Pray for Others

Please pray for Miriam’s intentions, which are known to the Lord. Thank you.

I pray that my focus stays on God and I feel the peace and love of Jesus amen.

Just got married, things are hard for my husband, he doesnt have a good job, this leaves him frustrated and dissapointed. I pray that the Lord would here our prayer concerning a good job and lift us out of this miry clay. I pray for the friut of the womb and a better accomodation in Jesus name. I also want to thank Jesus for his gift of promotion in the work place I'm so grateful Lord. I love you. thank you.

Lord please give us strength and faith to know your working behind the scenes, to bring Jimmie home to us, this unjust can not go on any longer, no one is deserving of such cruelty from man, I pray that you also find some comfort in lennie heart so that he understands it is important to let go of anger and the past that is preventing him from being happy in life, I pray that James is changed man and has truly understand you Lord and giving his heart to you

Would you please pray for healing of our church. It has been torn by sin and hurt. We ask the Lord to renew it, and the faith of its members, and guide us in service of Him.

Kate is disabled and working to set up a home-based business. Please pray He guides and sustains her, calms any anxiety, blesses her with wisdom and persistence, and leads her to a successful venture where she puts her abilities to good use. Praise God for all He has done for her. Thanks so much for your prayers.

Our children struggle with sensitive feelings and flaring tempers. Please pray for them.

Family members are depleted by another’s emotional and financial neediness. Please pray. God bless you.

We ask your prayers that the Holy Spirit guide us and our grown children, as well as our siblings and their children, to churches within our communities, and to a deeper faith and dedication to Him. In Jesus' name. God bless you.

Please pray for KL, that God bless her with healing of her paralyzing emotions. So that these fears and aversions become as nothing to her, no longer holding her back, but are replaced with happiness and healthy thoughts, decisions and actions. Thank you.