Pray for Others

Please pray for my husband job secureity and for his health for him to stay healthy and for all my family to keep them safe and healthy. Thank you!

rough weekend coming up, Lord I just pray that it goes well. Need finances [money] to come our way. Praying that this weekend we can just stay home and not go anywhere. Thanks Amen

My friend Johnny is having a biopsy done on Thursday, March 8, 2012. His ministry is singing and leading worship for youth groups.

Dear OurPrayer, Thanks for praying always. Please pray again for continued peace and the mind of Christ. Please pray that my husband and I fall in love all over again like in the beginning of our marriage, yet as we are now in Christ Jesus. That was 25 years ago. Please pray that I appreciate Eric and he appreciates me. Please pray that I have peaceful sleep at night and I don't hear my daughter's band playing. I work in daycare and I need to have energy in the morning. I had brain surgery 7 weeks ago and I don't always get a great sleep. Please pray my husband doesn't snore anymore. We are on a great diet. Please pray that I don't hear the band and that my husband loses 50 lbs soon. Pray that I lose 20 soon. I am needing to get under 160 lbs. I thank you. N.F.

i'm not getting a good vibe from the bank or lenders on this condo i'm trying to buy. pls pray if it's not god's will for me to have for god to help me get out of deal, thank you.

please pray for Dani; she's struggling with an eating disorder. so is Ema, and her heart has been racing badly. please pray for both their needs in all ways. thank you.

God's guidance through these troubling times. Pray that he will help me and my family come through our predicaments unscathed.

please pray that I will be able to overcome my addiction to constant eating.It seems my anxiety has gotten out of control and I use food to calm myself. Please pray that Lord Jesus can help me to eat normally again.

Please pray for me and my job! Ive just started a new job and please pray that i can learn from my mistakes and i am not in trouble

for healing from depression and self abuse for Theresa, and in thanksgiving that she is being allowed to stay in her volunteer program