Pray for Others

Send J someone special to love and share his life with.

Please pray for my family and me that the Lord will keep his protection around my family and keep us all safe from harm. my son is going into a potentially dangerous situation and I am worried but I know th Lord can and will protect him and all of us.Please dear Lord bring him and his little family home safe and soon.Amen.

That M & K's surrogacy results in healthy happy children.

My daughter is almost 3 months old. When she was born,she had four large, dark "birthmarks," one on her head and three on her bottom. The pediatrician wasn't concerned about them, but then he didn't seem much concerned about anything when we tried to talk to him. I quit seeing him and started seeing his nurse practitioner who we love very much. She wanted to send our daughter to a dermatologist to get her birthmarks checked out. When we went for the appointment, they told us we needed to take her to the children's hospital. Turns out the "birthmarks" are actually called melanocytic nevi, which are a kind of congenital mole. There is a chance they could have abnormal cells in them, which could develop into cancer. Also, she will be at a higher risk to develop more of them in the future, and possibly develop cancer also. I am so scared. We go to the pediatric dermatologist at the children's hospital in May. Please pray for us, that they won't find anything abnormal and that she won't have to go through surgery. I'm not concerned with the way they look, even though the one on her head is really visible. I just don't want her to have any medical problems. They said that if she develops them internally, they could cause neurological problems or seizures.

My husband has been in Afghanistan for many months and is supposed to leave there. However, there has been much rain, which could delay his flights. Further the recent shooting of Afgahn civilians took place very near his base and violence is high. Please pray for his safe return to our family.

I have a friend who has a son in the military. Every once in a while I get a psychic nudge and I feel compelled to respond with prayer. Will you please pray for this young man and his family? Thank you in Jesus' name.

Please pray for my Grandma Irene she is in the hospital and in terrible pain when fed and all over body pain. Pray the pain will leave so she can eat and go home. Thx and God Bless

A prayer that my daughter K has a miracle full term, healthy, happy baby.

Please pray for my wife.She is pregnant and we worked very hard to get here. I pray that God would protect my wife and our unborn child. I pray that God would see fit to allow us to have a normal healthy child with no side effects to my wife or the baby and that He would guide and help us through the decisions we need to make during this time. I also pray that we can build our savings for the future, that we would both stay employed in our jobs and make wise financial decisions.

For spiritual healing & guidance.