pain ad able
To freely walk .

please pray for cliff who was just found out that he has lung cancer,he has to have more test to make sure it isn't anywhere else

Please pray for my son, Brian, he is 15 and is in much need of a shoulder surgery. We are praying he will get hospital funding and therapy funding. The doctor will donate the surgery but we are trying to get the hospital and therapists on board to treat him.
God Bless,