Pray for Others

I have asked for God's intervention several times. My husband of 35 years is a emotional abuser. I was in denial for so many years and just thought i deserved to be cussed and talked to but after i reached 50 and heard others say a women especially her spouse that to be trested this way is not normal. In my younger years he beat my face up and broke my shoulder by kicking me but he brainwashed me into believing i deserved it. I just dont understand how god can possibely love me and let this go on. See my husband is a baptist minister and thinks because he can get away with it and at my age i cant leave. I dont even have any social security for later years. I am saved by gods saving grace. I have prayed fo years and years to somehow reach down and convict him of what he does to me is wrong and asked prayer from yall and many others for years. Please please please pray for me on my behalf. I want to live the years i have left nit being afraid of his wrath when he explodes. I appreciate all u can offer up in prayer for me. Thanks so much.

My son David to be happy, safe, smart, and free of drama with friend.s

Please pray for the spiritual and physical health of my family. I pray that God hill me of this skin desease and that I don't have any illness in my body. I love you all and I pray that God blessed each and every one of you.

please pray for me about my last three classes math, literature, pyschology, and study skills.
thanks Dee

Please pray for my mom's health and that she loose the weight and get her life back. Pray that Miesha is granted her break through and able to begin her career in the US Airforce soon. I am praying to find my father and bring my life full circle. I want to know what kind of man is or was. I pray that it can happen and bring closure to the kind of woman I am by know other parent that was or should have been responsbile for me. I am praying for peace and better control of my finances.

Oh gOD please help me. Please pray for me so that GOD hears my prayers. GOD I need your help and you know this and the ways I need so much help. Please GOD let me get money now so that I can eat and have money for gas in my car.I pray this in GOD's name. Amen

Please, pray for me (Judith G.) that the Lord heal my feet of pain and swelling. I want to be able to run to catch the train again. I want to walk without any difficulty. Please pray for me to the wonderful celestial beings.

Please pray to Jesus that my daughter is healthy and happy and that she can have a healthy baby. Also, that her husband is healthy and finds a job quickly. Thank you for all blessings.

Please pray for my sister Debra for God's guidance and healing.

Please pray for our church, M. and all other churches and organizations trying to bring god's children to Him. Please pray for my brother Todd to know God.