Pray for Others

That I make the right decision in my bankruptcy case today and that more important it is Gods will. May he guide me through these trials and tribulations to his benefit and protect me from evil. I ask God to give me more abundance in my life for my well being

For Wallace and his son(Tuly)to forgive one another and reunite. Salvation for Tuly.

please hold on to Charlie today, he has a test, he spent most of the day yesterday preparing for it while not feeling good....
Please pray...the knowledge is there and will come into his brain...for a good grade...
Thank you for so many prayers in our lives...Blessings to everyone..

dear prayer partmer today is the 5th of march and my rent is due , my car note is due i need a financial blesssing from god toay so i will pay my bills. i also have been waiting on a marriage propasaland i am patient with god can you and the rest of the prayer partners prayer for me . i thank god for answered prayer,.amen.

For God to bless Lillian and her fiancee with marriage.

Please pray that I may find a good job that God wants me to do and also that I may keep my unemployment benefits until God leads me to that job. I have an appeal hearing Thursday as my former employer is appealing my unemployment, pray that things will turn out according to Gods will. Thank You IN Christs Name Robert

I have totally surrendered. My life is in the Lord's hands. He is faithful.
2 Chronicles 20:15-17 is for this outreach. May you be blessed in your praying for me,along with others.

well here goes, my request is huge, or at least huge to me. I was let go from my job in September, denied unemployment benefits twice. I have a court date set for the 16th of this month. this was an employer that spitefully used me and wanted me out but is trying to find a way to not pay my unemployment. i've looked for work,nothing. i've even applied for food assistance and medical...denied. I have a young child at home and need help. pray my strength and wisdom as well as open doors at this time. thank you.
i also just got out of a bad relationship, i probably wasn't suppose to be in....he broke my heart so i'm now trying to pick myself back up again and get back on track with my lord and savior. before i meet this guy, i was so bent on no sex, no drinking, no worldly music, so now i need healing too.

Hello, prayer warriors! I'm asking for prayer for my 92 year old mom to accept Jesus into her heart. She has heard the Gospel but refuses to ask Him into her heart. Also pray for the rest of the family who don't know Him. Thank you and God bless! Bonnie O-

I need God's guidance in business/financial matters. Please God help me make the right decisions. Please give me guidance and let me know what to do.