Pray for Others

Father, I place Louis into your loving hands. Crown his efforts with success. Protect him and keep him safe. Grant him favor. Grant him travel mercies. Remove his blind spots. Send Godly counsel. Grant him wisdom, courage and inner peace. Help him to rest in Your perfect peace. Help him to rely on Your perfect strength. Show him Your divine purpose. Encourage his heart. Show him Your perfect will for his life. Ensure him that You can fit anything into a pattern for his good and Your glory. Do it Lord, please. Perfect that which concerns Louis. Restore him and build him up. Show him that You and You alone are his source and that nothing is impossible. Love him with Your everlasting love. Work Your perfect will, Father. I confidently and humbly pray in the Holy name of Jesus. Amen.

Lord, where there seems to be no way for BA to find a good job, please make a way for him. In Jesus name, I humbly pray. Amen

My name is Sally F- and I would like for you to pray for my dad who been diagnose with liver cancer.We lost my older Brother in April last year to bone cancer.I am a strong christian and I do believe God heals but I would appreiciate yall prayers also.Thanks Sally F-

My husband has been diagnosed with throat cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes in the right side of his neck. he will soon begin radiation and chemo treatments. Please pray for healing and minimal side effects. his name is Walt. Thank you

pray for fuiyo she has cancer.she is from japan.

My son F. has just come back from Africa with a parasite in his stomach. Please pray the doctors will use the right medicine , he will rest and completely heal.
Thank you.

iv been tryin to have a child for 4 years or more now but i have pcos and it makes it hard to have a child and would like u pray for me _chasity k-

I have to go to India tomorrow, 3/8. I would like to agree in prayer for safe travels, freedom from any kind of illness now or later, especially since I can't take the malaria pills, and no kind of any type of problems. Thanks so much for agreeing in prayer. - Adrienne

please pray for my finances restoration, for God provision; Thank you.

Please pray for our son Nils that he'll find a beautiful, loving, caring, smart Christian woman to be his wife. He is 29 and wants to be married.Thank you.