Pray for Others

My surgery is this Wednesday, March 21. Please pray that God is with me and the surgeon, that He has mercy on me and restores my health. Please continue to pray for me. God bless you all, Inessa

Please pray for Alex and his family. Alex is three years old. Last Friday he fell into a swimming pool on moving day and was found at the bottom of the pool. He has been in a coma ever since that time and has minimal brain activity. Please pray for his healing and for his family. Thank you.

Paul is a geology teacher and an excellent one but cannot find full time employment in California - only one class per night as an adjunct teacher. No benefits, retirement, nothing. The students love him and he is not lazy or with political agendas. He's also humble. He's trying to find work in geology as well and that is not good and he is really discouraged and downhearted. It's draining him and he has a mortgage, insurances, etc. Please pray for him to have more faith and that God provides him with work. Thank you.

My 20 yr. old grandaughter (Tasha S-) has hodgkins lymphoma, she is in remission, now at hospital for a cyst on her tailbone. Please help me pray for God to keep his arms around her. may God Bless each one of you, Bonnie

I pray to be strong in prayer and not to backslide.I pray to be healed of any sickness , to have a happy family, to have children and to progress in life. God to grant me strength and wisdom i everything i do

I Lisa ask you to agree in prayer with me that my ex husband Jon find the love in his heart for me again I know there are many mountains blocking this from happening I ask you to agree with me that these mountains be removed and cast into the sea and that through gods love and my faith in him that any mountain that comes against us we will be able to cast out I pray for a healing in our relationship that only god can do thank you in Jesus name amen

Lord, I lift up my daughter Leilani & her boyfriend Dave, Bless them and their love, devotion and committment for one another now &forever. Show them your ways of how to forgive themselves and each other for past upsets, disagreements and arguments. Show them your way of how to love and show each other how much they love and care for one another now & forever. Help them and guide them both and keep them safe and out of harms way. Thank you Lord for all of the blessings, and for bringing Leilani & Dave together as a couple, friends, lovers and life long partners over 5 yrs ago. Amen & Amen

financial problems solved for daughter. also drinking problems

Lord I come to you today and I am praying for a new fulltime job and a financial miracle. I want to work for an employer where I can feel accepted, appreciated of all of my hard work. I am praying for a financial miracle to come into my life and my families life, so we can get right with you Lord, ourselves, our friends,family and our creditors. Amen & Amen

I ask the Holy Spirit to be with Ric in the the doctors to heal him. May he know Jesus.