Pray for Others

Seeking to refinance and praying for swift, quiet approval and low interest rate.
Prayers for financial blessings & discipline to manage finances responsibly.

Please pray for Reenie C. to find a full time permanent job right away. Her family needs to move and there is no extra money for them to do so. The house they are living in is being sold and her family may need to move in with family until there is money for a move. Please pray for their situation and for a financial blessing for this family. God Bless and thank you.

lord we pray for garry,jackie,katie,steven,stephanie,kelly,greg,ashley, we all need your help and healing thank you lord amen

Please pray that my marriage will be restored. Pray that my husband will quit running from God and return to Him. That he will get the help he needs for his addiction. Pray that I will get rid of my bitterness and trust in God for all my needs. Pray that the other woman returns to her marriage.

Pray that the Dr. I work for realize I am doing the best job I can for her. Pray that she quits yelling and degrading her staff. Pray that the staff quits stabbing others in the back. Pray that we unite as a team. AMEN

Pray that my family has safe travels to and from our destinations. Wrap you protective arms around us.

Lord once again you have provided to the graciousness of the Reeses I am not giving up on them they aren't far from you. Lord I can't even imagine what Tim and the girls are going through please please heal Amy and Lord thanks so much for all my blessings In Jesus precious name AMEN

Pray that my Mom’s pulse rate stay up & her BP stays down. Pray that she feels better.

Pray that my husband & I get financially stable again so we can help our parents & kids. Please lead us in the right direction for us. Wrap your loving arms around us.

Pray that my son & his girlfriend do not stray from each other. Pray that they create a stable & loving home from their son (my grandson). Pray that they become financially secure. Let them know you are always with them.