Pray for Others

I am a widow for 26 months now and in the last 4 months i have been very lonely looking for a friend to do things with. I know of a man his name is Bill and i wish he would call and ask me out. He is a christian and i am interested in him and i feel there is some thing there on his end as well, i see him as a very good person. Can i ask God for a sign or am i just spinning my wheels in the wrong direction?

Please pray with me for our son jer that his interview today for a job goes well and that he is ofered a job. I ask also for prayers for my husband who is suffering the effects of a stroke. He has not beeen able to work and we need help with our finances. I ask God to answer my prayers for today., Only he can help our family now.thank you for praying with me

Anastasia 17 pregnant need deliverance from anxiety depression and we need a finacial miracle thanks

Please pray for my daughter Kim, she is trying so hard to find a job in her field...ex-ray tech. Please pray that a job comes available to her soon.
Thank you.

Pray fro direction and Wisdom and my finance and my relationship with Jesus. Pray I wouldsell all the marketing ads today and tommorrow

Asking that you pray for my 12 month old grandson who can't seem to overcome head and chest conjestion. He's been on antibiotics but isn't getting better. Praying that his mother will keep him out of the weather and the doctors will use their knowledge is prescribing the medicine that will allow him to get well. May God's healing hand be upon him. His brother is getting sick too and my son. Praying for all who have respiratory issues and colds. Thank you!

I'd like to thank you all for praying for my prayer's. I'd like to pray I can eat more fruit's and vegetables so I can be more healthy. I also pray my children will eat more fruit's and vegetables so they can also be more healthier. I pray God gives me the strength to say no to the junk food and gives me willpower to make the right choices. I'd like to pray I can start my diet soon and lose 75lbs of junk food from my body. I also pray I can start exercising more frequently during the day. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Dearest Heavenly Father, I come before you in the name of Jesus.
I pray for the people reading my mail. I know in my heart that
your precious Word does not come back void, without having ac-
complished that for which you sent it. Touch their hearts, lord, that they may be saved. That they may find you so that they will
not be doing things that are out of order. Thank you for hearing my prayer, lord. Bless Odette (2), Raquel, Ingrid, all of them, please. Bless their families, and especially their children, their grandchildren. Bless all of them richly and abundantly. Amen.

Please pray for my dear friend Shirley T. who has lung cancer. She is on her last round of chemo. Hospice is the next step. She always has a smile on her face whenever we are together. Thanks for caring.

my prayer today is to thank god for the finamces he blessed me with to pay my rent, my car insurance and my car note my daughter alexandra tutition nd still have plenty left over in jesus name amen