Pray for Others

My husband just died two weeks ago. I'm doing okay, but I could use prayers for comfort and peace, to know that he is safely in the presence of God and Jesus Christ. His death was unexpected, but I know God is helping me to move forward. Thank you for praying for strength for me. My husband knew the Lord, and I thank God for that.

Lord, Bless me with the strength, courage, energy ,and conviction to succeed.I still feel overwhelmed by everything and now have my the positive state of mind to defeat Evil.The Evil of Cancer, some people's deeds, and lies seems to never give up, but I pray for the Lord’s help.The battles continue with bills, getting medicine,and just trying to get help day to day(with little energy). With so many surgeries and radiation last year, I am tired,the fear and the pain of Evil keeps me from sleeping and healing. Nothing is easy, must keep my Faith in Jesus. God’s guidance gives me the direction and path to take.I must keep my faith strong, pray for wisdom and guidance only the Lord can give me. Hope and Spirit have returned. Jesus, Bless my day and may Evil of all nature be Gone Forever.Let the Holy Spirit soar thru my soul, return my strength and clear my mind..Evil still knocks on my door and will not go away. Lord hears my prayers, and by my side, Faith and resolve will prevail.Cancer be Gone

Our Lord Jesus Christ please loose upon my entire family&I & all pertaining to us the prayers in my prayer books &the powers of Your shed blood on the cross & Your bodily risiing again & Your Soon return.& Isa 11:2 & Eph 3:19& i Pet 1& Psa 144-150,29 We love & praise You, amen&amen!

please pray for those in need of healing with cancer, joanne steve sue, for those in need of healing and finaces, david chrissy jackie jeff jen mom will lori toni patrick valerie bill c & myself for my commission based paychk that God will abundantly bless with great favor & restore all that the locusts have stolen. I pray for this co that God would abundantly bless the owners, boses , marie , mac & all co workers. I pray that God will raise up a mighty man of God to lead this country. I pray for our military & first responders, for all who have suffered loss from weather related incidents, for the worlds economies to stabelize & jobs for all. I pray that we as a nation would humble ourselves seek God face turn from our sin that God will hear from heaven forgive our sin & heal our land. God is a Holy God, He can not and will not bless us in known & deliberate sin. I pray for a mighty rush of His Holy Spirit to cleanse us that God may again bless America with peace prosperity & protection. I pray for all who post & pray here that God will hear our prayers & grant us answers at our point of need in this hour , I pray that I will learn to trust that Gods provision is enough, that enough is enough, that godlieness with contentment equals great reward. I pray for the American soldier in afg that killed civilians, & for God to help us all in Jesus Holy Name amen

Please pray for my sister , God know her needs

I am requesting prayers for forgiveness and understanding, as well as healing in a work relationship. Things are not going well, and I really am requesting prayers for wisdom and humility to work out a hurtful situation. Thank you.

please keep Austin and Rachel safe, draw them near to You Lord.

Please join our family on the 15th of March as we seek God for the deliverance and salvation of our dad Ndifor P-.He's wasted over a third of his life in drunkeness and is bankrupting the family.This has seriously devasted the us and things seem to be getting worse

Dear God help us with our bankruptcy and our retirement please let my brother come home healthy. we love and adore you thank you God

i have been sick for a week now,,,,and do not feel better,,,,sweating headache and weak,,,,please pray for Gods healing and stength