Pray for Others

Please pray for Landon - who is just born today (14 Mar 12) and is fighting for his life.

Thank you Lord for watching over us for the past week. Watch over Mario,Helen,Butchie,Lori,Elizabeth,Heather,Devin,Peter,David,Melvina, and James

lord, i pray that you will help my son alex - stay focused tonight when he is studying for his elementary statistics class. lord, i pray that you will help my son alex -start to understand how to do probability today. thank you lord for helping my son alex - understand all of the material that is being covered on his elementary stats exam tomorrow.

Please pray that God will remove Luke from the situation that he is in.

please pray for me - to work well with Sally at my new job
- peace at work
-Total healing for me and sons
-To finish well at my present job
-LORD JESUS to go ahead of me and level the mountains at my new job
The compansation not to take long to be less than 3months

Please pray for my great-grandson, Isaiah, that he receives the inner healings he needs, and that in court the judge will rule in the way that is best for his healing. Let him know that he is loved and learn how to respond to others with love. He needs so much help and I know that Jesus loves him and will help him. Also pray for his safety. Thank you Jesus!!!!!!

I could use some help, please. God knows.

Dear God be near oh God be near protect me from the night forgive me of my sins let me know how I can help aid others bless me abudantly and lead me to you God help others around me to pray and to let me know they are praying so I wont be the only one help us and give us energy to face the day and persevere with endurance please Jesus guide me and let me know that no matter what you will always love me and my family in Jesus name Amen

Please pray that I may be able to pay my taxes and all my debts soon. I need your prayers and a miracle from God. Many times I feel depressed and don't know where to turn to. Thank you for your prayers and God bless you.

I am at the crossroads in my job. I am working for an organization that has been cruel and unfair to me an other nursing, placing me in harms way financially. I had no medical insurance and was ill. I have been asked to come back to a former job that has always treated me fairly, but the job there is not as favorable as where I am now. I need Gods guidence, because I never want to make any decisions regarding my life. I belong to him and work for His glory alone. Please pray for his divine guidence so I will have no doubt what his decision is for me. Thank you!!