Pray for Others

I thank the Lord, our Lord of Lords King of Kings, for all the wonderful blessings, protection and unconditional love He's given me as I just can't get enough of Him and want to get closer and closer to Him, know Him as He knows me and rejoice in all the trials and tribulations in my life so far as He brought me through them all...praise God. My prayer request is to really hear where and what God has for me career wise as I was laid-off on Oct. 4, 2011. I pray for my family's salvation, repent and be baptized. Also pray for all my un-saved friend's (especially Mazzin) salvation, repent and be baptized as I pray Ephesians 1:17-18 for my family, Mazzin and friends; so please pray that scripture for them as well. I pray for protection, good health, wisdom, discernment and prosperity for my family, Mazzin, myself and my friends. But most importantly, I pray for my family, Mazzin and un-saved friends to start and have a very rich fulfilled life by knowing, building and getting a deep loving relationship with Christ Jesus daily. I pray my walk gets deeper and deeper everyday and more intimate with Christ Jesus daily as well. Thank you for praying. In Jesus' name, Amen

please God release finances in my life so I can pay my rent, utility bills, buy food, clothing & other expenses. So YOUR sons Joshua & Daniel will be able to stay with me their earthly father & hear of your amazing love & learn your word. Love You -- Brian

Please pray for me and my family, friends. I've just become aware that we have been under the attack of a Jesabel Spirit. Please pray that those around me who are in high places of authority will be allowed to submit to the full authority of God. This has been going on for over 50 years, so it's going take some heavy handed prayer. Thank You for your intercession. Best Wishes!!!!! God Bless You!!

my son chuma has an urgent need for a job. please pray for him.thank you.

Please pray for the people who worked at the Sunoil refinery that someone buys the company, it is suppose to close this month and a lot of people are out of work. Thank You, God Bless, Shirley

Heavenly Father please help Millie survive the cancer battle that lies ahead of her. Give her courage and comfort during this most difficult journey. May all who love her surround her with faith and hope that all things are possible with you dear Lord.

Please pray for my daughter Jen to make a big effort to find a job. Pray for her that her depression gets better not worse and that she would have more confidence in herself. Also please pray for her to have less migrain headaches. Thank You, God Bless, Shirley

Please pray for the following people to make an effort to lose weight soon, Shirley, Tom, Jen, Jean, Diane, Joan,Melissa, Trish, my son Tom. Thank You, God Bless, Shirley

Please pray for the following woman to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy pregnancy, Gwen, Barb daughter Lisa, Sally, Elaine. Thank you, God Bless, Shirley

My Lord, please take care all families who don't believe in You and are going through hardships. Guide them daily. Encourage them to trust You to grant You their whole selves and lives. Grant them hope, wisdom, inner peace, tolerance, patience, and strength. I ask my prayer in Jesus name, Amen.