Pray for Others

please pray for Dani to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend soon. Thank you.

please pray for job secureity for my husband aand for his health to return to him soon

Please pray that my son-in-law will get a job with his newly acquired respiratory therapist license. He has a wife and 4 children to support!

God help me through these rough water you have placed in my lfe, help my faith and love for you to grow, help me to serve you better. please help Alison, take her burdens from the past and remove them and get her to where she is ready for arelatonship, i know we are meant to be together and that we are the person you gave each of us as a blessin for love an marrige, i just know and can feel it, please give me strenght and patience to wait for you to help her and help me to just focus on being better for you and myself and that i'll be a better person for her when you do bring her back to me. thanky you so so much, in Jesus Christ name Amen

God, I love you with all my heart, soul and mind. Thanks for all my blessings. Please keep me and my family safe. God, Please continue helping me to get my home cleaned and organized in Jesus Name...I have some done but more to go.Thanks and Amen

Please pray for Kristin and her family in Iowa. She is in the middle of a 12 hour surgery for cancer of the jaw.

pray that i receive an offer that helps me out of need of needing money or love. pray for my safety that no one may try to harm me in any way.

I pray that God's will is done in my life and that if it doesn't match up with my will, that He will change my heart and help me through the change. Thank you!

I was so ready this time and yet I missed it again or blew it! I had asked the lord for another opportunity to meet my soul mate and I got a gall bladder attack and ended up in the hospital, now I am asking again for another opportunity, which goes as the lord first tells me I am going to have another opportunity then I wait for when and where. This has been an on going battle, the first time I ran away, the second because I didn't see her right away in a parking lot I drove off. The third time I got the gall bladder attack now I am waiting on the lord for his divine wisdom hearing his voice or get a revelation or get a vision. please pray for me I am not giving up!

if its god's will can you allow my ex zachary to realize that im the one for him. and to finally want to commit to me and only me.