Pray for Others

I left a teaching job two years ago to go back to school for a better career fit for myself. I have finished my graduate degree in Library Science and now I am looking for a job. Please pray that I find a job in a public academic library. Thank you. -Faith Ann

Dear LORD please heal the lives of those affected by tornadoes and give them peace, especially to those who lost loved ones in the deadly tornado outbreak. Please help the communities stay strong and rebuild their lives. Please protect them from more weather disasters in the future.
In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit Amen

My husband is having a meeting with our Pastor today, please pray that is fair minded and not critical.

Our children are kind-hearted and generous, too often to the extent of placing themselves under too much stress, then struggling with sensitive feelings and hot tempers. Please pray for them.

I love him. I pray he loves me. I pray for God's help. I pray for God's love.

Kate is disabled and working to set up a home-based business. We are grateful for how the Lord has helped her. Please pray He guides and sustains her, blesses her with wisdom and persistence, and leads her to a successful venture where she can put her abilities to good use. Thanks so much.

Pray that Mary and william can share a life together-in faith- with kindness-joy-love-laughter-gratitude-hope.

GOD pls. bless our congregation, each family to really see your blessings. Have them feel your love and share the same love and try to win more souls for GOD.
Keep me and my husband under the anointing of GOD. Be strong and obey GOD's will. Keep our marriage in tact with the favor of GOD's blessings.

Yes please, I need desperatley a good job, so I can get my own place and be able to pay for all the bills, so I can find inner peace. Elisabeth

Please pray for God’s protection, salvation and guidance: SRS, Matt, Dave, Dan, John, Miles, Jane, L L., Sara, Donald, Gina, Nat, Eric, Braden, Kate, Rory, Mike & Kaeleigh. Thank you.