Pray for Others

My heart is aching because the man I love has decided that we should not be together, at least for now. I'm praying that God will restore our relationship, we were good together and I love him so very much. Please dear Lord, bring him back to me. I hurt so much, I miss him so much. Please let my words reach him in the letter I wrote to him. I feel so lost without him. My family isn't complete without him. It hurts so much. Please Lord, hear my prayer. Please bring him back to me. And give me strength to get through this time, Lord, please. Please give me hope and show me the way back to DD. Please, Lord, hear my prayers. In Jesus name. Amen.

Please pray that Kyle will open his ears and "hear"; that he will open his eyes and "see" and finally start understanding; and that he can slow down his anger and function normally.

Hello to all God’s children out there
This is Darrick
Thank you so much for praying me and please continue to pray for me as well
I come you asking and begging you to ask God to bless me with strength and guidance this New Year 2012! Please ask god to make me a better person and guiding me down the right path in my life because I’m tired of struggling and I want to live by his word please ask God to wash away all my sins (past& present) please ask God to take my hand & Walk with me on this journey Please ask God protect me and all my blessing he bless me with such as my car , my job, and finding me a place to live on my own ask God to please bless me with staying focus on my personal goals in my life and stop putting things off please ask god to send my ex back to me with the truth and the answers I been seeking for Please pray that God will bless me and help me with my personal finances, keeping my job, keeping my car running good and healing my broken heart and Soul

Please pray that my son will receive his income tax and his move to S- will be ok. I don't want him homeless.

Pray for my husband David to accept and receive the help he needs to address his alcohol problem.

. Please PRAY for my 13 yr old grandson and his family they need guidance and communication in their fmily ..the 13 yr old has been getting into porn his Father is going bulistic his Mom is frantic they have taken away all his privedleges and grounded from all electronic devises for a while then they gave him back his i pod with warning that they will check it daily and on the very first day an adult woman was texting him with nude pics and invitations for sex the mom got on the devise and told the woman he was 13 and she was going to turn it over to the police the son is so hurt confused and embarassed that he mentioned suicide..ihave been praying and praying Please Help God is good
thank you and God bless you one and all ...

Please pray for our grandaughters Lauren and Jordan.
Thanks, Ann

you so much !words can’t explain how I feel about all of you I love you all and please keep me in your prayers and keep praying for me!I come to you asking you and begging you to please ask god to forgive for all of my sins please ask god not to REBUKE ME, not to PUNISH ME Cause of my sins ask god to make me clean from all my sins and please don’t take any of my blessing away! Please bless me and help me with finding a cell phone that I can afford! please pray that my wonderful car keeps running good and ask Jesus to bless me with keeping my car running and don’t let my car break down on me please keep the air in my back tire and don’t let it to pop on me especially when I’m driving god has bless me with a car and I don’t want nothing or nobody try to take that blessing away from me keep my car running good! Bless me with having a good week with my personals life and my work life protects me Jesus from all evil people, the devil! Watch over me Jesus don’t let her say anything to me about my taxes (my drug attic mother)
Ask Jesus to please forgive me for watching porn, or for having phone sex please wash AND WIPE ALL those sins away from me and PLEASE DON’T PUNISH ME OR REBUKE ME CAUSE OF Those SINs

Please pray for Austin that the Lord will give him the shield of victory.
God Bless you

For the K- family in this very painful time. Their 2 week old daughter went home to be with her Heavenly father yesterday. Prayers for peace, strength and healing for all.