Pray for Others

I pray that God strengthen my faith that He provides

Please pray for our needs to be met for caring for our beloved horses and their safety. Also, pray for the difficulty to communicate with family members to end. Finally, pray for the stress which made me ill last year to dissipate.

This came at just the right time. As I drove home from work today I prayed God would send someone or thing to help me. I wished I had someone to pray for and with me. My husband and I have been separated for over 2 years and continue to go to marriage therapy. I know he has not forgiven himself for being unfaithful to me and is now suffering with that turmoil and also with physical aliments. I long to be with him and travel and try to work things out together but he feels he can not return yet and is not sure if he ever can. I am so lonely and hate coming home to an empty house. I want so much to have companionship. We are not on the same spiritual level and I feel that he does not feel God can take away all the guilt, shame and fear he is constantly dwelling on. I am not sure how to pray anymore since all this time has gone by. Please pray for us and that God will give me the answer according to His will if I should\ wait or move on.

I need a miracle for financial release. I have struggled financially all my adult life as have my siblings. We are all hard workers (even working 2 jobs) but we just can't get a breakthrough. I was a single parent (divorced) for all my sons life and have never remarried, but supported my son. I am a Christian and have a strong relationship with God. I have a heart to give but I am so tired of struggling with bills and debt. My rent is due today and I don't have it. I have about $2000.00 in regular bills such as utilities, etc and I don't have a check coming for about a week. I am so far behind that check won't even touch what I need. I have prayed and prayed and prayed and had friends believe with me but still no breakthrough. I am beyond stressed, depressed and overwhelmed, as I am also dealing with some serious family situations. I need a quick release of my financial burdens. I am asking for jubilee forgiveness of debt and breakthrough even tonight for every bill to be met. I need the favor of God to breath down on me tonight.

Please, if you will, pray that God cures the major recurrent depression and anxiety that I've lived with ever since I was little. If it is not His will, would you pray that he gives me the strength and the courage to keep on going.
I feel so lost and alone even though there I have a fiancee, parents and siblings and friends. It is hard for them to understand why I struggle with his mental illness. Most of them don't understand and feel like I should just be able to "snap out of it".
I am unworthy, but I would very much appreciate it if you would ask God on my behalf to help me with this burden.
Thank you ever so much!!

Please pray that i may receive the finances to pay those old debts that have been hanging around my neck like a noose for tool long . I need deliverance.

im in need of a serious financial blessing. I need money to pay my bills.

please pray for my friend Kriss L- and her family, her father has been very ill with cancer and hospice told her and the family that this will be his last weekend.

I was fired from my job of 17yrs for not returning a patient phone cll in a timely manner. I am currently getting umemployment benefits now my job is fighting it saying they do not want to pay me anything. I had my second hearing yesterday over this and they r realy making me lookd guilty i felt i had no defense with this big company against by I prayed about it Lord knows I really need my unemployment benefits. The unemployment office is going to mail me their decision Jennifer

Please pray for me as I am not feeling very good today.
Please pray I will be healed,really bad headache.
Thank you Virginia