Pray for Others

I pray for complete healing for my sister, Karyn, my mother and for me. Heal physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Heal super naturally, Father. Guide the healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat Karyn. Make them your healing instraments. I pray for complete healing, complete restoration and deliverance from pain. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

I confidently and humbly ask you, Lord, to grant me the grace of love & marriage. Heavenly Father, I place Louis & Linda into your loving hands. I place my heart's desire for a future together and a joyous, intimate, long, Christ centered, marriage to this amazing Christian man into your loving hands. I pray for the miracles of love and marriage. Father, increase my faith. Remove our blind spots. Take control. I surrender all. I pray and ask in the Holy Name of Jesus. Your will be done. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

I need some help in contacting a friend of mine. She is in a lot of trouble and I believe she is very confused. I need to be able to communicate with her and for her to accept some help for her problems.

Please pray that my boyfriend Johnny and I get married - soon. We have talked about it and we want to get married. We believe that it is what God wants for us as well. Please help us to get married and our families accept our decision with love. That our children and grandchildren are accepting and loving about bringing the families together. That we have a faithful and monogamous relationship. Please pray that the doctors find out what is wrong with Johnny and heal him. Also please help me forgive his ex girlfriend Randi and for her to get out of our lives.
In Jesus name we pray

My Dear Lord Jesus,
Honor and Glory be yours! Amen!
I Thank Your for being faithful to us even in our shortcomings and in time of trials and persecutions.
Lord I humbly ask Your throne of grace to please help me and my wife ease and resolve our problems. Lord have mercy on us! I pray that my wife be healed of her mayoma and endometrium. Lord i don't have enough money to undergo major oprations for my wife. Help me please Lord. We wish to have our own kidz and we are hoping for Your miracle for my wife to conceived children of our own. Lord I don't know her past. let her see the beauty of having You in our life. Lord I beg for your Divine power. Heavenly Father you were the ONLY hope we ever had. Please reach Your hand to us. Give us enough for our daily needs. Lord I guve myself to You in ministry and so I believe in Your WORD please lead, us, direct and enlighten us with the Holy Spirit.

please pray for my family, as they are not saved! pray that jesus will reach down and touch them, and give them a desire to know more aout jesus! thanks! ~Kelsey

Please pray for my mother's good health , he diabetes level is so high refusing to go down despite her 2x insulin a day and she is having very bad candidias, so itchy , she cannot take it. please help , pls pray for her speedy recovery.

my name is debbie I am 45 and i desperately want to have a healthy baby, this has been a life long desire and possibly my last chance due to my age. Please pray for me that I may concieve and have a healthy baby if it is Gods will, in Jesus name I pray Amen and Amen.

Please pray for me. I am scared and uncertain about my future and what it holds for me. I feel battered by this life.

pray for me i been sick for a week and sill pray for my family.pray for the ones that lost there homes and got hurt by the tornados. i like you to pray to GOD to me find a to get little more money in my life also help my dad find a job.still pray for luna salvation and for GOD to keep luna heart and life open also put her on the right path. and still pray for GOD to bring me and luna together.i need pray for GOD to have for get over all the pain and hardship what happen to in my past and help me with my faith in GOD. and pray for GOD to satan out me life also luna to i like a prayer for my dream i have to come true i need GOD help with that.