Pray for Others

I ask your prayers for my sons' health. Please pray the Lord heal his body in every way needed and that He block satan from ever again attacking his health. Also, I pray for all that need healing in heart mind and body and ask you pray the same for all of my children and myself... thank you

Please pray my youngest son find another job that he enjoys and will be financially rewarding to help him get his self esteem back. Please pray my oldest son finds out if he should stay in the job he is in or if he needs to look elsewhere.. also if he needs to please pray God lead him and his brother both in the right direction. Please pray that my daughter in law's test results for thyroid cancer be negative. Please pray that mine and my middle son's finances get straightened out so that we can stop being so stressed.. thank you so much for your prayers.

I am asking for Prayer for Rickie L. - Jr.
He was taken to the Hospital today 3-2-12 with chest pain and after several tests.
They Found some nodules and mass on his lungs. He has to go in Friday 3-16-2012 to have it Biopsed to see what it is.. There is a possibility it is cancerous as well it could be several other things..He also has some enlarged Lmph nodes they are concerned about.. . However I Lay Claim of His Healing Right now in the Name of Jesus. I lay Claim that it will be Benign. I know my Jesus can Heal him if I get a Group of Prayer Warriors together to pray for him. I Know Jesus Healed in the Days of Past and I know he Heals in the Days of Present and in the Future.. I Claim Absoulute Healing of Rickie L.Hoyle jr Right now in the name of Jesus the Name above all Names and I give him Honor and Glory Forever for all he does and Especially for this above named Healing...
Thank you..
William -

Miriam’s requests are known to the Lord. Please pray. Thank you.

Please pray for salvation and the Lord’s blessings on the prayers of Lou Ann, Derk, Chuck, Michael, Allyn, William, Eileen, Joseph J, Charles, Gerald, Eugene, Pat, Ivy, Jerry, Eileen B, Laura, Regina, Elaine, Will, Doris, Leman, Don, and Bill. God bless you.

May the Lord guide and protect those protecting our country, at home and abroad. May He bless voters and officials with wisdom over emotion in dealing with the matters before us. May He guide us all around the world in caring, understanding, and peace.

charles - BORN IN ENLAND raised in USA new york 7-9-65
Please send my request to all prayer meeting. Please pray for the lord to bless my main 4 online business zeek, gdi, gvo and empower as I vow to give 25% + to the SDA church of my earnings to the lord and to free me from 24 plus years of economic slavery and to full fill gods will. might one of the most important prayer in SDA. also my father help started mount sinui in queens NYC 25 plus years ago. this is a very serious prayer. were speaking about possible millions in earnings. please take this serious. I'm at a stage in my life now of maturity..and im ready.. just between me and god. send request to as many prayer meeting. also to heel my girl friend Lisa A with PKD kidney disease. My faith is not strong enough to trigger the spiral laws to restore her vessel the spirit dwells. Meaning her body. so your prayers will help in cause and effect to make things happen from spiritual realm to the physical material world we live. thanks and also for gods protection both seen and unseen as i move up in high society to fulfill my purpose. Please take this serious. Take action .pray and make cause and effect happen. thank you.

Please pray for AD and his wife’s relationship with one another and with his parents- an end to anxieties, criticism, and avoidance. May they become a happy, supportive family. Thank you.

Please pray: good health for AL, KB, DP, MP and TJ. May God guide them and bless them with good medical care, fitness, and healing.

Please pray for Kathleen: healing of chronic physical and mental problems, conviction of God’s love and protection, a reliable income, happy friendships, and enjoyment of life. God bless you.