Pray for Others

Today is the official day that was given to my daughter for delivery of her first baby, pray that the will of God be done, and that she be blessed with a safe deliver, healthy baby, and I also pray for all pregnant mothers, who will be giving birth this week, God guidance and protection for them and their babies. Amen
Pray for travelling mercies for me as I plan to travel to - Amen

pls pray for my friend ana that she will be able to regain his appetite and that her dizziness will be gone. pls pray that nothing is wrong with her heart and that she will feel better. pls pray that she will be given the right medication she needs so she will feel better. pls pray for her total healing and well being. thank you and God bless.

Our Lord Jesus Christ please loose upon my entire family&I & all pertaining to us the prayers in my prayer books &the powers of Your shed blood on the cross & Your bodily risiing again & Your Soon return.& Isa 11:2 & Eph 3:19& i Pet 1& Psa 144-150,29 We love & praise You, amen&amen!

pls pray for chuck - that his BP will be normal and that he will feel better already. pls pray that his doctor will be able to diagnose what is wrong with him and that he will be given the proper medication so he will feel better. pls take away his anxieties and pls pray for his total healing and well being. thank you and God bless.

Please pray for my oldest son that he can find a full time job to get himself out with people to have him feel better about himself.

Please pray for Barbara K. and her family who lost her sister to lung cancer.

Dear Lord, please help me to be kind, friendly and more outgoing. Help me to do well in both jobs, to work quickly and efficiently. Help me to be confident with myself and my work. Help me to understand and apply the Bible study information that I am learning. Guide my words and thoughts. In Jesus Name,amen.

please keep Austin and Rachel safe. Help us to become a closer family.

Pray for Harold, so miserable & full of hate, pray for Ann's Grandson TJ a Marine, going to Afghanastan, Laura, fighting Stage 4 cancer, Clint & Nicole, struggling to find their way, jobs, school, starting over, all my co-workers who work so hard to help others, Cindy & Steve, struggling with loss & legal matters, our President, our world leaders, help us as Christians to pray with love, not bitterness. Amen

Prayers for healing for the conflict that occurred between me, niece, sister-in-law, and daughter 2 weeks ago. Please pray for things to be back to normal again, for healing to occur on many levels. Please pray for me, that I can rid myself of negative inner thoughts regarding this whole thing.