Pray for Others

Heavenly Father, in the name of your son the Lord Jesus Christ, if this is your will, please bring my wife Carderra back to me from our brief marriage. I have made so many mistakes, but want to be the Christian husband that she so deserves and that you require of me. I understand the committment and hard work that this will be, but I'm ready for all of this to bring glory to your holy name, in your son I pray, AMEN.

For miracles for Steve.

My daughter Katherine is going to study overseas this summer and has been accepted into programs but needs help with visas, scholarships, and travel we can afford. This study is important to her future. Please help pray for these!

Please Father God remove the burdens and pain Alison is carrying, take them, she has asked you to so plese do it now, please take what is holding her back from a reltion ship with me and you, reconcile our relationship, let us love and be happy together for the rest of our lives. Please God be merciful to us sinners, please take these burdens let us love you and eachother, and serve you and eachother. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen

I am a widow for 26 months now and in the last 4 months i have been very lonely looking for a friend to do things with. I know of a man his name is Bill and i wish he would call and ask me out. He is a christian and i am interested in him and i feel there is some thing there on his end as well, i see him as a very good person. Can i ask God for a sign or am i just spinning my wheels in the wrong direction?

Please pray with me for our son jer that his interview today for a job goes well and that he is ofered a job. I ask also for prayers for my husband who is suffering the effects of a stroke. He has not beeen able to work and we need help with our finances. I ask God to answer my prayers for today., Only he can help our family now.thank you for praying with me

Anastasia 17 pregnant need deliverance from anxiety depression and we need a finacial miracle thanks

Please pray for my daughter Kim, she is trying so hard to find a job in her field...ex-ray tech. Please pray that a job comes available to her soon.
Thank you.

Pray fro direction and Wisdom and my finance and my relationship with Jesus. Pray I wouldsell all the marketing ads today and tommorrow

Asking that you pray for my 12 month old grandson who can't seem to overcome head and chest conjestion. He's been on antibiotics but isn't getting better. Praying that his mother will keep him out of the weather and the doctors will use their knowledge is prescribing the medicine that will allow him to get well. May God's healing hand be upon him. His brother is getting sick too and my son. Praying for all who have respiratory issues and colds. Thank you!