Pray for Others

Please pray for my two sons, both have employment problems and personal relationship issues. Also health problems. thanks

In this year of theatrics and scary sensationalism, I ask for prayer for peace of spirit and calmness for Creator's people, so they may continue to work steadily and strongly to build each day what Creator wants created for His family's blessing. I thank Creator and you for your prayers, and the reminders of others out there praying and being heard :)

I pray the Lord will bless the mother of my daughter's boyfriend with a full recovery from a brain aneurism. She is in critical condition and in need of many prayers. I also pray the man we met in the ICU with a spinal cord injury is blessed with a full recovery and will walk again. He is starting to regain some feeling in his limbs and needs to continue on his path to healing. I pray that the family and friends of those in the ICO are blessed with the strength and faith needed to carry them through this difficult time. Thank you Lord for your many blessings and providing comfort and peace always.

asking for prayer for my husband and myself. We have had upper respiratory problems for the past two weeks, and he has many health problems. Please pray that God will heal him quickly so he can return to physical therapy, which he desperately needs. Also for my sanity, as I am at my wits' end....thanks

My sister Roseanne is awaiting major surgery. It was moved up to Monday, 3/12, but they've found an infection and may put it off for a week until the infection passes completely. She's in so much pain that she hasn't gotten much sleep in weeks. She's tired and trying to trust that all will work out for the best, but she could really use a break from the constant pain. She's going to be in the hospital for 10 days after the surgery, and she'll require a lot of rehab when she returns home. Please guide the doctors so that they will know whether it would be best to delay the surgery a week, or to go ahead with it this Monday. Guide them also, dear Lord, as they operate and guide their hands and minds to do their very best for her. In any event, please pray that she gets a break from the pain, some rest, and help her not to be discouraged or impatient with friends and family as they try their best to encourage her and help her through this time. Please minister to her and her family's needs, and please help to make sure that there are no problems in getting timely approvals from her insurance company. Thank you so much for your prayers on her behalf.

please pray for the following
1. strong comitment in the ministry of every member specially my co-leaders.
2. more souls of young people, professionals, businessmen/women be saved and be brought to our church.
3. more financial supporters
4. power & anointing of the holy spirit to fill every heart & be transform, more healing miracles to take place
5. Give me wisdom, knowledge & ability to adminster the affairs/ministry of the church.
6. Financial support for my family, strength for our physical bodies , & wisdom for my son in his schooling days.
7. Guidance & protection ffrom everyday lives.
8.Holy Spirit's revival in our church and communities.
9. Open door oppurtunities to preach the word of God.
10. Friends, men & women to support in prayers and personal finances...
Thank you & God Bless!
In Christ,
Ptr. Ronnie

God is with me always and help me all the times . god I pray for my family and neighbors for having a happy and peaceful life . and a special prayer for my father in law to get a job as he is going to loose his visa if he fails . god bless him with a job. thank you

My husband is disgruntled with our family business, wanting to be more of a boss than a team player, while our team is strong. He married me with two young sons, taught them his skill and now doesn't want the sons to be part of the business. I am healing from an elective surgery last Tuesday, just not feeling well yet with so much to do and he is not caring for me, even talking to me. I take comfort listening to Christian music but I feel alone. I plan to quit my primary job to full time work for our family business as he sits without showing interest. Life will get better; it is just hard to wait for one as busy as I.

Please pray that the job I applied for @ - will be given to me , Pray that I get the call this week

Prayers for my ailing mother who also suffers from macular degeneration and painful arthritis.
My younger sister visits her everyday at a nursing home and feeds her lunch. Norma and her husband, Wally do not have a very loving marriage and caring for my mother (Elena) everyday for half the day has not helped their marriage.
Thank you Guideposts for providing this space for prayer requests!