Pray for Others

I am going to havve an operation on April 2nd on my pancreas. I have Lupus and diabetes and am quite worried about this surgery. Knowing that someone is praying for me will give me much peace. Also, please say a prayer for my husband John, He is always there for me and I know that while he doesn't say alot, he's nervous about this surgery too. Thank you and God Bless, Nanci

FOr Soul of my bloeved Da who passed March 2 and we could not be there for funeral. Heakling for us all. WE just moved house & it has been great strian on us oth diabled. FOr our new home renatl Filled iwth Spirits Protection,peace success and affordability all bills on set income. Heal my husband J, SOn B "Dil" S, our pets and myself/family. I pray for all each day. The many need unspoken Protect forgiveness healing all. that they not smoke in house & all quit, until then safely outside. Ability to finifhs unpack and Find IMpt ALL lost documents ASAP Thanks & Praise AMEN

For Bobbi Jo critically injured in auto accient

Pray for Ally that she can be healed and does not have juvenile arthritis we do not claim it or proclaim it we stand on the word that she is complete in God and that she will have a fullrecovery

My Husband Harley - is in need for a miracle. He is disabled and has copd. He is due to have his left thyroid removed soon,We also recieved a card from the Dr. that his chest ct scan was abnormal and is scheduled for another one next week.We believe in a God that heals.He has osteoarthrutis that eats up his bones.Heis in pain all the time and we pray for a healing.I know that he hears us,also We know the more prayer the better.Thank you and God BLESS.

I would appreciate praying for me (Judy) as I deal with everyday living. I seem to get overly anxious about finances, health. relationships, work - so many different issues seem to be coming at me all at once. I know, with God's help and guidance, prayers by me and others, I can handle it. THANKS!

Please pray for my grandaughter Tara, The company she works for just announced they are closing. She is 27 and supports her mother that is on disability with kidney failure. I don't know what they will do if she can't find another job. The company has offered transfers to another state, so pray she makes the right decission! Also please pray for my daughter Dee as she doesn't have a place to live and is trying to find something she can afford. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

I pray that God is with my daughter in this very difficult moment, and that he gives her strength and courage and peace. I pray that the judge sees the true situation and that she is able to come home to me. I pray that I learn how to give over my worry about my daughter and all she is going through to God.

I have asked for God's intervention several times. My husband of 35 years is a emotional abuser. I was in denial for so many years and just thought i deserved to be cussed and talked to but after i reached 50 and heard others say a women especially her spouse that to be trested this way is not normal. In my younger years he beat my face up and broke my shoulder by kicking me but he brainwashed me into believing i deserved it. I just dont understand how god can possibely love me and let this go on. See my husband is a baptist minister and thinks because he can get away with it and at my age i cant leave. I dont even have any social security for later years. I am saved by gods saving grace. I have prayed fo years and years to somehow reach down and convict him of what he does to me is wrong and asked prayer from yall and many others for years. Please please please pray for me on my behalf. I want to live the years i have left nit being afraid of his wrath when he explodes. I appreciate all u can offer up in prayer for me. Thanks so much.

My son David to be happy, safe, smart, and free of drama with friend.s