Pray for Others

I have suffered with depression since I have to quit my job in 2003 because of health reasons. I enjoyed my job everyday. I didn't want to leave. I could no longer remember how to do the easiest of things, let alone the more complicated. I have prayed for healing. Now I pray for an Holy Intervention. I want to feel loved and be happy again. I just feel moody all of the time. I keep to myself. No one knows how I feel. Except God. I feel so alone and helpless. Please prayer for me. Thanks Earla Sue

Would you pray for DC and Alison: That He grant DC success in the job he’s interviewing for this week. May He bless them and their children with light hearts and mutual support. And may He and guide them to trust Him and return to church. Thank you.

Please help me to have faith that I will find employment that not only provides for me and my family but that is enjoyable. Also help me with my immense tax burden. The only way to satisfy this burden is for items to sell I own, and soon. I feel weighed down by so much God and I am tired of just surviving and have little joy in life.

Pray for my husband and son they are starting a Handyman Business, after being our of work for awhile. Pray for understanding and communication for the two of them so that I won't have to referee. Thank you

Lord, where there seems to be no way for BA to find a good job, please make a way for him. In Jesus name, I humbly pray. Amen

Please pray for my husband, Robert E., who has sick lungs. He needs prayer very much right now for healing, not only physically but also mentally. Pray that he can open his heart and mind to the power of the Holy Spirit for healing.
Thank you.

I am asking for deliverance prayer for M. She is trying to get back on track with the Lord but she is unable to break the ties which she has with A. She has even said she knows he is not good for her. Father I ask that you give her strength to stand up she is afraid and is not comfortable being alone with you.I ask that even as she is meeting with A tonight and tomorrow I ask that you do a divine intervention and block the meeting and Father send your angels to guard her soul and put road blocks in their way that they will not meet and I am asking in Jehovahs name that all soul ties will be off completely between once and for all. Father there is a soul in need and I ask that you send help now so M can get deliverance and not fall into the pit that Satan has set for her. Thank You in advance Father AMEN

I will be graduating in May, and I must have a good job... my family depends on me financially... I am feeling stress out because I am applying everywhere and I have had either rejections or no response at all. Please pray for my health. Oh Jesus, please hear my prayers!

please pray for complete healing of my eyes thank-you & may God bless you

Father, you know. Intecede Jesus, please. It's all because of You. Glorify your Holy name. In the name of Jesus. Amen