Pray for Others

Please pray my ex bf wont hurt me or my loved ones thank you. My name is christal .

Please pray that my daughter Devons biopsy results will come back ok.

Please pray for my 17 year old daughte Rachel. she is like a lost lamb right now. she is full of anger and resentment toward life...she is really struggling at school. she is add and learning disabled...please pray that she feels Gods love and can turn her will over to him...

My prayer is for my oldest son who is 19 years old, still in high school and lost. Father God, I ask for your guidance with my Jesus name Amen.


Please pray that the laws in this country get changed so that abortion and same sex marriages are no longer
allowed. Thank you.

Please pray that more people provide free rice to feed hungry people

Please pray for my Wife katherine as she is in the ICU with a life threatining condition

Please pray for the healing and restoration of this country; Lord, restore this country to the Christian precepts on which it was founded and let this country truly becomes a nation under God. Lord, let Your will be done; bless this country spiritually and let it be on fire for You and let there be a mighty revival, and bless this country economically with jobs for all. Let this country be a beacon unto the world for You resulting in the salvation of multitudes of lost souls, both in this country and in the world. Thank you.

That my daughter will seek help for her depression. Her ex abused her in many different ways. She has 2 children and it's affecting them. She dosesn't want to do anything. Please pray she will seek God's help. thanks