Pray for Others

Please pray for my daughter Ann that she may be healed and raise her children in the Christian path.

my son is going in for emergency knee surgery today 3/8 at 1pm please pray for a great outcome with 100% recovery, he is only 23 years old Thank you Julie -

I need prayer for myself. I feel burned out of teaching. I am widower who long for a christian soulmate. I am tired and worn out. mp-

I have a family pet that needs a loving new home. I've been praying for someone to take her for 1 month now. Please pray that the right individual would take her and love on her. Time is running out. Thank You.

Please pray for depression I have been feeling, also continue for prayer for sale of our house and financial. Thank you for praying and GOD BLESS. MBK

Dear Lord,Thank you for my many blessings.Let Lisa have a strong and healthy baby.Keep her safe.Let Ruba go away.Help Faith make the right decisions.Let Mona and me live a long and happy life together.Let Matt be safe on his motorcycle.Let me be kinder and more gentle.Lord,remove the worry,resentment,anger,guilt,negative thoughts and feelings.Teach me forgiveness.Give me patience.Your will not mine.Forgive me of my many sins.Let me live one day at a time.Lord,protect me and Mona and our families.Let us live with abundance and keep us in your favor.Let Mona have a safe trip and enjoy her visit with her sister.Let 2012 be a good year for our world.Stop the unrest in the Middle East,Iran, and North Korea.Keep gas prices stable.Help those in this country who have lost so much in the tornadoes.God bless America and its people.God bless those who pray for me and my family.God bless this site.Amen.

Please pray for my Granddaughter Emily, they believe she has OCD and with her parents divorce has tringer it more, she loves her Mom and Dad alot but blames her Mom and takes things out on her, the parents get along better now then when they were married and both have her best interest at heart. Her Mom stayed in the same area to keep her in the same school, friends etc. only difference is parents aren't together. Her Dad was always busy so she was always with Mom 24/7. Please pray for Emily to accept things they way they are and be a happy young girl without the OCD issues. Thank you for all you prayers. vj

Please pray for my brother, Richard, who is suffering with double vision. He has a follow-up visit with the doctor today and pray for God's wisdom to be there and the knowledge to know what to do. Also, he has no insurance and please make a way for him to have the CT scan, if necessary. Pray for Richard to be healed in physical, mental,emotional, spiritual.

Please pray for my daughter, Anne - who was taken off a flight and admitted to the hospital in -, Tenn on 3/07/12. She is alone in a strange town and 8 months pregnant. Her baby is expected in May and the child's name is Alexandria -

Our son Peter who's had three heart attacks is having difficulty changing his lifestyle. He's having trouble stopping smoking partly because his wife also smokes and this is causing problems in their marriage.