Pray for Others

Please pray that God will answer my prayer soon and restore my broken marriage. I know He only gives us as much as we can handle but I am having a very rough time now. He grants miracles all the time....Please ask Him to grant my miracle and bring my husband back to me. I want to live the life He blessed me with not so very long ago. I love my husband with all my heart and I need him.
God Bless you for praying with me,

I am here again. I want God's peace and comfort. How do I know God loves me? I cry and cry and don't even feel loved.

Please keep my son and I in prayer (struggling as a single parent fam for years) Praying for Gods continuous protection, guidance, for divine appointments, open doors of opportunity, for God ordained encounters for us both, praying for health, for companions and network, friendships, fellowship, life partner, for prosperity and change of life situation to the better, for God to grant us blessings in Jesus name I pray, amen.

I have a 3 month old granddaughter who is very ill!! Her name is Tavieah Rue M-!! She was born to early and has never gotten to go home yet,maybe at the end of the month but no one knows.Her mother Elizabeth is super stress and so is her dad Steve. My mother is'nt very heatlhy either she has back and hip pain very day all day long!! My mother in law is doing good but longly since she lost her husband!! We lost our dad year and half ago but there are days we feel like it just happen!! I have had some health issue my self but I want GOD to help my family all of them,my husband David K-,our son Joshua G-,David Albert K-,and our Daughters in laws,Kelly G-,Jessica K-. Our Grandchildren Carli,Donavan,Conner and the twins who will be here in June!! Our great Country needs everyone to pray for it and I hope and pray to see great things come from all of us!! My name is Debbie K-!! Show me how to be a better person and friend and daughter!!

Please pray for God to heal Alan's body, mind, and spirit. Ask God to keep him safe and remove all temptations from his path. Thank you all and God bless you. In the name of Christ, I pray. mom

Prayer Warriors, Terry has Melanoma skin cancer last stage. We need your prayers for a complete Divine Healing for Terry. All things are possible for those who love Christ...

Please pray for good results for the petscan that Bill will have on Friday, 3/23.

My prayer is for my daughter who is in a relationship that he is abusive and they have aquired propery over the last 4 years and she feels that she has nothing if she has to move out of the house because he is also her boss and now doesn't have ajob. She joint custdy of her 2 children so of course has no place for them to stay when it is their week to stay with mom. This man is 50 and my daugher is 40, it just a big battle and I have tried many times to help her with prayer but she thinks it is not working so she has given up on the Lord. Please pray for her and to help her through this tough sitution. I have never expericenced this kind of disappointment in my many years and as you all know that is the hardest thing in the world is to have your child crying so hard that you can't even understand her on the phone. We live in a very small town and she doesn't have very many options to get help plus she is still in the denial stage.Of course it is killing me so of course I need your prayers also.

My name is Kathie and I have been in financial turmoil for some time now. to the point where i am physically sick now..please pray for my recovery and thank you.

Pray for my granddaughter who is having eye surgery today. She is 12 years old. I know that God is a healer because he made our bodies and he can take of our bodies.