Pray for Others

Dear God help us financially help with our bankruptcy and retirement. bring my brother home from the hospital healthy. we love and adore you God thank you

Please pray for God to guide, protect, keep happy, healthy, safe and strong Reenie, Marjie, Scott, Aidan, Victoria, Stuart, Katy and their extended families. Thank you for your prayers for my family, God Bless you always.


I am having some illness and life struggles. trouble focusing and feeling a bit overwhelmed. please pray for my strength and clearity on my life.
Thnak you

Dear Lord I pray you give Lorraine divine wisdom about her health bring people sent by you to speak into her health issues and people who can help her during recovery. Thank you.use me to speak to her. thank you lord i know you are faithful and you love her.

Please pray for Aidan C. He is 7 years old and has been diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome and is having difficulty in school. Please pray for him to get the help he needs and to be able to live a normal, happy life. Thank you.

Please pray for financial blessings for Reenie and Scott. May Reenie be guided to a full time permanent job very soon.
Please pray for Dorothy B and her financial struggles. She is retired, 72 years old and has taken a part time job to make ends meet.
Please pray for Lou and Celeste D. May they be able to save their home from foreclosure with a financial blessing.
Please pray for Stuart and Katy trying to extract themselves from debt accumulated after unemployment. May they be able to get back on their feet and to help others. Thank you for your prayers, God Bless.

I pray for God to open avenues for finances to cope with my financial crises and be able to look after my family with the latest additions of two nephews. Amen

Please pray for Nathan and Elisa B. a young married couple with a young daughter. Both have been diagnosed with cancer. Nathan's cancer is stage 3, Elisa's has spread throughout her body.
Please pray for Courtney C. a young married mother of 2 children who has a reoccurrence of ovarian cancer.
Please pray for Msgr. Bill H. who is being treated for stage 4 esophagus cancer.
Please pray for Scott R. who had a stem cell transplant after a reoccurrence of lymphoma.
Please pray for Artie E. being treated pancreatic for cancer.
Pleaser pray for Philomena C. recovering from cancer treatments and who is currently in remission.
Please pray for Ruth B. being treated for cancer.
Please pray for Rebecca P. recovering from breast cancer treatments.
Please pray for Linda K. just diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer and who has had surgery. May she heal quickly and be healed.
Please pray for Karen F. fighting breast cancer.
Please pray for God to give them and their families strength during this time and may all experience God's healing miracle.

Please pray for Gary H. who had surgery last August for a brain tumor, this past Fall for lung cancer, and in January for the cancer that has now spread to his stomach, intestine and colon. He is now recovering at home with his family and home health care nurses. Please pray that God will surround Gary and his family with His love, protection, hope and healing during this time. Also please pray for Gary's wife Debbie H. to be strong, protected, and may she find peace from God's love and protection for her and her family. God Bless and thank you.